Lee Jun Ki is a Solitary Man in the City for The Big Issue Pictorial

The October edition of The Big Issue magazine definitely features a big star as Lee Jun Ki graces the cover and pages in a new pictorial. It’s his first since the flurry he did after Lawless Lawyer wrapped, showing him in a melancholy and solitary presence in the cityscape. I love seeing Lee Jun Ki in such a pared down mood, he’s such a chameleon and I always wonder what he’ll do next that is different than what he’s done before. Lawless Lawyer ended up being just okay in retrospect, as this year has really dropped some even more cohesively rendered dramas, but Lee Jun Ki really did a fabulous job in his role and lucked out with equally strong female lead Seo Ye Ji.

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Lee Jun Ki is a Solitary Man in the City for The Big Issue Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. I read a better written article about this one in soompi.It is actually for good cause per the article. It says the half of the proceeds Big Issue will be given out to the homeless. Lee Joon Gi along with his staff donated their time for this activity. Pretty much the whole photoshoot was a full-packaged talent donation.

    This is the first thing that I’ve heard of this kind of donation. I read celebrities giving money to charities but I think this type of donation is a better and more sincere form of donation.

    • I know four celebs who did it before him: Park Hae Jin, Kai from Exo, Ryu Jun Yeol(Reply 1988) and Moon Geun Young.

      I agree with what you said.Its really cool.I think it would be nice if more celebs did this especially the ones with big and rabid fanbase.Its killing three birds with one stone.Fans get to buy pictorial of their fav celebs.The homeless earn some money and the artist gets good publicity and promote at the same time.

      • Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seo Jin have done it too. They even helped out to sell the magazines together with the vendors.
        Lee Seung Gi has appeared 2 times in Big Issue magazine, in Feb 2015 and Apr 2018. The Apr 2018 issue is Seung Gi’s first magazine pictorial after his release from military service.

      • That’s sound wonderful for these stars. Kudos to them as well. It’s more engaging form of community services rather not just giving money.

        Bet they are actually giving alot in these manner. If you quantify everything; E.g. the actors time, salaries of the staff and their material and equipment used which are all paid for by the actor, maybe the location was paid for and provided by the magazine publisher, but looking at those brands of the clothes he is wearing on top of the sales from the copies of the magazine… those advert fees paid by those brands are also form part of the contribution.


  2. The most important info missing in this post is that “The Big Issue”is a social enterprise street magazine.This is not the regular modelling job but he featured as volunteer work to help the homeless.The salesmen/vendors are homeless or people who are about to go homeless, for every copy they sell.They get to keep half the proceeds.

    As for acting, I read he will continue to do action as long as his body allows but he is eyeing comedy project next.He is sifting through scripts to find the one which has more humanism(like ordinary everyday role) something different from the more dramatic scripts/roles that he usually does.

    As for Seo Ye Ji, I am rooting for this girl.I think she has the acting skills, charisma and looks to be starring with more high profile drama and film productions as main lead.But she better stay in cable channels(TVN, OCN and JtBC) or if she has to do a public channel drama then only SBS is alright.KBS and MBC are not delivering these days.I also think she fits heavier roles like in Save Me and Lawless Lawyer not those bubbly roles in rom-coms or juvenile dramas like Hwarang, Moorim School and Night Watchman.

    • Regarding the big issue’s Lee Joon Gi, you only mentioned ‘his time’ but the article says with his staff even including the photographer.

      About Seo Yi Je, Hwarand didn’t really appeal to me so I didn’t watch it but I don’t know what you mean by bubbly roles but Night Watchman was not a bubbly drama but a Saguek drama & Moorim School was not bubbly drama either. For some reasons I love Moorim School except the romance part. When romance gets the same air time as the main theme of the drama, I feel like it just ruins the drama. They should just kept romance as an appetizer not the main dish.

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