Suzy in Talks to Play Ha Jung Woo’s Wife in Volcano Action Movie Mount Paektu

Now this is what I legit call a truly bizarre casting choice other than for the buzz. Suzy has been offered the role of Ha Jung Woo‘s wife in upcoming Korean thriller movie Mount Paektu (Paektu Mountain). Forget their twenty plus age difference in real life, in the movie it would only narratively make sense that Ha Jung Woo is married to Suzy if she were his child bride. This isn’t a substantive role though as the movie involves three male leads Ha Jung Woo as a South Korean agent, Lee Byung Hun as a North Korean agent, and Ma Dong Seok as a scientist working together to prevent a catastrophic eruption of Mount Paektu which straddles the North Korea/China border. It’s a disaster flick combined with North/South Korean political intrigue and with three top actors onboard a guaranteed box office hit. Suzy may just smile winningly and join for the ride.


Suzy in Talks to Play Ha Jung Woo’s Wife in Volcano Action Movie Mount Paektu — 35 Comments

  1. Any suggestion of Suzy dramas or film that are interesting to watch? I knew a few but haven’t try to watch….it’s going to be long break for me this year end. want to watch as many drama as I can…LOLZ…

    • I actually liked her in The sound of a flower; Architecture 101 and Uncontrollably Fond and have supported her since then. However I feel that she has a long way to go acting wise and should work at her craft more.

      • You comment as if you’re a better actor. You judge her as if you’re an expert lol. That’s your opinion that she can’t act, sure, but that’s just yours alone. Don’t expect you’ll influence others’ opinion of her by leaving negative comments in all of the posts about Suzy. Why are you even wasting time and effort if you despise her acting that much lol don’t you have better things to do, my friend?

  2. You’re joking right? Oh you’re not joking. Okay I’ll reserve judgment because Suzy as the wife of HJW somewhat has me scratching my head. Why Suzy? Is this a hoax or did some creative genius dream up this mismatch of the century. Korean acting fraternity should be questioning Suzy being cast in this film. How can we take this action packed film seriously. It’s not the age difference it’s the lack of acting calibre that Suzy doesn’t quite have. Also the maturity and depth of her acting will be extremely obvious.

  3. I don’t think this is a very important role. She probably won’t have much screentime. Her fans would be truly shameless if they claim the success of the film to be hers. Just hope JYP won’t make the situation worse by buying her a Best Supporting Actress award or something.

  4. Wow Suzy gets another free ride!
    By the way koala true mismatch is not in terms of their age(which is 15 years not 20) but their acting capability. HJW is one of the most talented, charismatic and successful actor in Korea while Suzy is an acting black hole.
    Hope her role is just blink and miss!

  5. Suzy’ role in this movie is as a rescue team. I am anticipating this movie since Suzy is Ha Jungwoo’s friend in real life and the director of this movie is same with the one who directed along with the God.

  6. lulz, Suzy’s casting is an endless stream of entertainment. I’m sure she will be terrific in everything she does. Maybe her role would make the very first victim of the volcano eruption and she can emote as a corpse, preferably face down. Fabulous!!!

  7. Just don’t understand how come Suzy still get casted ? She’s a killer, even ‘kill’ her co-male actors including the top male actors! Already been in acting line for so long and yet she still can’t act!

    • See how JYP already mediaplayed about this casting offer? ’’It is true that she has been offered this role, but this is one of the MANY roles Suzy is considering’’. Never seen anyone so shameless who goes around mediaplaying how they got offered this or that and how she’s in a position of declining roles. Sucks for actual actresses though. For instance, luckily Suzie turned Cheese in the Trap down because she wouldn’t have done justice to Hong Seol like Kim Go Eun did. Imagine if she had taken it. Her foot acting would have ruined the drama even more than the shittie director.

      • Lol. Every agency always says it’s one of the offers they’re considering. IU did it, Park Bo Gum did it, so did Song Joong Ki. That’s literally the first and most common response every celebrity gives. But sure, call it “media play” because it’s Suzy. And for the record, it’s not media play if it’s true. How many projects has she already declined this year? These are only the ones we know of.

      • Cheese in the Trap wasn’t that great as well tbh so I’m glad she turned it down. Probably got turned off by the script lol

    • I can’t tell if people are seriously delusional or just trolling when they blame Suzy for Kim Woo Bin’s illness. I’m glad he’s recovering but you’ve gotta be super twisted to blame a coworker and friend for someone else’s poor habits and life decisions, i.e. smoking.

  8. ?forget the age difference since we have already seen Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byun Hun pairing as well as IU and Lee Sung Gyun pairing.But here the problem is the massive acting gap between the two?.Seriously though, is the role so insignificant that no verified movie actress is willing to take it?How about all these rookie actresses?They do not need any popular celebrity “actress” when the guys headlining the movie are han jun woo and lee byun hun.I can see Han Ye Ri, Kim Go Eun or Park So Dam doing a better job.

    • And you think Ha Jung woo and Ma Dong Seok aren’t popular? First of all, when it comes to box office draw, HJW and MDS are the ones who will make people pay for the tickets. Suzy and her fans need to take a back seat because Suzy has no box office draw.

    • Lol. All of three male actors are box office magnets. The director made some of the highest grossing movies.
      Last thing they need in movie is Suzy who is neither box office draw nor rating winner just another popular idol.

    • ….her last movie didn’t even get 350k viewers, her dramas of the last two years didn’t live up to their hype either and couldn’t even get double digit ratings for their finale.

      And you really think box office gold like Ha Jung Woo and Lee Byung Hun needs her in the movie for “buzz”? Her? Seriously? You know movies don’t need PPL like dramas, right?

    • Cool, she’s ‘popular’. But how is she ‘essential’ to this movie in any way when she can’t act or get audiences to pay for movie tickets to see her so-popular mug on a big screen?

  9. Ma Dong Suk as scientist?! Thats whats surprising for me. I cant wait to see his nerdy side! Anyway I watched While You Were Sleeping and comparing to her previous drama, she actually showed improvement there. Maybe before making conclusions, lets wait and see how the movie goes. No one expected her to be a perfect fit in her first movie Architecture 101, who knows this might also fit her.

  10. No worries, all she’ll have to do is look pretty, talk as little as possible, have her mouth half open and look sad. She’ll get a free ride and win a Blue Dragon or Baeksang best supporting actress and most popular actress, get tons of new CFs and it’s a win-win for production companies who get Suzie money and for JYP who make money out of Suzette. And of course a new way for her fans to claim how she improved.

    • Eight years she’s been acting and she’s never given a performance that can actually be called “good”, just “not as bad as before”. Hence her fans’ love of the word “improved” and of blaming everyone else around her – writer, PD, even costars and her agency – for her poor acting….except her.

      It’s not even about her being an idol or that young, if this role was being offered to, say, IU, it wouldn’t be as ridiculous in terms of the acting gap. At least IU can emote.

  11. Just take that role Suzy this was change for he to get free ride. But my advice for her was beware with ugly cheater lee byung hun since he was always slept with actress he work with like Kim Tae hee,ha ji min, Han hyo joo, Yoon eun hye, song hye kyo etc… List to be continued for lee byung hun.

  12. If confirmed, Suzy is not the only actress in Mount Baekdu. Jeon Hye Jin already confirmed joining the movie on November 7 after the 3 male leads confirmed on October 24. The movie starts filming early 2019.

  13. Suzy you’re well-loved and obviously these three veteran actors want a chance to work with you. that’s how big of a star you are. You’re so awesome! ?

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