IU is Fresh and Beautiful in October Elle Pictorial Ahead of 10th Debut Anniversary

The end of 2018 brings the 10th anniversary debut occasion for singer-actress IU who is all of 25 years old (27 in Korean age) making it even more remarkable how young she was when she entered K-ent and how much she’s accomplished in the last decade. This is a great year for her to ring in a big career milestone considering K-netizens and even drama fans have been up and down with her personal life and performances. This year there is nothing but positive praise for her acting in tvN hit drama My Ahjusshi and also no grumbling about personal life choices. I’m thrilled she’s hit a new career high especially in her weaker acting side, and ultimately an entertainer willing to push oneself will always get my kudos even if sometimes it doesn’t work out like her awkward turn in Moon Lovers.


IU is Fresh and Beautiful in October Elle Pictorial Ahead of 10th Debut Anniversary — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t find her a weak actress, though? She’s really expressive and emotes well with her face, eyes and body language.

    Plus I find it encouraging that she’s able to pull off complex performances like Producer and My Ajusshi without needing the script to be dumbed down or ‘adjusted’ to cover up poor skills.

  2. Despite the Moon Lovers mess, I really grew to like her because I can see her progressing and still trying to improve. Look forward her future dramas.

    • I don’t understand the so-called ‘mess’ word describing Moon Lovers. People just say it without valid explanations. I read some peoples reasons, it sounds like some people have preferred scenarios for the drama which not everybody likes as well.

      Objectively speaking, Moon Lovers is one of the best produced Korean dramas. The same with Mr Sunshine, Lee Byung Hyun’ IMO was a total dud in that drama but overall the drama was one of the best produced dramas.

      • MistyEyes: it’s okay for other people to have a different opinion and do not think it’s one of the best K-dramas (personal preference?!). It’s not that I hate it – it’s not the worst ever drama but I didn’t enjoy it – despite watching it till the end. As much as I love LSG and growing to like IU, I didn’t think it was strong drama. It had a weak adaptation of the source material (the novels), weak directing, and weak production, especially the whole weird two versions of the drama edits. If you want to read really detailed breakdown of why some of us don’t think it’s the best, go over to Dramabean’s review of the drama.

      • Sorry JZ but I was a follower of Dramabeans since 2008 but sadly I must say that’s the worst place to look for kdrama content. It’s unreasonably and ridiculously opinionated website. It’s a website that spoils someone kdrama journey. Though this website is somewhat similar but DB is the worst kind.

    • Um if you think dramabeans is ‘opinionated’ and that’s a problem, how do you tolerate it here? Koala spouts off opinions presented as fact, pretty much all the time.

      Also isn’t dramabeans mainly a recap side? Of course recaps will be spoilers.

  3. I think some people is just underestimated that kind of acting performances, some people can still doubt her skills despite evidence she can pull off complex emotion. For Me, Anyone who can pull off that kind of acting in a melodrama genre like in My AJusshi means she has talent and she will do some more interesting stuff in the future.She also has passion for acting at the young age which will help her to grow as an actor. . CHung Mu Ro will knock her door more often.

  4. I still stick to my opinion that her moon lovers performance was due to bad direction and even then iu managed to save it to a certain extent and wasn’t as bad as people said she was. It wasn’t great but it was serviceable and didn’t warrant the hate she received

  5. I find IU has the most outstanding acting performance compared to others female idols turned actresses around her generation. Her Hae Soo was not an easy character to pull off either, although it was not as remarkable as her Lee Ji An. I still think her relatively negative feedback in K-BBJX was mainly caused by a bad screenwriting.

    • I agree. The direction in Moon Lovers was horrible and the writing for her character was equally bad. Yet she pulled off the emotional scenes really well and nailed episode 11.

      That’s not something a no-talent actress could do (some of her idol-actress peers can barely manage a role where the PD and writer have adjusted literally everything about the writing and direction to make them look better, and in contrast, here was IU still doing decently when all the decks were stacked against her ).

  6. Looking radiant and lovely as usual..always the gorgeous photo..Loving these shots with her skin looking glowing and flawless.?

  7. IU is not a natural actress but given good written role and good direction, she definitely can excelled as in the case with The Producers and My Ajusshi. Not every actress has wide acting range and versatile. I admit that I was annoyed by her in Moon Lovers to the extend of disliking her a lot but am glad that her performance in My Ajusshi made me see her in a positive light. At the end of the day, it’s her hardwork, tenacity and great attitude that contributed to her success.

    • IU has a feel for understanding characters, and I think that stands her in good stead – I’ve seen the difference in how she talks about her roles vs how some other idol-actresses (widely considered bad ones) talk about theirs, and it just feels like she actually takes acting seriously and isn’t just doing it for her image.

  8. Super pretty and cute; I love her wholesome image and how she caters for her fans of all ages at her fan meets. Congratulations on her 10 year anniversary and can’t wait to see her and Lee Joon Ki in Knowing Brothers. As for her acting she’s holding her own and performs her roles well so I have no qualms whatsoever.

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