New Wed-Thurs Dramas Terius Behind Me and Heart Surgeons Premieres to Equally Unimpressive Ratings

This lackluster ratings in the prime time drama slot is getting to be such an embarrassment to even cover. Like a normal race but the participants are running three-legged, bumbling around hoping for a miracle that domestic audiences will return to the tube. This week saw two new dramas arrive in the formerly prestigious Wed-Thurs time slot and both feel like such comparative duds. MBC aired Terius Behind Me on Thurs with double the episode airings since Wed was quiet for Chuseok holidays still, and SBS did the same with Heart Surgeons. Terius got 6.3%, 7.6%, 6.1%, and 6.1% for its episodes while Heart Surgeon brought in 6.9%, 7.5%, 6.2%, and 6.5%. Already airing KBS drama The Ghost Detective continued languishing in third place with 2.6%, which was actually topped by cable channel OCN drama also dealing with ghosts The Guest which got 2.960. So far I’m riveted by Guest and plan to check out Terius over the weekend but this really makes me sad how drama ratings continue stay sunken.


New Wed-Thurs Dramas Terius Behind Me and Heart Surgeons Premieres to Equally Unimpressive Ratings — 14 Comments

  1. But The Ghost Detective is really great ! Park Eun Bin and Choi Daniel have a great chemistry.

    Terius Behind Me is pretty funny. I like it too.

    This week was weird, they released the episode only on Thursday.

    • Yes I like the ghost detective. It’s a bit crazy but has a lot of heart. Park Eun Bin is really great in it and yes, lots of chemistry between her and Daniel Choi. It’s sad to see it failing. But not surprising with the current drama landscape…

  2. Teris is so cute. I watch it with zero expectation because there is a big gap of popularity. But Jung In Sun is so cute, even she act as single mom as in waikiki but her character is so endearing. Its good when you dont have a lead that stick out like a sore thumb. The storyline is refreshing. I think this will be my pick for Wed-Thur

  3. The ghost detective and the guest is definitely the superior dramas terius is cute but had so many plot holes so guess its just gonna be a casual ff binge watch when im bored and i couldn’t even sit through 30 mins of hearf surgeons YAWN

  4. At least the ratings are over 5 percent for both Terius and Heart Surgeons. We’ve recently had public channel dramas in second and third place with 2 and 3 percent. TvN is ruling them all and it’s a cable channel!

  5. For the way ratings are going these days, I think this is par for the course. Terrius was a fun easy watch. I don’t have access to The Guest yet but am hearing good things. I just started Ghost Detective and am liking thus far.

  6. I liked Terius a lot. And considering I have dropped almost every drama at present, that’s my cup of tea. Sometimes it depends on our moods and what we like at this point in time.

    I am starting Life and watching Terius. Not even touching the other 2 dramas.

    No need to be so pessimistic right out of the gate.

  7. Yeah, it’s sad that these ratings aren’t considered that bad these days. I think we need to see combined TV/online ratings to get a better picture. Plus it was a weird week for premiers because of Chuseok– let’s see what happens next week. I find Terrius delightful.

  8. I watched Tirius. Based on the first two episode, definitely a must see drama.

    I love Go Soo but not sure of Korean medical drama.

  9. Considering the landscape nowadays when a 10% drama is considered good on prime time tv, the ratings for Terius is not bad at all, especially for the first two episodes. The plot has spark and the acting is on point. I found it to be surprisingly funny and warm when I was expecting a stark and boring spy drama. Hopefully the ratings will only improve from here. It amazes me that So Ji Sub is able to emote so much behind a blank facade and that is why he’s such an experienced actor. I’m on board for this one.

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