C-actor Jiang Jing Fu’s Career Spiral Since Leaving Tangren Entertainment in 2015

Not following an actor or actress means massive catchup to truly get the full picture and it’s been a doozy to see how far C-actor Jiang Jing Fu fell to hit rock bottom this week with his domestic violence admission. His career was sky high out of the gate signing with hitmaker Tangren Entertainment, the agency of Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi, and even getting top billing in C-drama Xuan Yuan Sword above those two. Like Icarus flying too high, in 2015 he announced unilaterally that he was leaving the agency, catching Tangren off guard, and subsequently sued the agency. In the three years since he had a bit part in a drama and in early 2018 he announced a hiatus to his acting career to go study abroad after sustaining an injury while filming.

It was studying in Japan where he met his girlfriend who he has now admitted to beating up violently last month in October. His career was kinda over before this but now even C-netizens are not buying his friend’s statements about how the girlfriend liked going clubbing, faked a pregnancy, and was greedily pressuring him to buy a house. Let me put it this way, even if ALL OF THE ABOVE was true, it’s still not a reason or excuse for beating the crap out of her as evidenced by per pictures. The girlfriend has since responded to those statements saying that Jiang Jing Fu only apologized on his SNS and not called her to apologize in person, he deleted the numbers of her friends and family so she could not contact them while they were dating so how could she even be going out clubbing, and due to the beating she lost the child she was carrying. Ooof, this is so sad to hear.


C-actor Jiang Jing Fu’s Career Spiral Since Leaving Tangren Entertainment in 2015 — 7 Comments

  1. His only successful work was Xuanyuan Sword tbh. Even when he was still in Tangren they didn’t manage to give him any more successful projects after that. Tangren now is different from Tangren ten years ago, where they produced hits after hits. Maybe thats why he got impatient and left. Afterall, Lin Gengxin did the same thing and got even more successful. But he just doesn’t have the luck. Sad story tbh.

    • Luck? This guy is a total character trash. He won’t be successful in anything if he can treat a woman like this. Sad story for anyone around him ? and good luck to anyone giving him any work.

  2. OOF. Never heard of him before this whole scandal but this guy is absolute trash. Beating his girlfriend till there was a miscarriage? Someone put him in jail asap please

  3. Exactly!The girl may have character flaws but that does not make it ok for her to be beaten like a drum.Its usually pathetic oppalogist fangirls who try to coodle their oppa by blaming and dragging their girlfriends on social media when their oppa’s career takes a nose dive.

    His career being cut short should be the least of his worries.If he was not a celebrity, we would be talking how many years is he getting for his handiwork at the jailhouse.

  4. He doesn’t have a career anymore; he killed that prospect when he landed the first bruise on his ex. So she wants an apology in person? Ahh has she filed a complaint with the Police? I can’t read anything to say he is ‘fully cooperating with the Police over this matter’. If it happened in Japan are they taking action to prosecute? Why is she still playing this out on social media? Gosh issue a warrant for his arrest; do something about it instead of updating your status on IG or whatever she is social media platform she is using. I want to read In Koala’s next update that a court hearing date has been set for trial because I haven’t seen it otherwise.

  5. Honestly, never liked him or his acting. I felt he should have started out with smaller roles before snatching the top role. Ling gen xin was ok because he played supported before taking on bigger roles.

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