Netflix Drama Love Alarm 2 Premieres to Mixed Reactions from Loyal Fans of Season 1

I missed watching the first season of Love Alarm when it first premiered solely due to timing, and then later heard that a season 2 was coming so decided to marathon the two when it finished. Now I’m not sure why I’ll even start so I would love to hear reviews/reactions/thoughts from fellow drama fans. The general consensus after Love Alarm 2 is disappointment with the characters and the direction of the story mainly with who female lead Kim So Hyun picks in the drama. Is it a case of viewers preferring a certain actor more in real life and therefore not happy that his character didn’t get the girl, or that his character was the better character in the drama and didn’t get the girl. I think complaints are valid if it’s tied strongly to the story and character development and/or acting and chemistry, the former beyond the control of the stars and the latter sometimes also a shot in the direction when it comes to onscreen chemistry. I do think between season 1 and 2 one of the male stars Song Kang went from rising actor to hitting another level of popularity and name recognition in South Korea so this may be a drama that in retrospect would have worked better airing the two seasons in closer proximity.

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After Kingdom, Netflix Produces Two More K-dramas Love Alarm and Because It’s My First Love

Streaming and rental entertainment giant Netflix got into K-dramas in a big way starting off 2019 with the well-received first season of zombie sageuk drama Kingdom. The second season for Kingdom is underway in filming but arriving before that will … Continue reading