Donga News Polls Entertainment Insiders with Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Topping 2018 Best List

This poll may not be large but it’s got an insider’s perspective on what was considered the best in drama land for 2018. Donga News polled entertainment industry insiders including directors, screenwriters, and producers to pick their top of the year on the television front. Best Drama went to Mr. Sunshine and coming in second was My Ahjusshi. Lee Byung Hun ran away with the Best Actor votes with a surprising second going to Park Seo Joon. The Best Actress votes were much tighter with Kim Tae Ri winning just over Han Ji Min in second. And of course the Best Screenwriter nod went to Kim Eun Sook and her MS PD Lee Eun Bok was selected as Best PD.

Best Drama:

  1.  Mr. Sunshine (16)
  2. My Ahjusshi (11)
  3. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (7)
  4. Prison Playbook (5)

Best Screenwriter:

  1. Kim Eun Sook (18)
  2. Park Hae Young (6)
  3. No Hee Kyung (5)
  4. So Hyun Kyung (4)

Best Drama PD:

  1. Kim Won Seok (10)
  2. Lee Eun Bok (9)
  3. An Pan Seok (5)
  4. Shin Yon Ho (4)

Best Actor:

  1. Lee Byung Hun (15)
  2. Park Seo Joon (5)
  3. Jung Hae In (4)
  4. Jo Seung Woo (3)

Best Actress:

  1. Kim Tae Ri (10)
  2. Han Ji Min (8)
  3. Son Ye Jin (7)
  4. Kim Nam Joo (6)

Next Generation Drama Actor:

  1. D.O. (9)
  2. Kim Tae Ri (6)
  3. IU (5)
  4. Jang Ki Young (4)


Donga News Polls Entertainment Insiders with Mr. Sunshine and My Ahjusshi Topping 2018 Best List — 19 Comments

  1. I feel so bad for Lee Seon Kyun. I can understand if this is based on fan votes but even the critics ignored his brilliant masterful performance. His turn in My Ajusshi definitely is the best this year- subtle yet so powerful. Alas, he is forever an underrated actor.

    • Exactly! I don’t understand it at all. Acting wise, did PSJ, JHI, and JSW really outshine LSK in My Ajusshi? Heck, I even don’t think LBH did better with his Eugene. I was so hoping LSK would get an acknowledgment at Baeksang, but I am less optimistic by the day.

  2. Han ji min has swept the best actress awards in movies. And she is also being recognized in dramas. Considering that familiar wife/knowing wife is not that hyped but still her acting is appreciated. 2018 is definitely her year.

    • Han Ji Min finally got roles that suit her, I never thought she was a bad actress, just a bit bland in stuff like Rooftop Prince or Cain & Abel. But she really shone as Hyun Bin’s antagonist step-grandma in that movie, now Familiar Wife just proved she does well with good material.

    • He was flawless as Park Dong Hoon. I don’t think My Ajusshi would have been received so well had PDH not been so perfectly fleshed out. Viewers were able to relate so easily to his character because he made it so real. Understated, subtle, and masterful, but apparently still lacking in the eyes of Korean viewers. 🙁

      • I agree, My Ajusshi was one of the best dramas this year and he was one of the major reasons for that. So good.

  3. What’s so surprising about PSJ though? He had a buzzworthy drama not only in SK, but internationally and was praised for his acting skills in it from critics to viewers. His value also tremendously increased this year. So yeah. It’s expected, that industry people acknowledged his work this year.

  4. So many differents polls… It’s hard to follow :p

    I loved all the dramas! So I agree with this poll !

    For the actors/actresses, there always are other who could be in the list too. It’s very hard to choose. But I’m happy with their choices. But for Park Seo Joon, it was not my favourite drama with him.

    • True true, same here. I liked some of Park Seo Joon’s other dramas more than WWSK but I thought the actors, at least, did a good job in that drama.

  5. OMG a very big congratulations to Han Ji Min my favorite actress for winning awards from left to right. She finally got recognized for her hard works. I hope she continue to grown in both the big and small screen. Now waiting for my favorite actor Hyun Bin to get his recognition for his amazing performance in Memories of Alhambra.

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