Lee Jun Ki, Shin Se Kyung, and Mickey Mouse Attend Holiday Charity Gift Wrapping Event

Green looks great on K-stars Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung especially when it reflects both altruism and the holiday mood. The actor and actress, who haven’t worked together yet on a drama or movie, gave a future pairing visual opportunity this past weekend attending the Green Umbrella Fund‘s gift wrapping for needy children event. They donned green Santa-esque robes rather than red since the group’s color is green, and the event was further bolstered by the star power of Mickey Mouse. I’m sure the kids were more excited by Mickey than the two stars but I love their caring heart and kind enthusiasm as they posed for pictures and then wrapped presents.


Lee Jun Ki, Shin Se Kyung, and Mickey Mouse Attend Holiday Charity Gift Wrapping Event — 16 Comments

  1. Glad to see my Lee Jun Ki again. He’s been busy with upcoming fanmeets and not likely will do any drama anytime soon.

    With regards to whatever comment about his weight, I don’t think he will likely put on any weight soon but the guy is healthy (as proven by his IG posts), so I tried not to be too bothered by his tiny frame.

    Shin Se Kyung looks great but I am not a fan of her as an actress and I would rather not watch her paired up with LJK, unless perhaps in sageuk since she did well in that genre.

    • I am also not a fan of Shin Se Kyung as an actress but she is good in sageuk.She was ok in Six flying Dragons.She just needs to stay away from melodramas and rom coms because she has difficulty in emoting and building on-screen chemistry with her lead co-star.I can watch her in sageuk than Jin Se Yeon or Lee Yeon Hee.By the way, her and LJK are visual goals as a pair??

      • So that’s why I found his face changed. Thank you for the info !
        He looks very handsome without that makeup and I hope not to see it again on his beautiful face

      • I try to figure out too why he looked different . Definitely not the make up as he’s looking natural to me. So I revisited his 3 recents dramas. Hahaha His face looks different in all 3 dramas. But comparing now and the Lawless Lawyer character, what’s the obvious difference I think he gained weight that his face now is chubbier compared to the Lawless Lawyer.

    • With make up or not, visually they are compatible. They actually look more beautiful being one frame. I don’t mind them to together in a drama. I only dislike SSK in Fashion King. That drama was horrendous. I thought she did all right in BOTWG and even in Blade Man.

  2. It was on the same day as AAA awards.I like how namoo actors(their agency) was like nope not today?.We are not sending our artist to that amateur show even when they all had dramas this year.Park Min Young was in China doing her thing, these two were doing their charity work.Kim Hyang Gi was in multiple hit movies this year but she was nowhere to be seen.

  3. I think this charity event is better than any superficial awarding events. And showing up physically for a charity event is better than just giving money.

    • I agree with you ! An award in your biography give a good impression but the voting systems I saw this year were…commercials. Nothing to do with the acting performance. You had to install an app and vote 20 or days(according with the organizer’s rules) I first was impressed…wow, so many people voted. Then I realized the real number of voters are 20 , 30 times smaller . Not to mention that you could buy votes from the app store. For God Sake, what kind of awards are ?

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