Lee Bo Young and tvN Drama Mother are the Big Winners at the 2018 Seoul Drama Awards

The early creep of awards season is coming for K-ent and starting off the pack is the 2018 Seoul Drama Awards. It’s hardly prestigious but enough to get some big name stars to attend to receive their statues. The big winner was Lee Bo Young taking home Best Actress for her role in the K-remake of J-dorama Mother, with the drama also winning Best Miniseries. Other winners include Park Seo Joon for Hallyu Drama Male Actor for Fight My Way and Son Ye Jin in Hallyu Drama Female Actress in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, Top Hallyu Drama went to the surprising pick of While You Were Sleeping which I liked but didn’t love, and both Fight My Way and Pretty Noona also won the next level down Hallyu Drama Award. The fashion was aight across the board but I did like pregnant Lee Bo Young’s rich blue taffeta v-neck dress which fit her mature and sophisticated aura.



Lee Bo Young and tvN Drama Mother are the Big Winners at the 2018 Seoul Drama Awards — 10 Comments

  1. Yess park seo joon took spotlight in 2018. I hope him get more award in apan award 2018 he deserves that. I don’t care if Mr sunshine’s take many award in 2019, this year is for park seo joon. Park seo joon don’t need drama with high rating like Mr sunshine to get spotlight lols. Keep going. I’m full support him.

  2. Lee Bo Young was underwhelming in her role. The Korean version itself was not upto the level of Japnese Mother. I liked the direction and other performances in the drama.

    • Agreed, for me LBY’s acting lacked nuance and wasn’t compelling in the drama. Lee Hyeyoung and Heo Yool’s performances were the best thing in it. Hyena/Yoonbok is a complex character so I was really impressed with how HY gave life to her. That perfect score for the best new actress award in Baeksang was very much-deserved.

      • Mana Yadhida was splendid as lively but tortured Michiki Reina. They made Heo Yool’s character older and tomboyish but still her performance worked.
        On the other hand LBYs character was supposed to be cold and aloof who constantly denies the existance of her tender emotions. Mstsuyuki Yasuko was great in the role of outwardly calm and stiff mother who has turbulent heart and acts impulsively in difficult circumstances.
        I think the Mother is like a dream role for any Korean actress but LBY’s monotonous emotionless delivery was jarring specially when her co-actors were so good.
        The little girl who played the role of young LBY was also amazing. She displayed the emotions of little Su Jin splendidly.

  3. For While You Were Sleeping and Fight My Way were not so good. I was pretty disapointed by them. I prefered Park Seo Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Son Ye Jin looks stunning on those pictures ! She deserves this price, she was great in Pretty Noona. Lee Bo Young looks beautiful too 🙂
    Park Bo Young looks meh in the other way….

  4. Mother was one of the best kdramas I’ve ever seen. Fantastic performance from Lee Bo Young and really, everyone else in it as well. So glad to hear it got the recognition it deserved. And LBY looks beautiful!

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