Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo In Na Offered Leads in Why Secretary Kim PD’s Next Drama Touch Your Heart

Where do I sign up and how quickly can this drama be injected into my drama loving veins is all I care about once I heard the names attached to star. The PD of Why Secretary Kim is prepping his next drama a rom-com adapted from a webtoon called Touch Your Heart (Touched By Honesty or Deliver the Truth) which I wrote about a few weeks ago. It’s go a chaebol and a secretary which mwahahaha is basically another take at WSK but since I loved WSK then the more the merrier. Even better is the news that Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo In Na are in talks to headline, he plays a top lawyer in South Korea and she’s the popular actress dealing with a scandal who interviews to be his secretary in an attempt to land the role in a movie. Don’t ask me the hows and whys because y’all know that no one cares whether it makes any sense as long as it gets the two leads in romance vicinity and hijinks ensue.

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Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo In Na Offered Leads in Why Secretary Kim PD’s Next Drama Touch Your Heart — 33 Comments

  1. I really love WWSK at first half but too much consumed all energy and was not able to finish the drama but didn’t feel I missed anything as I already what ending would be. Despite that I still think PMY did a great job in the drama and was looking georgeousss in it.

    I hope this YKH & YIN drama will be better and hopefully a little cheesy too. Cheese can be very overwhelming tasting it for 16 episodes.

  2. If Jung Kyung Ho accepts this, it will able to take a break from the crime thrillers and do rom com.Its been a while.Maybe this might also be that drama where he gets to shine and gain more recognition.His dramas generally do well but he is always overshadowed because he is usually in an ensemble cast.

    I am not sure about Yoo In Na as a main female lead.I think she does well as second lead like in Goblin, MLFTS and so on..but then I remember she also did well in Queen In Hyun’s Man.So I guess if they both take this and they have cracking chemistry.It will be ok.

    • Since we are doing comparisons between WSK and this drama.The storyline of both is generic so I dont have too much to say.Like WSK, the acting and chemistry is what will elevate the basic plot into something watchable.

      But as far as casting goes, I say at the risk of being eaten by fans.Its just an opinion so dont bite me.Its an upgrade of male lead and a downgrade of female lead.PSJ is more popular and very experienced in rom-coms but JKH is the better actor(and veteran too) in terms of range of acting skill and depth in expressing emotions.Its a tie in romance.They are both great kissers?.Y’all need to watch heartless city to see the other guy in romance scenes.As for the ladies, they are both pretty in their own way but PMY in my opinion is the better actor and more charismatic than YIN.

      But like I said,it all boils down to the acting and chemistry in rom coms.The script not so much.You can have the best script or director or even hook up the best actors or visual couple but if the acting or chemistry is off.It eill flop.Just see that “hyun bin drama” or “the undatables” drama.If these two take on the drama, I think the cheese factor would be reduced compared to WSK because they are both older and they could glean their real-life long term relationship experience into their acting and bring a little more maturity.

      • not so agree, JKH might be better actor but he lacks the IT factor, I like him but always find it hard to finish or watch his drama for him, even his romance drama with Jang Nara not convincing. Yoo Inna is super emotive actress, she may have done PS but she’s still able to portray different emotion and I love her soft voice, she and PMY are comparable in my opinion. For me it’s a downgrade of male lead and same grade of female lead. This drama will flop or may not receive as much popularity as WSK because of JKH.

      • @larana I hope the audience will prove you wrong about JKH and Touch Your Heart will be successful. He’s been on a roll after Prison Playbook and Life on Mars, I believe he chose his next project wisely. Though I’m a little disappointed he chose a rom-com because I thought he’d want to build “serious actor” status I still wish him good luck.

      • @RubyRed. Fully agreed with your assessment: JKH is better actor in terms of acting range and emotional depth (and his recent LOM performance is nuanced and subtly superb) but YIN is yet to convince me of her lead actress potential although she mostly shines in her second lead roles.

  3. ajhussi and ajhumma?… I know I may be chewed here… but… no thank you… YIN is a good actress but please no more romance rom-coms for her at age 36.

    • Hahaha I think she can pull it off though.If Jun Ji Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin can pull it off.She can too and she is younger than both.The ones I wish would stop getting girlfriend or even romance scripts are actresses like Hwang Jung Eum and Song Hye Kyo.They have such a mature aura it feels that their talents are not being used properly.I need these actresses to do something like crime thriller or action or sageuk.Make them queens, leaders of police units.Kick ass detectives..roles like that..

    • @lay – this is the reason why I have less and less K-dramas to watch lately ? @RubyRed – I agree with you. YIN is more youthful than SHK… but I thought SHK plays a divorced mom in the new drama? I have stopped watching HJE… her last 2 dramas flopped & she is soooo out… Both JJH & GHJ are tall & slim as compared to the shorties like SHK & HJE ?

      • Candycane your going to get old too stop being ageist and stop pitting and comparing women against each other. You are a woman too or your not?
        Anyway i like Hje and hopefully she will select a good project next time.

      • @Monica – different age groups have different preferences, aren’t they? So why can’t I comment on what I like? Why can’t I compare different actresses based on what I see? Everybody gets old at the same rate. I know my preference will change as time changes, so what? I know what I like now. I think you are casting your image onto me here.

      • @candycane Different preference different age group is not an excuse. The bottom point is your ageist and you love to drag women down.

      • @Monica – How am I dragging women down? Why are you being so offended? Please do not cast your own problems onto me. Different preference Different age group is a fact, not an excuse. I do not need to give you any excuse. It is you having a problem with my comment. I stand by my opinions no matter what and how you want to label me. And I will not stop just because you want me to.

      • @candycane my opinion is that your comments are ageist and dragging, pitting women against each other.Im just voicing out my opinion and calling you out just like how you call out other people for their comments here.

      • I am fine with whatever you call me coz I don’t care. I am just telling you that I will not stop. I have never told other people to stop, so I guess this is our main difference. What you are doing is similar to me and just worst.

      • @Monica – so you choose to malign me to prove your point? What’s with you? I think you are just as shallow as me if not more. Maybe my choice of words like “shorties” or “age 36” have triggered your anger? But if you are just unhappy with me, then too bad, you are wasting your energy coz I don’t know you at all and it is not my worries. It seems entertaining to me that you have such a big reaction to my random comment. LOL.

    • Interesting. This is why I don’t watch a lot anymore. Why can’t older woman have romance in their lives? Are we buying into the idea that if you haven’t “found the one” by 30, you might as well give up? Or is it that writers can’t seem to do real grown up romance but must make every romance the first time someone has really dated, so ou/we can’t buy that romance for someone above 30? Also what about widows or divorced women. Are they never supposed to fall in love again?

      • Of coz older women can fall in love again. I enjoyed watching Witch’s Romance with Uhm Jung Hwa & PSJ. It all depends on the casting ?

      • @trotwood on..the problem is what you have already said.They make their romances so juvenile or too dated and makjang it feel like we are watching early 2000s drama.All those extremes are bad.This is why “over 30s” only pairing in rom coms flop or do well in ratings but no buzz.Its hard to connect with the characters or believe their love story when they dont find the right balance.I blame directing for this one than writing or the actors.Take for example, the korean version of “in time with you” the one starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook.They made HJW’s character so juvenile i felt sorry for her.She was supposed to be a 30s woman who had dated two guys before she got together with her best friend so we would have some experience.But when it came to the romance scenes.Everything was just flat or cringe and lets not talk about the unnatural aegyo voice, wide eye,male/female skinship is taboo thing when the character or actor/actress is way over 30.

      • 36 is too old for Romances? Oh, my 40+ self should subscribe some Bingo club and start knitting socks for the grandchildren instead of falling in love.

        I rather have a problem with Dramas where the early 20something characters fall in love and have the romance of their life. Sorry to say, women in their 30s (and older) are more open and also active in their love life because of knowledge and confidence. And it is the same with the most actors and actresses since they get better over the years (well mostly). That is why I enjoy Dramas with more seasoned a lot more. Probably also because I don’t feel like watching Teenagers playing adult roles. Korean celebs are looking so young.

  4. Jung Kyung Ho is a really good actor. His last dramas were so good Life on Mars and Wise Prison Life. He can do serious and comic role.

    I like Yoo In Na too. It was sad they changed the writter for My Seccret Hotel because the first episode were really good.

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