Park Bo Gum Cuts His Hair and Song Hye Kyo is Beautifully Melancholy in New Promos for tvN Drama Encounter

I love how C-netizens excited about upcoming tvN drama Encounter (literal title Boyfriend) keeps referring to male lead Park Bo Gum as “your boyfriend”. So if there is anything new about him for the drama, C-nets adorably tells female leadSong Hye Kyo that “your boyfriend” did something, such as telling her that “your boyfriend cut his hair!” in the latest BTS still showing him with a newly shorn look filming in Seoul drastically different than the romantic bouffant longish curls from the location shoot section in Cuba. The drama has gotten the English title of Encounter but the Boyfriend title has turned into something fun to pun around with, especially in the noona-dongsaeng romance aspect when she’s a emotionally deadened divorcee and he’s all wide-eyed and bushy tailed. The drama teasers continue to look great and I’m still impressed with how much Song Hye Kyo has grown as an actress in the course of two decades, she conveys so much emotion in her face now.

Second teaser for Encounter:


Park Bo Gum Cuts His Hair and Song Hye Kyo is Beautifully Melancholy in New Promos for tvN Drama Encounter — 22 Comments

  1. Still feels abit strange seeing PBG’s sister-in-law as his girlfriend hahaha.
    Hope the drama is good.

    So many stars returning to the small screen, PBG & SHK, HB & PSH, LJS & LNY, SKJ & KJW….

  2. I saw the second poster and surprising they looked good together guess I will be checking it out and shk look so pretty in that teaser

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Park Bogum looks like a wooden puppet? He reminds me of Woody from toy story or slappy from goosebumps, yeah its probably just me okay

  4. Am I the only one who actually likes his long hipster hair? He looks good with it and it gives him a very different, more mature vibe compared to all of his previous roles.

    SHK is stunning as usual. Idk if this drama lives up to the hype but I’m sold on the cinematography alone. The color palette gives me a Midnight in Paris feel.

  5. Please make the story good that’s all I ask for because the actors are there and if it’s anything and the drama goes pear shaped it will be the writing and nothing else. Its a goer and will do well if the writing is in tact and tight.

  6. I don’t like his new hair cut nor the new poster, they’re very…”standard”. Nothing new.
    I prefer the first poster and his messy hippie style hair, much more interesting in substance and in form.
    But still the latest teaser out today gives me high hopes.

  7. The second teaser look very nice so hopefully this drama will be good because I’m very disappointed in the writer’s last project. Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum look very cute together. Hye Kyo is pretty as always.

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