Lee Na Young Confirmed for K-drama Romance Supplement Opposite Lee Jong Seok

It’s now confirmed and with it comes even more unknown question marks with this drama onscreen pairing. Lee Na Young has accepted the offer to be the leading lady of upcoming tvN drama Romance Supplement (Romance Bonus Book) which earlier already inked as male lead Lee Jong Seok. When the drama airs in early 2019 will mark Lee Na Young’s first drama in 9 years since Fugitive: Plan B in 2010. The two leads will play childhood friends and are now in their 30s during the drama, with Lee Jong Seok as a high performing editor and top selling writer and Lee Na Young as a former successful commercial copywriter who ends up reinventing her resume to work at the publishing house. The drama comes from the PD of Life on Mars, Criminal Minds, and The Good Wife, with the screenwriter of The I Need Romance series and Discovery of Love and will air on tvN next year.


Lee Na Young Confirmed for K-drama Romance Supplement Opposite Lee Jong Seok — 19 Comments

  1. I have to admit, kind of a disappointment storyline for a comeback after 9yrs away.

    She is a case where, the media put her at a high padestal than she really deserve or perhaps I just never understand.

    • technically her comeback was a movie called Beautiful Days which is getting rave reviews and LNY is getting praises for her brilliant performance. The media hasn’t put her at a pedestal, she is a great performer just Kore in tune with movies than dramas.

  2. PD of life on mars! Colour me interested. I liked LoM’s production quality. I personally think that made the drama exponentially more interesting.

    • Yes she look like aunt with wrinkle after giving birth she just aging so hard. And didn’t she afraid leave her GOD husband filming drama?? If I’m her I will no make comeback after awhile because high risk for career if this drama flop example was Lee young ae.

      • She stays off botox, is a mother and still looks like a goddess while tour oppa looks like a second hand ghost in a horror movie even after all those botched surgeries. Stay mad.

  3. Will watch this for lee na young.viewers these days are not familiar with her. Although her acting style suits more for movies (she is an awesome actress), its still good to see her coming back on screen. Hope young or new k-ent viewers can learn to appreciate her.

  4. A hugh risk coming back after 9 years to act with mediocre LJS. The storyline sounds boring. Why return to a drama and a male lead like this? Hmmmm…

  5. What is it with these older woman younger guy rom com dramas? Zzzzzz And Lee Jong Suk I’m sorry but what is the appeal with him and Lee Na Young why didn’t you ask for Woo Do Hwan instead?

  6. Ahh Lee Na Young comeback after so many years and it’s with model boy LJS with a drama that seems to have a mediocre plot…

    • I’m especially not liking it with his teenage fans posting ageist and ignorant comments here, definitely not knowing her impact. Anyway, it’s good enough to see her on my screen

  7. she is beautiful woman…of course. But she look too matured for him,jong suk has pretty boy look and she has that mature look in her now…why don’t pairing her with compatible actor like so ji sub or gong yoo…it will be great visually and it is her comeback after all these years…haishhh….I like her previous work, hopefully this one will turn out great despite of the visual gap.

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