Kim Woo Bin Spotted Returning to Korea After Hawaii Trip with Lee Jong Seok

I know Asians have their weird cultural belief that wearing face masks helps protection against getting a cold when it’s all about washing hands and staying hopped up on vitamin C and water. For Asian stars though, the face mask wearing is all about staying incognito and K-actor Kim Woo Bin went full blown incognito leaving the arrivals terminal at Incheon returning from his Hawaii trip with BFF Lee Jong Seok. He was wearing a face mask, head in a baseball cap, and further covered by his pulled up hoodie. Despite all that it’s very clear this dude is Kim Woo Bin, I can confirm since I’ve watched so many of his dramas, and many multiple times just for his great scenes including Heirs and Uncontrollably Fond, and he has such a distinctive physical presence. Glad he had a fun getaway and wishing him continued recovery and return soon to acting.


Kim Woo Bin Spotted Returning to Korea After Hawaii Trip with Lee Jong Seok — 9 Comments

  1. Masks are actually a way of prevention of not only cold but many other things people don’t only wear it to prevent getting cold but also to protect others from getting it or other diseases so it’s important just saying

    • agree, I wear mask not only for my health reason and prevent dust, but it a must for me when I get sick so I wont spread my virus to other.
      Is it cultural thing?

  2. The face mask thing is actually more to be polite. Like if you’re sick, you dont want your cough and germs to spread to others so you wear a face mask out of consideration.

  3. Kim Woo Bin keep wearing your mask your immune system takes a while to build back up. Stay healthy protect yourself.

  4. Aloha & Mahalo to Kim Woo Bin. Missing him performing in his movies, drama. Hope he had a restful, relaxing, Hawaiian sunshine, blue sky vacation. Hope his health is improving & we’ll see him soon, realize he has to take care of his health, most important & foremost. Wishing him all the very best along with happy holidays & Happy New Year 2019, take care, makealoha ahui hou. fighting

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