Chinese Ban on Hallyu Entertainment Lifts After Two Years with Joint Dramas Scheduled to Air in Fall 2018

The lifting of the China Hallyu ban may have or will soon happen as C-ent is reporting on some recent activity. Park Seo Joon attended a CF event in China and Chanyeol is scheduled to do one, whereas for the last two years there have been very few and far between media appearances by K-stars in China. Also on the airing calendar for fall 2018 is two dramas filmed over three years ago but shelved indefinitely once the Hallyu ban came into effect in September 2016. Park Min Young and Hans Zhang‘s Ming dynasty perid drama Braveness of the Ming and Lee Jong Seok and Zheng Shuang‘s Republic era period drama Jade Lover are both slated to finally air on Chinese television. The Hallyu ban primarily affected the televised broadcast of Korean dramas and appearance by Korean stars on television, but with the younger generations all consuming media online it hasn’t really affected the spread of Hallyu to China during the ban period. It has affected how much licensing revenue the production teams can command for K-dramas but like all financial crunches the industry has managed to buckled down and make it through.


Chinese Ban on Hallyu Entertainment Lifts After Two Years with Joint Dramas Scheduled to Air in Fall 2018 — 9 Comments

  1. Will definitely check these dramas when they air.
    Waiting for Deng Lun and Krystal; Victoria and Rain’s dramas as well.
    Just hoping this news is true and not yet another false alarm…

  2. Wow! What a perfect timing for PMY as she just come off a career defining role(Secretary Kim)! This may actually benefits Hans Zhang(fingers crossed).

  3. Yeah!!!! I’m very excited to read this news… two upcoming drama for PMY. For sure this two (BOTM and Time City) gonna be great!! I already miss PMY in my small screen. Let’s see how the magic of queen of chemistry works with two chinese actors

  4. I was worried for Park Minyoung because she has shot two dramas in China but none of them could air on time due to the ban, and she had a hiatus in Korea due to her commitment for those projects. Thankfully, she started to revitalize her fame in Korea with “Queen For Seven Days” and now “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”. I think the timing is right for the premiering of her two Chinese dramas since I heard that WWWSK was also a hit in the mainland so I guess it’s a chance for more exposure for her there.

  5. Even tho they lifted the ban I don’t see Chinese netizens interest in K-ent anymore. It’s more like one time thing there imo and people have carried on. C-Ent itself has gone by fast and things just move fast in China very competitive market. I think they can try to re-enter but it could be very very difficult capturing the C-Audience as they ones did with LMH and KSH who were Mainstream level superstars in China. I don’t think the Chinese auidence will take interest in K-content beyond that. Hallyu in china itself has been overstated i think china were more into LMH and KSH but not really as the K-ent itself.

    China has entered the Wuxia era popularity and the landscape has changed hence why I don’t see K-content being anymore relevant there because genre wise china has moved elsewhere and not so much into modern setting where as the sagueks in Korea are very poor compared to China’s standard for Wuxia and the amount of money that goes into. My prediction is that they will experience a stalemate their just like the Japanese entertainment people will just naturally ignore it as they have moved on both genre wise and the landscape changed

    • I agree, C-Ent has moved on. There are plenty of young talented C-actors/actresses around and it’s hard to catch up. ThIs summer it was all about story of Yanxi palace.

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