C-actress Dilraba Dilmurat Selected as Goddess for the 2018 Golden Eagle Awards

In a saga worthy of all its twists and turns, in popcorn popping good way, this week the official announcement by the organizers of the 12th annual Golden Eagle Awards confirmed that the coveted Golden Eagle Goddess landed in the lap of Dilraba Dilmurat. She will be the 7th C-actress to open the ceremony in a ridiculously golden-hued and sure to be over-the-top gown, with the first being Crystal Liu all the way through most recent goddess Tang Yan. The last few weeks were a flurry of spoilers and gossip for which trending young actress would land the goddess role – first there was Guan Xiao Tong‘s named bandied about, then Yang Zhi and her fan camp appeared to be making a huge push, then so-called insiders claimed Wan Qian was selected, and finally this week it appeared to be Angelababy after her name was spotted on the door of a solo changing room. All this was great publicity for the awards show and the selection of Dilraba makes history as the first ethnic minority actress chosen, plus she’s coming off hit dramas The King’s Woman and The Flame’s Daughter with the spin-off of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms coming.


C-actress Dilraba Dilmurat Selected as Goddess for the 2018 Golden Eagle Awards — 11 Comments

  1. She’s Is soooo beautiful and really shot up in fame since diamond lovers. Idk if she’ll be the next fan bing bing but I’d say the next Yang Mi but we’ll see if her hard work leads her to Hollywood fame.

  2. I feel so bad for yanzhi. Like, most of her dramas got high rating and her acting is better than those other names but… Fandom is a must in showbiz.

    Next year yanzhi!!

    Hold on, i thought angelababy id more popular than dilraba and yangzhi but… She’s not chosen? Heol.

    • Don’t feel bad for Yang Zhi. I don’t think this award means anything but just for show. She’s a rising star so I don’t think she’s at a loss.

      Dilraba is just so gorgeous. Showbiz have always been like that. The most beautiful girls always get more attention. She’s not a great actress. Hopefully, she will improve in time.

      • How can u say her acting is not good she is much more talented then yang zi !!!!! See eternal love then u will realize how awsm her acting is

  3. Yeah no need to feel bad for Yang Zi, all the other nominees did very well with their series too, it’s just Reba is better, that why she won! She is the most popular and all her drama are the best! SHe works so hard so don’t even say she doesn’t deserve it. People are just jealous and can’t accept this!

  4. The ABB pic with Eiffel Tower on head is amusing.

    This award is for the actress who will bring in the biggest total film and drama box office dollars for the next 3 years. Those who have the largest young fan base. A strategic business move.

    Don’t care enough about Reba to be jealous. Wish all the best.

  5. Do people think it’s really popularity that wins these votes? Isn’t there politics too? Government must support her to win just like them pulling FBB down.

  6. Reba definitely looked gorgeous as the Golden Eagle Goddess. It’s based off of audience voices so popularity of course going to matter but I don’t think anyone will disagree that she is probably the best choice for the role. The criticism about the award show seems to be over the fact that she won best actress with her role in Pretty Liu Hui Zhen. She is the weakness actress among the nominees and her show was the lowest rated by far. You can tell even those in showbiz sitting in the in the audience were surprised when she won. To compare it to western shows, it’ll be like if The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl won against shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, etc. I mean Reba’s nice and all but she’s no where near the caliber of any of the actresses in the running for the award. It goes beyond just fandoms upset that their own idols didn’t win. Her winning made the best actress award into a joke. Mango TV is getting a lot of criticism for this.

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