Kim Hee Sun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Jun Ki and Many More K-stars at W Korea Cancer Charity Event

The fashions are less the center of attention when the purpose of an event is charitable rather than awards driven. Lots of big name K-celebs took time out to attend the W Korea annual cancer charity fundraiser in Seoul, with half in subdued looks for the more serious occasion and others trying on colorful and rather interesting looks. Kim Hee Sun‘s oversized green turtle neck tunic look it it was eating her on top and preparing to cover a tent on the bottom but she pulled it off by being confident and comfortable wearing it. Hyoyeon wandered in like a boho circus performer and Oh Yeon Seo‘s outfit would have been fine but for the balloon cut of both the shirt and pants. I like the subtle detailing on the jackets and coats of Yoo Ah In, Lee Dong Wook, and Jung Hae In, a less but definitely more approach.


Kim Hee Sun, Yoo Ah In, Lee Jun Ki and Many More K-stars at W Korea Cancer Charity Event — 13 Comments

  1. NIce to see Kang Hye Jung and hubby Tablo; Cha Ye Ryun post baby at this event. As for the overall outfits I give up especially at Hyoyeon’s grunge circus master jumpsuit. All she needs is a black top hat and staff to compliment her ensemble.

    • That’s true. Korean actors tend to dress better in these kinds of events where it’s a little more casual. They feel comfortable to experiment.

  2. Kim Hee Sun is fast entering my woman crush list.I never used to care for her that much but these days her vibe is similar to Jun Ji Hyun’s which I like.Classy and Confident.A woman who knows her worth and carries herself in a “I got this kind of way”.Amber from f(x) too she was there.She is so cool.

    The “My Girl” reunion between Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun Ki was super cute with hugs and smiles.Just makes me proud to see how far these men have come from.

    As for outfits, I will reserve my comments today when the event is for breast cancer awareness.I will not pick apart their outfits.

  3. Maybe its too early to say this but it seems Yoo Ah In is starting to get his act together.Focusing on work and less on creating social media controversies.I really hope it remains that way.A talented and good looking man like him should not have his shine overshadowed by irrelevant controversies.

    • FYI, this charity event is supported by Yoo Ah In’s art gallery Studio Concrete. He & his gallery are holding an exhibition for breast cancer awareness campaign.

  4. It’s nice to see Lee Joon Gi going to public events and variety appearances these days. I didn’t see him that much anywhere else other than dramas before. He is looking great and very charismatic as usual.

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