Song Hye Kyo’s Fashion and Accessories Trending in South Korea After First Two Episodes of Encounter

I’m not surprised Song Hye Kyo‘s character’s outfits are hard trending in South Korea after two episodes of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter. I was unexpectedly noticing all her clothes, shoes, and accessories as well when I was live watching. In particular, her red shirt dress by high end Korean brand AvouAvou is all the rage now when plenty of knock offs or similar looks available, it’s the dress that had the most screen time with her one night out in Cuba with male lead Park Bo Gum. It was feminine and striking, not to mention comfortable to stroll around Havana, and paired gorgeously with her slim sandals that needed to be retrieved. I’m still not a fan of her short bob but it’s a great visual cue for her character, the no-nonsense divorcee running a top boutique hotel. At times she looks resigned and defeated, but when she brightens up around Park Bo Gum then the short bob makes her look casually youthful. I’m keen on seeing what other fashion cues this drama sends out via Song Hye Kyo during the remainder of its run.


Song Hye Kyo’s Fashion and Accessories Trending in South Korea After First Two Episodes of Encounter — 45 Comments

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if her stylist is always the same, all her outfits look similar inside and outside the drama.

      I loved the red dress. Also, the pink pants and shirt with a fucsia tie that she was wearing in the CEO-employee interview. She looks elegant and classy, no wonder people are trying to copy her. 🙂

  1. She’s the queen of Korea… Everything she does trends effortlessly.
    She’s part of the 1990’s actresses but still one of the most followed on IG.
    Speaks volumes in this era of the young twenties .

  2. she surely is popular but i wish she improves her acting too. her face is pretty but she always has that blind expressionless eyes when she acts which obstacles her from emoting properly. it’s even worsen in Boyfriend, hope she will fix it upcoming episodes.

    • @sam In the drama whenever she is with kjy pbg char her eyes shine and lift up especially in episode 2 where she was teasing him.

      I love all her outfits in the drama so far. And Csy walking closet is goals.

    • Don’t be too fast to judge her performance because it’s only the 1st and 2nd episode so there’s not much to critique about. The audience are not blind if she really is that bad at delivering her character. Haters gonna hate because your bias drama is falling behind.

      • Show me if you think you can do better. Song Hye Kyo is a hallyu queen and she don’t just receive that name for nothing. She’s the most capable actress in her generation to now. None of the newer generation actress can excelled her league.

    • Does all Song Hye Kyo fans have the same brain or what? You guys really can’t take any criticism from anyone else to voice their opinion. I don’t think she is the most talented and capable actress of her generation so am I jealous too? I have never heard critics praise her over anything except she is very gorgeous. From all the popular production she have take part in, she’s still not that recognized. To claim she is among her generation is a bias act. I watch tons of Korean movie and dramas for over a decade and Song Hye Kyo is nowhere near some of those other veterans actress who are actually being recognized for their talents and superb performance.

      • Twtwb, A reason to leave critics praise her acting in this projs.
        She even won her first daesang drama. Yes shk is not the best actress she still has a lot to improve but she have the charisma and staying power. And shk fans can take critisism but if that person is always dragging her down but call out shk fans on her sns to dont dare insult her bias i think she should do the same and pratice what she preach right @Jasmin.

      • lol do they even say she is the most talented,they are just appreaciating her, did they compare her to all of ur great actresses, they watch her drama not ur great actress,they like the way she act and its all that matter,

      • @ma.llyanne LMFAO No words but a big fat gigantic W.O.W as I am expecting. Song Hye Kyo’s fans are some of the most angelic fans in the world. I’m not an unnie lover but a movie lover so I watch everyone’s work and critique. Learn to accept others opinion too because not all love you unnie.

      • but u are criticizing her fans of course they will depend her what do u xpect and most only watch her work,some watch to enjoy not to be a drama ctitic or movie critic, and they are just happy to watch her on screen, dont think.u can force others to watch critically acclaim works if they dont enjoy it.

      • I do understand the differences between constructive criticism and a biased criticism. I’m fine with the former. Just think how you would feel if a hater always put down your fav. , drag her down In every corner no matter what. the actors are just human like us, why dislike them so much when we don’t even know them in person? No wonder there is war in this world

      • So what’s a movie lover like you doing here? Last time I checked, this is not a movie article. Go take your elitism somewhere else.

  3. I like her haircut. She looks 10 years younger. I know that women tend to like wearing long hair, but after a certain age ( SHK is not yet concerned ) wearing shorter hair makes you look less tired, … I wear the same haircut as her, and she reminds me when she was in “Worlds within” an underated drama.

  4. Ah the rating ep.3 went down because boring, no conflict or suprise elements like previous episodes. I think this just only writer good in 2ep. Than suddenly going downhill like pretty noona buy me food.

      • Cho saa hyun is strong independent woman, she doesn’t need young employees to stirring her life. Chaebol Samsung family rent to choice son in law with high background and wealth family. They doesn’t want his daughter end up with ordinary man.

    • No way, actually ep 3 just proved that this drama hard to flop. Eps 3 was totally boring, too many unnecessary parts even the main leads just met for like 10 minutes. But the rating still reached 9%. I dont know what to say for this eps but Park bo gum’s face was working hard.

    • i dont know what u mean, but csh is the x daughter in law, not der own child, u are giving example abt real children,what u said applies to the ex husband.

    • Its true, I encounter’s fans but think ep 3 was boring. They’re just focus with CSH’s ex-husband. And there’s many unnecessery parts. Thanks god PBG’s face save this ep. His visual is working hard hahaha. Actually ShK and PBG’s moment just like 10 minutes in this eps. But even with that boring ep its still reached 9%? I think this drama hard to flop. For me this ep just deserved 5%.

  5. Her short and stubby body shape and plain style is easier for the average person to copy than someone like Jun Ji Hyun where her style can only be pulled off by super models.

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