K-netizens Go Wild as YG Entertainment Claims it Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny that its Stars Kang Dong Won and Blackpink’s Rose are Dating

This is a fresh news dating news and the quick non-response makes the rumor even more exciting to ponder. Monday morning in Seoul came with the rumor that A-list movie star Kang Dong Won is dating his same agency hoobae Blackpink‘s Rose who is currently in LA having just performed at Coachella. After the news broke, YG Entertainment was asked about it and the agency claims it cannot confirm it, i.e. can neither confirm nor deny type of language. YG said the same when G-Dragon was rumored to be dating J-actress Komatsu Nana which turned out to be true. I’m all for tossing popcorn and enjoying the dating gossip to come from this potential pairing.

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