Park Shin Hye Transforms into Korean Guide in Spain in New Stills from Memories of Alhambra

I’m glad we had the You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings hair style changes for Park Shin Hye otherwise she’d be another Jeon Ji Hyun who never ever changes her hair for a drama or movie. I loved boy cut and shoulder bob looks on Park Shin Hye and it’s been 8 years since she tried a different style other than long, lustrous and tousled as she continues to do for upcoming tvN fantasy drama Memories of Alhambra. I mention this when I saw the latest official drama stills from Memories because she could pass for any of the more recent drama leading ladies she played and I’m not getting a distinctive visual from her for this particular character. I’m sure she’ll paint a clearer palette when the drama airs but for now she looks pretty as always but not particularly unique to Memories.


Park Shin Hye Transforms into Korean Guide in Spain in New Stills from Memories of Alhambra — 25 Comments

  1. In Dramabeans they wrote that this drama reminded them about Black Knight. I almost created an account to troll but I refrained. If MoA is going to be like BK, it will truly be tragic loss of money to foreign locations. I just keep thinking that there must have been a reason why Hyun Bin wanted to act in this drama out of all other offers and why he (?¿) insisted on acting with PSH.

    • I think they meant the unique and mysterious vibe and beautiful cinematography at the start.
      Actually Chicago Typewriter came to mind as well.

  2. I haven’t watch hyun bin’s drama after secret garden.. Started to like him since His drama with kim sun ah.. World within… Anyone here watch his latest drama or film? Any good recommendation for me?

  3. Hmmmm she had bangs in doctors, aite? Whatever. I dont really mind about the similar hairstyle because there are plenty others who are on the same boat for years. What matter for me is BLACK HAIR!! It’s quite unfortunate that the filter MOA used makes it appear more brownish(?) than irl

  4. I don’t know whether I’ll be watching this one or not, I really anticipating hyunbin comeback drama but PSH is not really to my liking but let’s see

  5. Same style and hair like jun ji hyun in every drama that’s doesn’t help especially with same acting. I Skip the legend of the blue sea because jun ji hyun hair and clothes remind me with cheon song yi. And since the plot copy paste from my love from the star. Park shin hye character remind me with heir.

    • Jun Ji Hyun needs to look like JJH in order to maintain profile. Besides that’s the most suitable hair-style for her face. I’m still waiting for the day when she becomes a bit bolder.

  6. I hope this drama is good as I like PSH but didn’t like Doctors. So its been 4 years since I last saw her. I like Hyun Bin as well so this is a plus. HB’s latest interview said he wanted to rest but couldn’t resist taking this drama after seeing the script, so here’s hoping this drama is as exciting as it sounds!

  7. I think she has to keep that long hair for her hair product sponsor just like JJH? But anyway, for this PSH fan, can not wait to see her again! Miss Koala haven’t written about her movie project CALL. no male actor or love interest!! Just female centric story. Coming year will be a good one.
    Agree about MOA bringing in mystery with very few story leaks. Drama surprise us!

  8. 5 more weeks away and I really hardly can’t wait to watch MOA. Both teasers one and two look phenomenal and promising. MOA fighting ??

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