Colorful K-stars Go Feminine and Frilly at Mulberry Event in Seoul

I love me some super girly fashions on occasion but the Mulberry event in Seoul this week was frilly, ruched, and puffed to excess. Quite a few well known actresses and idols were in attendance and this time the idols out dressed the actresses in terms of going for the more understated of the brands looks. Rose and Lisa of Black Pink were were the standouts, Lisa in a shirt and pants combo that looked feminine and fierce while Rose went for a pretty sky blue satin dress paired with classic pearls and handbag. The actress contingent seemed to be playing dress up in that their Mulberry outfits were not suited for their more mature styles including Sung Yuri, Oh Yeon Seo, and Han Ji Hye, while Go Ah Sung just didn’t look good in her babydoll outfit.

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Colorful K-stars Go Feminine and Frilly at Mulberry Event in Seoul — 10 Comments

    • it look like a competition which one is the ugliest cloth..
      At least they got paid enough to wear this terrible but expensive clothes

    • Hahaha… me too!

      I’ve been noticing how Han Ji-hye looks like a model in Marry Me Now– the clothes really show off her lithe, feminine frame. This Mulberry atrocity is the exact opposite– it’s like they chose the least flattering thing they could find.

      This spread gave me such a good laugh!

  1. I love Blackpink Lisa’s outfit. She definitely nailed it with her killer fashion and look. She looks like a high fashion model. Rose is good too.

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