IU in Talks for 2019 Hong Sisters K-drama Now Confirmed to Air on tvN

Two new Hong Sisters drama related news dropped and I’m good with both. Actress-singer IU has reportedly been offered the female lead role in the Hong Sisters’ next drama scheduled for 2019. The news reports claim she has accepted but her agency said it’s just one script out of many she’s currently considering. This probably means Jeon Ji Hyun has turned down the Hong Sisters as she was the first name attached to this upcoming drama. Still no word on what the drama subject is but a promising sign is that the drama has been picked up by tvN after initially not having a network confirmed. The cable network remains the current to dog in K-dramas so if they aren’t feeling burned after their last go-around with the Hong Sisters Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) then I’m happy to give the sisters another chance as well, especially if IU accepts.


IU in Talks for 2019 Hong Sisters K-drama Now Confirmed to Air on tvN — 16 Comments

  1. Any idea about the synopsis of the drama?? And if its mid 2019 they might be looking to recruit lee min ho or kim soo hyun as they be done with their military thing..

  2. TVN is taking over in Korea with all the big dramas of this year.
    Plus in 2019 they are coming back with yeo Jin gu’s saeguk drama and Lee Jong suk’s ROM com. And now iu too.

  3. Wonderful news.looking forward to her next project. She is turning into A very nice actress to compliment her enormous popularity.?

  4. not very sure about Hong sisters’ writing anymore after Hwayugi, their work is getting worse, maybe that’s why JJH turned it down… also hope not with LMH as male lead, it will be a downgrade. LMH is not even popular in SK anymore. I will much prefer the handsome Seo Kang Joon, they are both 93’s and will be an excellent match. IU has a bright acting career after My Ajhussi, she has to be careful picking a high quality script with lots of challenges, not a rom-com with a mediocre actor please.

      • What is your problem here? Can’t I express my opinion? LOL U just blindly worshipping him. I recognize you, no need to keep changing your username, idiot! Do not reply to me anymore!!

    • I would be ok with IU choosing a Hong Sisters drama if they could match the level of Master’s Sun (their last good drama, and mainly because they cast great actors who had fantastic chemistry).

      But that’s unlikely, I feel like they’ve really lost their writing mojo and frankly IU would be the one ending up with the blame if the Hong sisters can’t pull a decent script.

    • Of the actors who will be released from the military next year, I think IU would pair really well with Kim Soo Hyun, they already had great chemistry in Producer.

      • Are you talking to me? What do you mean? Do you only watch unpopular actors’ dramas?
        P.S. make some sense here eh?
        What’s going on with @sherpa @moraine? You both sound like total morons!! Geez.

      • @candycane do some meditation and take that toxicity away. Not good for u…
        and stop acting like a kid eh.

  5. Guess this new drama with no premise details must be super top secret at this point unless it’s still work in progress i.e still figuring out the script. However it has to be pretty good if IU has agreed to it although I would have loved to see Jeon Ji Hyun in another drama.

  6. Why did folks dislike Hwayugi??? I LOVED IT and hoped there would be a sequel by the Hong Sisters!!!! My friends and I have watched it like 8 times!!!!!

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