Hong Kong Acting God Tony Leung Wins First Chaplin Awards for Asia

The passing of HK-actress Yammie Lam really hit home how prolific and incredible the 80’s and 90’s of HK-ent was in the depth and breadth of acting talent and project successes. She may have fallen victim to the dark side of the industry but HK cinema remains the trailblazer of Asian film so it’s such a well-deserved honor to see veteran HK-actor Tony Leung win the first ever Chaplin Award in Asia for his 30 years of successful television and mostly film career. The award was given at the Tatler Ball 2018 held in Shanghai this weekend, and Tony’s wife fellow award-winning HK-actress Carina Lau was of course by his side. The media was also excited to spot retired HK leading lady Chingmy Lau from his movie Blind Romance make a rare public appearance after nearly twenty years retired and still as goddess level as ever. Congrats to Tony and very happy to see the prestigious Chaplin Award finally make its way to lauding an Asian star.


Hong Kong Acting God Tony Leung Wins First Chaplin Awards for Asia — 23 Comments

  1. Tony Leung isn’t called the Clark Gable of Asia for nothing. He is definitely a league above the rest. Watching Tony reminds me a lot of Leslie Cheung whom is an incredible actor in his iwn rights. If they are to merit an Asian actress next, my vote goes to the versatile Maggie Cheung.

    Btw, what the heck is Carina Lau wearing? Lady, you are too old for that ensemble. Dressing age-appropriate would make her more classy.

  2. I haven’t followed HK entertainment in years. How does Tony Leung compared to Andy Lau? It seems like Andy Lau is a little more popular?

    • Tony’s acting is critically acclaimed whilst Andy might be popular, his acting isn’t on par with Tony. This is the general consensus I get from HK newspapers over the years. Also, Tony doesn’t do the singing idol thing which Andy did and was part of the 4 Heavenly Gods (3 of them weren’t great singers, only Jacky Cheung could sing properly). It also has a lot to do with their personalities, Andy is very sociable whilst Tony is more quieter.

      • Tony over Andy despite both remaining incredibly respected and popular in general C-ent. However, acting wise most people totally agree: Tony > Andy.

      • Andy and Leon are pretty good singers, tho! While Aaron is really the dancer.

        Tony > Andy in terms of acting, but that’s really saying A LOT as Andy is not just a pretty idol. He’s won awards left and right as well.

        But for reals tho, Chingmy Yau did not age or what? Look at her glowing, wrinkle-less skin?! WTF?

      • @ilikehim, I don’t know when you started to have an interest in HK ent but maybe you have never heard Leon sing off-key when he sang live in concerts, especially at the beginning of the four heavenly kings label. It was well known that song writers for Andy and Leon dumbed down the music so they can sing in tune. Jacky Cheung’s songs are much harder to sing.

    • I’ve followed cbiz for years and Tony has always been more revered (if not the most respected actor in recent times) as an actor. In terms of popularity, they are about the same level. Tony is less media-friendly and stars in fewer commercial blockbusters, but he trounces everyone in terms of acclaim, awards, iconic films and impact on the younger generation so it balances out.

      • Tony doesn’t care about popularity, and I feel he has never cared about it but, Andy once upon a time cared, so he never revealed his girlfriend/wife publicly. I feel Andy had more female fans.

  3. God, what is the wife wearing. Horrible. Not all old actresses can carry off such micro minis. It looks desperate , specially coming with a dignified husband as hers who is winning an award.

      • Just because you can pull it off doesn’t mean you should.
        Refined elegance always beats sexy minx, even more so after a certain age.

      • I thought we are in an era where we should try (at least) to not put certain restrictions on women’s identity. A young female actress can pair up with an older male actor as leads in another thread so why can’t a mature woman who can pull off a sexy attire confidently, not wear it??? Is she harming anyone???

    • hahaha… looks like she forgot to wear pants under her oversized granny flowery shirt. Nice legs but look too casual for the event. 🙂

  4. HK cinema has long been a childhood escape for me. Grew up watching everything. The stories were out of this world! Tony was hot back then, he’s still extremely good looking now. Congrats to him!! And Chingmy!! I love her!!!!

  5. The award went to a deserving actor, congratulations and I’m so happy for him.
    I have been a fan of his for years and love not just his acting but also his actions in real life. He is a great actor and a good person.

  6. What the hell are these comments about Carina’s outfit? She looks great and is body goal. There’s nothing wrong with the length of her dress either.

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