Jeon Ji Hyun Looks Impeccable at CF Event and in Talks for New 2018 Hong Sisters K-drama

What the what? K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun in a trendy Hong Sisters dramas? I have to blink extra hard to make sure I was reading the news headline correctly and it certainly appears to be true that she’s been offered the female lead in the next Hong Sisters drama currently without a title but is schedule for early 2019 airing. Jeon Ji Hyun had her second child earlier this year in January 2018 and has been doing periodic CF shoots in recent months. Her first major outing was this week at a CF event and on the heels of looking flawless comes news of her comeback project after her second maternity break. The Hong Sisters last drama was the high profile and interesting conceptually Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) which I loved the first two episodes and then it went progressively downhill until it was just a hot bubbling mess where I only cared about random side characters. I don’t have a problem with Jeon Ji Hyun picking a Hong Sisters drama but her My Sassy Girl phase is long past and I hope the drama character and story suits her current sophisticated mommy of two but still smoking hot goddess persona.


Jeon Ji Hyun Looks Impeccable at CF Event and in Talks for New 2018 Hong Sisters K-drama — 12 Comments

  1. Wow I never thought she would star in a drama again, but I would watch anything she is in. Hong sisters has lost their touch since Master’s Sun but their ideas are still rather unique and fun. I liked Hwayugi for the side characters.
    Now hoping they cast someone like Jo Jungsuk or Jo Insung as the male lead.

  2. Oh my god. I’ll watch anything that she in.Bring it on!
    The last drama i have watched from Hong Sisters is the Masters Sun.I hope Jun Ji Hyun’s role in this one isn’t the same as her two previous roles. I prefer her in a more melodramatic-action role just like in her movies with Ha Jung Woo.

  3. She’s really beautiful, she carries anything she wears beautifully and never looks too old and aunty-like even after giving birth. Her elegance can’t be imitated. I don’t like Hong sisters dramas (the last one I enjoyed was Masters Sun) so I don’t know about this…

  4. Wow, what a looker. Don’t like the drab maroon color dress nor the style. But she can really carry it off!Love her movies but not the drama. In recent years script writers r not up to par. Good actors can’t carry the drama alone . Just hope JJH has better luck this time.

  5. Goddess!! Effortless chic, everything looks flawless on her. She could turn the drabbiest outfit into something amazing. She knows her style and wears clothes to flatter her body. She’s one savvy star who is the whole package; looks, abundance of talent and brains.

  6. I’ve read from another article that she’s been offered roles in various movies and dramas. I think she haven’t decided yet. Anyway, I also love to watch anything she’s in. Miss her already.

  7. She recently have 2 other appearances, she appeared publicly in 2 weeks Wow!! Im so glad that we see her often, but since she hadn’t decided yet.. as much as I wanna see her on a drama (cause of longer screentime)if its just like lotbs…I think I might prefer a movie for her comeback haha..

  8. I hope Jeon Jihyun goes for a movie return where she experiments with a different character because she is a good actress outside of her “sassy heroine” roles.

  9. Based on how much Korea likes to pair 30+ A-list actresses with 20+ trendy male stars recently, I bet her male lead is going to be Park Seojoon or Jung Haein.

  10. I could picture park seojoon being her co-star for a drama comeback. And I could picture jun jihyun potray a character like gumiho (prev hong sisters’ project) but it would be similar to her last kdrama role.

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