Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Find Meaningful Connection Despite the Useless Lies in New Drama Promos

tvN drama Useless Lies is still a whole month out premiering at the end of July but I’m really stoked to see Kim So Hyun back on the small screen and with cutie pie Minhyun as her male lead. The three new drama posters are kinda mid but it’s not that big a deal this drama doesn’t seem to need a lot of pizzazz with a build in fanbase of the two leads and hopefully more viewers curious to watch thanks to an interesting story about a woman that can spot lies and a man protesting his innocence of murder and no one believes him.

Teaser for Useless Lies:


Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Find Meaningful Connection Despite the Useless Lies in New Drama Promos — 22 Comments

  1. These two are oozing cuteness and pink poster is throwback romcom feels. Love it. Only annoying thing is it won’t be on Netflix. It’s being classified as a Viu Original so unlikely to see it anywhere else. Getting tired of Netflix picking favourites and sidelining Kim So Hyun and her dramas. She deserves better and this drama deserved to be on Netflix. It has all the right ingredients so here’s hoping it hits big and makes them regret missing out. Hwang Min Hyun is gorgeous even with curly overly permed hair. The solo posters have almost opposite vibes but the same amount of calmness. TVN isn’t having the best year in 2023 but this drama feels just right. The best young cast line up in a while.

    • This comment is true. Netflix has been icing out KSH and all her dramas since 2020. Apart from LA they gave her nothing and all the promos and credit for LA is given to SK while KSH only gates hate. They’ve removed so many of her dramas from the platform and refuse to let her have any of their originals. Not even a cameo. First she was iced out of the movie industry and now Netflix. Somebody is trying to sabotage her career. She’s almost never in magazines and has no CFs despite having 13 million followers on IG and pulling in audience interest with every casting news. Her recognition in South Korea is still high and she’s still the face of the upcoming MZ generation of actresses but her promotions and opportunities have been blocked. Ever since she left Sidus in 2017 her resource pool has been shrinking. Even the Baeksang nomination didn’t help her get bigger dramas and movies that she should have. Baeksang nominated actresses are always in hot demand and KSH is known to be the most versatile actress of her generation. Yet she isn’t getting the opportunities she should. Something is definitely wrong behind the scenes.

      • Come to think of it, you’re right, her lack of promotions really started with her leaving Sidus. Wonder if that has something to do with it? Well, whether there’s a connection or not, I find Sidus hella shady, I mean, wasn’t there a controversy about them using a cloned phone to keep tabs on Jun Ji Hyun’s activities during her time at that agency? Not to be a conspiracy nut, but all I’m saying is I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re pulling some strings to prevent Kim So Hyun from rising to superstardom, they’re a very powerful agency, after all. Kim So Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, and Kim You Jung were all well-promoted by that agency, but they still left. You have to wonder why lol

      • this is going to sound dark, and I hate thinking this, but maybe… she rejected some higher-up’s, uh, advances? that’s kinda one of the most common reasons why a young actress have her career sabotaged like that. again, i hate to think of that, but that’s unfortunately the reality for young actresses

      • It is very very frustrating seeing KSH being neglected to this extent but fans just ignore it and say she is low key and doesn’t want attention. Yes maybe she doesn’t want attention and is low key but this is her career and nobody is giving her the right guidance. This case is similar to how LSG was brainwashed by his agency CEO for 16 years somebody very close to KSH has brainwashed her into thinking she should not be competitive and only do one or two dramas with long gaps and no public activities. She is afraid of variety shows but there are there ways to stay in the public eye without going on variety shows. She doesn’t even interact with her fans anymore and rarely updates on social media unless it is work related. She never gets invited to anything and only picks scripts by rookie writers or those without any good works to their name. She is being brainwashed and ruined her career and Netflix has always been ungrateful to her. The whole situation is very sad for the fans. Her other drama may never air or maybe won’t air for the next 3-4 years if nobody is willing to buy it. A loss for everyone who worked on it.

      • from my observation, I don’t even think that knetz highly recognised her anymore. her individual articles in naver nowadays doesn’t even garnered many likes. means that they seem don’t care abt her anymore. such a bitter truth for me as an oris to accept. i don’t know who is to be blamed. because it seems that every parties contribute to this, including herself. but i think the agency contribute to this the most. thankfully there are k-hwangdos who give some buzz to this drama. so it would be miracles if this drama got a high rating.

      • Has to be sabotage. So many mid actors getting bigger Cfs and luxury brand endorsements than Sohyun. Zero talent actors and idols getting lead roles in movies. Rookies doing magazine covers for Harpers Bazaar and W Korea. Then there’s Sohyun sitting at home doing DIY because unemployment. She’s not even completed university after 5 years so it’s definitely not that she’s busy studying. There’s no chance of a new drama for her until 2025 now. So we’ll be waiting another 2 years for another mid drama with yet another rookie on mediocre OTT platforms. Her career is going backwards.

    • Agreed with everything you said! This two are beautiful and like koala said, both have big fanbases, so their pairing is one of the most anticipated this year, at least internationally, so it’s kinda stupid of Netflix not to pick this up. And to think KSH gave them a hit with Love Alarm, too!
      Thank goodness I have a Viu subscription lol

    • Viu!? Really?? That is the WORST OTT to be on! Nobody except a handful of countries in SEA has access to VIU and the viewership isn’t very high either. Even D+ is a million times better than VIU!! Only dramas that get rejected by all other OTTs go to VIU and at a cheap price. That’s just sad and an insult to Sso and Minhyun who deserve way better. Even rookies don’t get ignored like this. This a massive comeback for Sso after more than 2 years but there is zero hype outside the fandom. No media interest, no general public interest only online engagement from the fans which is very high. I don’t understand this favoritism towards all the rookie actors with bare minimum talent when a veteran like KIM SOHYUN is being ignored! Yes this drama better hit big like True Beauty or King The Land so that Netflix comes begging to Sso on their knees with those fat paychecks because KIM SOHYUN ALWAYS DELIVERS! Her acting and chemistry are flawless she carries poor actors, writers and directors on her back! Nobody knows how to appreciate that.

      • Uh…Reborn Rich went to Viu. It had a stacked cast and was a ratings juggernaut so it doesn’t seem like Viu is paying pennies.

      • @peeves Reborn Rich was actually picked up by multiple OTT. Netflix, Disney, TVing for SK subs; then Viki and Viu for some select countries. Just sad RR f*cked up the ending, but they did seem to earn a lot from the drama itself with all the OTT purchasing the drama and of course, ads on JYBC airing.

      • Unfortunately yes Viu has confirmed. We can only hope Viki will pick it up too but yeah Viu dramas are always doomed to fail. It’s sad and strange that this of all dramas ended up on such an obscure platform. @peeves Reborn Rich was sold to literally every OTT platform locally so they made a huge amount from there. Viki also bought it but it wasn’t exclusively on Viu. TVN usually sells only to good platforms and very few dramas end up on Viu like Delightful Deceitful, Stealer from this year. Except for KBS, MBC and TV Chosun most channels avoid selling to Viu. It doesn’t boost international recognition for the drama much. As it is Korea views SEA very poorly and a drama that is only popular in that region isn’t considered highly. Netflix is needed if a drama needs to be popular internationally. As it is the drama can’t have high ratings because of the time slot but now most international audience can’t watch it also. It has no hope to succeed.

    • She usually got a lot article in Naver and trending even it just her selca. But nowday, she only got one or two article. Even rokiee can get better. It really suspicious it?

    • This is exactly the kind of drama Netflix loves to pick up and tvn should have put this on the weekend slot too. If KSH is removed from this drama it would have gone to Netflix. Actors who want their drama to go to popular OTT platforms will never act opposite KSH. It’s sad for the fans but true. The teasers and posters for this drama are great and it looks like a lot of fun. If it becomes popular like TTON then hopefully this time KSH will get proper promotions.

      • I’m sorry to interrupt this conversation, I have a question. Where is Kim Soo Hyun now, and how can I get the right way to meet?

  2. Teaser is very promising and drama looks like much fun! Can’t wait to see the return of KSH with HMY! TVN please give lots of promotions!

  3. Damn, they both look fantastic! I particularly like Kim So Hyun’s solo poster, it’s giving me this mystical/magical feel lol. I also have to say she’s gotten even prettier. I’ve seen the teasers and was struck at how even more well-defined and sharper her features have become as she enters her mid-20s and lose the baby fat. Getting a more refreshed vibe from her too. Hopefully the long break she took really did her good. Just wish they didn’t give her bangs. I’ve watched Love Alarm and River Where the Moon Rises, and her beauty is even more impressive without bangs.

    Anyway, good luck to this drama! Admittedly, it’s not the type of drama that will garner sky-high ratings but looks like it would be a fun ride, and that’s all that matters to me.

  4. As I always say for any KSH drama. Hope for the best but expect the worst. Maybe one day she’ll break pattern but its not today clearly. KSH is like the SMA/HJM duo of the TaeJiHye + SYJ era. These actresses dominated in their 20s and other talented actresses got lesser recognition in comparison with mid-level projects some of which did well but most didn’t. KSH is completely overshadowed at the moment but if she holds on to lead roles till her mid 30s she’ll eventually become the veteran that is sought after and highly respected. She’ll be able to get the trendy and popular actors instead of the rookie actors who she makes trendy. In 10 years KSH might finally have her day in the sun. Hopefully.

  5. Kim So Hyun in a fantasy romcom with an age appropriate and gorgeous actor-idol with a bug fandom and from a popular project boy group. Plus she has a superpower! I’ll take what I can get. Just indulge in this low key ; low budget drama and lets have fun. This has Chinese romcom drama vibes which is always a good thing these days.

  6. I’m not Korean so i didn’t know all that about KSH , i’m not her biggest fan but i don’t like when actors like her don’t get what they deserve . She has a clean image, she work so hard when her drama was in trouble thanks to Ji Soo,…that’s what you get when you are too kind ! I wish for this drama to be a hit .

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