Song Joong Ki and Fellow K-stars Jet to Hong Kong for 2018 MAMA

Inclement weather did not stop the famous Korean actors and actresses slated to attend the 2010 final leg of MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) to be held in Hong Kong. Song Joong Ki is the most prominent face as the host and also the top billing Hallyu star in the fold. He’s hosted before and actually is quite adept at variety and other non-acting entertainment skills so I’m looking forward to his beaming presence on stage to keep the sets moving along. Also jetting to Hong Kong for the event are K-actresses Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Yo Won, Jung Ryeo Won, and Kim Sung Ryung, and likely others as the Hong Kong ceremony is always the most star-studded.


Song Joong Ki and Fellow K-stars Jet to Hong Kong for 2018 MAMA — 35 Comments

  1. He growing hair for upcoming saeguk. Hope his style in hongkong better and good. I don’t like his style in Japan cause he look like ahjumma.

      • Other male actors esp movie actors looks good in their mid 30’s early 40s like jung woo sung, ha jung woo and won bin ahHhH … sjk looks dry, this is just my observation… he doesnt age good tsk tsk!!!

  2. I like that sjk starting to look matured and manly because it will be more beneficial for him as an actor. He said in an interview his fans told him that his face is too cute and baby and it will be difficult for him to have roles when he reach 30’s. So now i like his matured look.
    @Kalachuck cant you see he is not wearing make up most male actor without make looks matured and that airport outfit looks un sponsored unlike other actor airport pics with branded items and polished hair and make up. He really wanted to have an image of matured actor now that he’s married.

    • yes agree. Have to give him credit for appearing in public without any makeup. I really cannot understand why those Korean actors have to put on thick foundation and pink lipstick outside of filming. Is makeup necessary for a man for an airplane ride?

    • He won’t get less job in his 30’s. He is too versatile. As along as he want to keep acting, he will get the job. Look his transformation in battleship island… He is o manly there ahhaha

      • Only candycane saying him was jobless. I keep my expectations low with his upcoming drama and movie. And doesn’t want another flop like battleship island.

  3. Lee dong gun, rain, ahn jae hyun looking fine and handsome after get married. But song joong ki aging so hard after married. Look like married making him ugly and stressful.

  4. Y’all must be used to seeing lot of actors with make up that why he looks dry to y’all.and I don’t see the how he is aging some of you just find stupid things to hate on

    • So if there’s someone who critisize , you think were the same person..thats funny, its just what I see… kbs awards night I think,he really doesnt look good since then…

  5. Song joong ki visual change a lot after mama hongkong 2017 and KBS award 2017. Even knetz saying that they can’t forget his no make up pictures.

  6. I never thought that song joong ki looking haggard, exhausted and much older. Shk looking so hot and pretty in encounter. Even Kim joong kook look more handsome than him lols. Please bring back old Captain yo shi jin this new style doesn’t suit for him.

  7. I watched him in mama, and yeah he looks dry, but still handsome. What I need to complain is his suits in mama. Remember mama in japan and PBG changing his suit for 4 times? SJK just looks like he using any suite he can found. I think both from blossom, but all sponsor just go with PBG? I hope this is not the reason why SJK looks too casual in airport, not enough sponsor?

      • His hair is covered by a cap, please give me your X-ray vision if you can see through that cap to tell that it’s thinning on top.

      • Do your own dirty work and search for this photos at MAMA if you want to see his balding head so bad.

  8. He was trending last night on twitter and majority of people tweeting praising his good looks. Guess you will only find this comments here in this blog.
    He is currently filming asdal so he needs to loose weight for that.

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