Award Winning Superstar Actor Tony Leung Gets Caught Up in Cheating Rumors with 25-year Old Girl Group Turned B-list C-actress Cheng Xiao

So this could be true and if so it’s two consenting adults and I also don’t want to render judgment based on the disparity in entertainment industry success level, but goodness is this gossip news just weird. A rumor spread widely through C-ent over the weekend that 60-something top actor Tony Leung has shacked up with 25-year old Cheng Xiao (formerly known as Sungsoo in Cosmic Girls). The rumors said he and longtime wife also top actress Carina Lau have an open marriage and both do whatever they want, but this time Tony got with someone much young and got her pregnant, and has bought a residence for her and their child in Japan. This is so wild as Tony and Carina are very private and tactful if anything, the do their own thing in marriage rumors have been around for years and years but it’s that this one has it done so openly and with a child to come as well. Both Tony and Carina have spoken openly about their discussed decision NOT to have kids during the marriage in the early days. This rumor has been denied all around so take it for what it’s worth.

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