Episodes 7-8 of Encounter Ratchet Up the Romance and Separation as Rating Goes Above 9% Again

I felt like this week’s episodes 7 and 8 of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) felt like one very long episode, or at least the meat of one dense episode spread a tad too thin into two installments which is why I’m writing about both together. The romance between the OTP Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun has started in earnest with front hugs, back hugs, consistent calls and texting, and of course the classic end of episode 8 first kiss. Soo Hyun announces her interest in Jin Hyuk but he gets transferred to the Sokcho branch of Donghwa Hotel before they can even get much traction in.

This leads to the pair moving faster than expected but then Soo Hyun feels like a pent up dam that’s burst and she can’t hold back feeling alive any longer. Jin Hyuk remains practical yet swooningly romantic, and it’s not hard to deliver textbook romance when Driver Nam is on his side and picks him up to go back to Seoul and sweep Soo Hyun off her feet just in time to ring in the New Year with a kiss. Episode 7 got ratings of 8.592% and episode 8 with the kiss went back up to 9.166%. Next week tvN is preempting the drama for both nights due to the Christmas holidays so episode 9 won’t air until January 2.


Episodes 7-8 of Encounter Ratchet Up the Romance and Separation as Rating Goes Above 9% Again — 41 Comments

  1. there’s no episode next week… thats a big yikes from me. but anyway cant wait for the next episode as the preview of ep 9 was interesting..

  2. It gets better and better and am glad SHK and Bogummy paired up for this drama.
    2 reruns yesterday at #4 and #5 Cable drama ranking with 2% rating each.

  3. Some people wanted this drama to flop so bad lol and in contrast to what netizen buzz have been posting people really do like the drama now just checking their article on naver

  4. Ok wooo i was gasphing during the backhug and kiss the chemistry for ep 8 is lit and pbg looking so manly. Everything about this show is so beautiful from Shk to Pbg to the other cast the cinematography the ost that gives me lingering feelings. My fave part is when shk holding the camera and pbg is posing she tear up csy feelings well up.

  5. Actually there’s touching scene, when JH asked SH to take a pict of him, but SHK acting was so blande I cant get the felt. Eventho PBG really good with his sad smile and it almost make me cry but I cant felt SHK anger in the end ep 8 too.
    Please be good SHK, dont ruined it.

    • That’s my fave part too and imo love shk acting there. Csy feeling well up. From the moment she tear up and she’s controling not to cry so pbg wont notice it i felt all that.

      • I expecting more of red and teary eyes like in the end of ep 4. She totally better in other scenes especially in that kiss scene.

    • Park Bo Gum usually over acts all the time. Almost brink of tears all time which makes him not manly but childish. OSTs are weak too.

      • Isnt he supposed to act like that? If he acted manly with that dialog of him, it will be so weird ?. He’s winning his noona heart with his aegyo and his innocent. You need to accept this first if you want to enjoy the story. But yeah ost are weak. Too weak, even the singer not that popular.

    • Yeah..song hye kyo acting really touching in those scenes..her eyes really expressive without exaggerating…
      Actually I am more excited to see park bo gum at first but ended up falling in love with song hye kyo’s beauty and subtle actings.

  6. The camera scene was so sad…I cried when soo hyun cried while holding the camera…I saw many comments from knetz that praised shk for that scene..
    the kiss was so sweet and sincere..I specially love shk’s expression when she saw the salsa party began…and when jin hyuk pulled her towards him…gosh…he looked so manly there..beautiful first kiss despite of the purposely bad angle…lolz…

  7. Loved both episodes especially Ep.08..I could totally feel how angry and annoyed CSH was at the director for crossing the line. You don’t really have to yell to show you’re angry, do you? Lol.
    All the OTP scenes made me feel like I was on a roller coaster of emotions. Looking forward to what’s gonna happen in the next ep. Too bad I’ve to wait for 2 weeks to see it.

  8. I am completely in love with the story, and rooting for the main couple to stay happy together despite all the odds stacked against them.

  9. I honestly feel bad for the mom. They should have been honest with her and worked hard to gain her approval. She is such a sweet mother, she honestly inspires me.

  10. aah the silence chemistry, can’t believe that even a picture shows that they are meant to be together,
    I don’t plant to like this drama, didn’t even plan that this drama will be my romance but here I am, falling for a scene just from the picture,

  11. I havent commented on anything for a while. I love SHK dearly but this drama is boring and nothing to write home about till now. The Winter that wind blows was at least suspenseful and Jo In Sung was hot. The Descendants of the Sun was amazing due to Song- Song had amazing chemistry and speaking with their eyes with each other. I am feeling for the ex-husband who tried to free her with the divorce though.

    • M one of those few people who really didnt liked dots. I didnt understand all the hype behind it tho. But i absolutely love encounter even tho i really dont like any of the leads.

      • Same I dont like dots too just watched until ep 6, same with love in moonlight. But I love encounter

    • Must have been awkward but they are both professionals. Perfect acting with their eyes and facial expression doing all the talking!

  12. I love all the ost here like im seriously having lss and its really linger in my feelings.
    Cheeze The day we met puts me in a good mood
    Eric nam The night -give me feels
    Yong junhyong Dont hesitate – give me feels
    Lee so ra Into my heart – makes me cry
    Saltnpaper Take me on – ahh i love this song. Tbh are we watching the same drama?

      • Having big singers and banging their OSTs at every opportunities in the drama like The Beauty Inside is a big no to me. The drama OSTs might not be popular in Korea but they are very good and used appropriately in the drama

      • I considered it as good ost when people love the song eventho they’re not watching the drama.
        Its just so so for me.

      • @Tiani I’m still having a hard time digesting your logic. But that’s fine..it’s your opinion. Who am I to judge, right? 🙂

  13. I just rewatched to ep1 . Think the ending will be sad based on ep 1 conservatory scene where man tell Bo-Gum ‘it was beautiful …. hard to upkeep… we started and completed our love here’.

  14. This drama is so good! Simple but draws u into the OTP’s world where u can relate to theor feelings and worries.

    Love having OTP that are strong and confident.
    Encounter Fighting

  15. Encounter makes me watching song hye kyo’s previous dramas like Descendants Of The Sun, That winter the wind blows like marathon. I am regretting it that I didn’t watch her works before, I become a big fans of her now. Man, she is breathtakingly pretty and cute, acting so good. Planning to explore more of her past dramas while waiting for next episode of Encounter. So far I like her chemistry with Pbg the most compared to her other co stars including her husband song joong ki.

      • Thanks, definitely will watch it. Currently watching Autumn In My Heart, she looks so young there,the actors Won Bin so handsome too. Next, will watch Full House and the one that you suggest too.
        What to do? I think I am falling in love with her, or at least I am upgrading my ideal type of girl,gosh.

    • @Roy, I completely agree.
      I watched all her dramas , yes I’m a big fan of her , but I love her chemistry with PBG the most , even more than with her hubby.
      Besides the world they live in , you can also watch All in which is another hit of her projects.

      • Oh thanks, actually I am bit hesitant to watch All In because of the actor(I know he is good actor but I have ill feeling about him..haha)but I know I’ll ended up watching it too since I just can’t get enough of song hye kyo now. And, I search a bit about All In and find she is freaking pretty in the drama. Autumn In My Heart is too sad, gosh, how could they made her died in that drama. Hopefully Encounter writer do not have even slightest idea to end the story like that. Those two person are to beautiful to separate them out,seriously..LOL.

  16. The ost is weak ? In what sense?
    The ost fits and matches the scenes along with their state of relationship so well.
    I love the line from Take me on : “ you are my flowers and I’m your bee” , yes , it is so flowery and beautiful describing CSH and JH’s stories.

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