Ahn Hyo Seob Declines Male Lead Role in Rom-com Love Alarm with Kim So Hyun

OMG nooooooooo. Like, seriously nooooooooo. Why baby boi why, this would be such a perfect drama to cut your teeth on being the shining star of the show instead of the shiny perfect second male lead. Rising young actor Ahn Hyo Seob has declined the male lead offer to star opposite Kim So Hyun in K-drama Love Alarm adapted from a webtoon. This means he’s passed on starring opposite two of the three most famous grown up child actresses of his generation, namely Kim Yoo Jung in Clean With Passion for Now when he dropped out to do currently airing drama Thirty But Seventeen after she had to take a illness hiatus and now Kim So Hyun passing on Love Alarm. If he ends up declining a drama or movie with Kim Sae Ron imma fly to South Korea and smack this babo upside the head! He’s so adorable onscreen with this raw sincere charisma and energy that I would would be perfect paired with Kim So Hyun’s cool chic vibe, but alas it’s not to be. Sniffles, I wanted to see this drama pairing so bad with both playing high school students to boot. Alas perhaps a future other time shall come.



Ahn Hyo Seob Declines Male Lead Role in Rom-com Love Alarm with Kim So Hyun — 45 Comments

  1. That’s too bad… but this is his choice, maybe he’s got better offers…. Now please offer the male lead role to either Jang Ki Yong or Cha Eun Woo ?

    • Jang Ki Yong going to be busy with movie version of “Bad Guy”?.

      Can’t think of other young actor. I would want Park Hyung Sik but perhaps he is too old for her (though he always look like a baby to me ?) but he is also tied up with a musical.

      • They’ll finish filming that movie by next month so he’ll be free after that. I’ll totally root for him.

      • park hyung sik matches this role, but I think park hyung sik still has to find a role with character is more challenging

      • if not Park hyun sik, can they just choose his friend (AKA Kim Tae Hyung (V) from BTS)??hoho…
        Really like his passion and love about acting. Even he is not have much experience yet, but his acting quite good..

  2. Well I didn’t expect him to pass on another lead role. Like I said he didn’t do so by choice for CWPFN but still it was a chance for him.

    Now I wonder if he passed on because he knows KSH won’t take the drama either or he doesn’t feel good about the script? Or does he have a more promising offer for his next project?

    I’m curious what his next project will be since I’m not watching the drama Thirty But Seventeen.

    For another possible casting I don’t want a idol actor. The only idol actor I would be okay with is Jinyoung who surprised me in MDBC. πŸ™‚ But I could see many young actors out there who would fit KSH.

    • I actually don’t think he needed to pass on that drama since he had a guaranteed lead role while all he has in his current drama is a 2nd lead role so I’m sure he did it by choice. He might not have liked how his role was going to play out in both drama’s since in this drama the 2nd male lead ends up with the girl and not the 1st male lead. Most people who have read the webtoon also prefer the 2nd male lead to the main male lead.

    • I actually don’t think he needed to pass on that drama since he had a guaranteed lead role while all he has in his current drama is a 2nd lead role so I’m sure he did it by choice. He might not have liked how his role was going to play out in both drama’s since in this drama the 2nd male lead ends up with the girl and not the 1st male lead. Most people who have read the webtoon also prefer the 2nd male lead to the main male lead.

      • Oh I didn’t know that. So in Love Alarm the 2nd lead gets the girl? Interesting. Thanks for the information. πŸ™‚

      • @why won’t this post, so here the 2nd lead gets the girl? Interesting indeed. I’m also wondering if Kim So Hyun has decided to not take this project. Or maybe he has another drama offer? Hope that’s the case.

    • She’s been considered this drama for almost 2 months so it’s hard to say if she will or won’t accept. Normally she would accept early if she likes the script but this time she’s shown no hint of accepting the project. She’s already doing many other activities so I really can’t tell if she will say yes or no.

    • No I’m not sure whether she will take it or not. I think from the look at it and since she hasn’t declined yet it looks like she will take it. But I was just wondering what the reason would be for AHS to decline. πŸ™‚

      • I think the only reason he declined was not to get caught in the crossfire of fandoms. Reminds me when YSJ refused Moonlight after being the very famous second lead to KSH.

      • Lol is this true or is it your guess? Does that mean they cannot work with the same guy from now on just because their fandom dislike each other? That’s really silly.

  3. I was thinking about possible co-stars:

    Kwak Dong Yeon – he is 21 years old and will be done with Gangnam Beauty soon. He is super talented and cute.

    Seo Young Joon – also 20 years old. He was in Solomon’s Perjury.

    Park Ji Bin – 23 years old but he is busy with the drama Bad Papa

    Park Gun Tae – he hasn’t done a drama in forever since I think he is busy with college but he is in his early 20s and super talented as well.

    • I loved Park Gun Tae with Kim Yoo Jung in May Queen. I didn’t watch the adult part of the drama :p In the Lee Seung Gi’s MV, they were cute too.

      I would love to see Kwak Dong Yeon in a lead role because he’s really great !

      All the male casting of Solomon’s Perjury could be great. They were very good in.

  4. I have seen little of him but the boy seems to have a good eye for choosing his roles. Maybe he didn’t like the script, sometimes it is better to pass on certain things…I’m reminded now of Bride of the water god and Nam Joo Hyuk.

    • Can’t really say much about his ability to chose scripts since he has done almost nothing till now. He’s passed on 2 high profile dramas so I would say he is a true babo.

      • Well he debuted in 2015 and just before his current drama who is doing well, he was in Father is strange which had great ratings. So yeah, he is doing well for someone who just started acting 3 years ago.
        Meanwhile, we know nothing about how well the two dramas he ended up not accepting will fare.

      • @Gina Seriously he has to be mad to refuse such massive projects. If ends up like woobin who turned down pinocchio only to end up with a massive failure like uncontrollably fond I wouldn’t be surprised.

        @Daloula You mean a KBS weekend drama which always does well no matter what trash they cast & a drama that relies entirely on shin hye sun to carry it. Not sounding like great options to me.

      • @c Just because the projects star high-profile lead actress doesnt mean he is mad for rejecting them.Its probably the scripts that are not appealing to him.Kim So Hyun’s eye for choosing dramas is not that good too when she is hired to be the main female lead.Just look at her past two dramas, Ruler and Radio Romance.Kim Yoo Jung’s last drama did well but all the attention was on Park Bo Gum or shipping her with Park Bo Gum.I would argue that Moonlight did nothing for her in terms of honing her acting skill or helping her shed her child actress image.

        @c the one you are talking about is my “My Golden Life”.”My father is strange” did not star shin hye sun.

      • For me,Kim So Hyun’s memorable roles and the one that brought out her acting chops when she cameos and when she was playing a child or teen age version of an adult actor, for example Goblin, While You Were Sleeping, I Miss You, and Moon Embracing The Sun.

        But if she is taking on this drama, I vote for Kim Min Jae or Kwak Dong Yeon.They are still playing second lead roles when they are deserving of lead roles in dramas like these.

    • @C girl who hurt you? Why are you so mad? I was just pointing out that he was acting only for 3 years and he has already made enough name for himself to get lead offers. That means he must have made some good career choices whether you like it or not.
      For the drama with KYJ, he accepted the role at first but due to the changes of scheduling, he had to give it up. For the KSH drama (that she has not even confirmed yet), we still don’t even know how it will work out and it’s not like KSH’s last two dramas were that great either.

      • So true. KSH isn’t really good in choosing good dramas. Yes she did made some challenging choices in terms of characters in the past but it’s not like she is known to only choose hit dramas.

        As for KYJ, @RubyRed, I find your comment uncalled for. It’s not like PBG alone made MDBC successful. πŸ™‚

      • @jasmin am not trying to downplay kim yoo jung’s contribution to moonlight.Girl is a sageuk veteran and the reason why Park Bo Gum did so well in the drama was because Kim Yoo Jung helped him alot.He said it himself.My point was she was overshadowed by all the PBG hype in 2016 during and after the drama.I also find that her character in the moonlight drama was not well written compared to Park Bo Gum’s.Feel free to disagree with me but no need to get so worked up.Just to put it out there am not PBG’s die hard fan.I am neutral toward both Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum.So I am able to give an opinion objectively.

      • @RubyRed

        Then I apologize. But it came across as if she didn’t do anything for the success of the drama. And that’s simply not the case.

        But we all know that actors are much more supported than actresses in SK which is a shame. But I hope – for KYJ and any young actress for that matter – it will change in the future. πŸ™‚

    • Lols, at least he proved that being in 30/17 wasn’t a bad choice. This drama got 10 something % rating despite only airing on Tuesday (asian games so this drama didn’t air on Monday for the last two weeks) yet still got 10%. Drama with kyj hasnt aired yet so we still dunno the rating. Lets talk again about his decision once it airs. I hope you guys will stick with your statement if kyj’s drama doesnt do well. But if it does well, then.. Yes, this boy doesnt have an eye for drama selection.

      • I don’t think it’s really about whether a drama is doing well or not but choosing to be in a leading role or not. And it looks like he isn’t interested in being a leading man. Which could be good if he thinks he isn’t ready for it yet. πŸ™‚

      • Rather than saying he is not interested to be a leading man, I sense that he is not interested to be a “Flower Boy”. He may have better offers on his plate. As long as he has talents, we will see him always.

  5. I heard his name a lot lately in casting news. Maybe he wants to do the movie instead a drama. Maybe he chooses projects that are more interesting for him and make him grow as an actor. I respect more young actors who are not looking just for fame, who jump to first leading role just because it is a chance to be in spotlight.

    • me too, i always respect with them so they are famous because they are definitely talented acting, not because of one or several protagonist roles that make them famous

  6. I’m curious what his reason is, maybe his agency will release a statement but I doubt it. Maybe he and his team feel he is not ready for lead roles, he has other previous obligations he can’t back out of or he wants to try other types of roles.

    Either way, I look forward to whatever he does next and wish him all the luck in his career going forward.

  7. if in the webtoon the 2nd lead gets the girl then i think they should revise the writing ?…just my thoughts since that might be the reason he declined. i like YSJ as well for this if the male lead gets the girl ?

  8. It’s a pity he declined it… But I wouldn’t call him a bad decision maker just because he rejected one drama. He didn’t even turn down Clean with Passion; he had to drop out because he already started filming for Still 17 when news that Kim Yoojung will return to filming in August dropped. Remembered many of his fans were blaming KYJ back then.
    As for this, its useless to speculate. I just hope Kim Sohyun don’t get a guy that’s way older than her again if she accepts.

    Hoping Ahn Hyoseop comes back with another drama as well. He’s a delight to watch in his current drama

  9. After a year or more, we can finally say AHS made a bad decision for declining a role in Love Alarm because that drama made the Netflix’s top 10 series of 2019. The actor who played Sun Oh is currently flooded with a lot of lead role offers and international audience is loving him so much. Nevertheless, he made also a good decision for declining Clean drama with KYJ because that drama flopped big time in ratings (1%). Further, his male lead role in Abyss drama with PBY did not fare well in ratings and was not a big buzz overseas. The only drama that compensates all these misses is his role in RDK2 which is a massive domestic ratings monster. So, goodluck in your future endeavors ASH. Hope to see you soon in a drama with KSH.

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