Encounter Stays Steady in 7% Ratings for Episodes 13-14 and Teases Upcoming OTP Breakup in Penultimate Episode

I think tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend) is going to run the entire gamut of classic K-drama tropes with the second to last week of episodes setting everything up, but with a twist that I hope continues into the finale. The motherly opposition now comes from the kind Jin Hyuk’s mom, not because Soo Hyun isn’t good enough like the rich moms typically object but because she’s too lofty for her son to bring into their lives without broader ripple effects. Jin Hyuk as the gender reversed Candy male lead hits it out of the park in his commitment and wise beyond his years gravitas, even getting Soo Hyun’s dad’s approval, but they have so much to weather and the drama is only teasing the surface. This week’s episode spent a lot of time on OTP interactions but I take these two for granted now that they are really compatible so I just want the drama to resolve more issues so that they can either be together or break up understandably. My gut is that the latter will happen in episode 15 before the former delivers a happy ending in the final episode.


Encounter Stays Steady in 7% Ratings for Episodes 13-14 and Teases Upcoming OTP Breakup in Penultimate Episode — 51 Comments

  1. I cried when i watch song hye kyo confession and crying scene in front of jimin..she really nailed the part..n the ending of epi 14 so heartbreaking.#jinsoohappyendingpls#weddingbellincuba.i will forever hat the writer if the ending is sad

  2. The ratings doesn’t matter anymore since those who love the leads and the story continued watching this drama. While those merely curious about the drama already dropped it after episode 2. The ratings had been quite steady at 7-8% range (national) which is already good for a cable melodrama about a divorced woman finding love again.

  3. The last two eps were so heartbreaking I couldn’t stop crying. Praises for SHK for doing such an amazing job here. And now all I want is a happy ending for JH and SH. At first I thought I was gonna be ok not getting one for the OTP but I changed my mind. There’s no way these two can’t end up with each other. I think a wedding in Cuba would be a perfect closure for this beautiful drama. Let’s not disappoint me, writer-nim.

    • Do u think they gonna breakup for while.. M way too emotionally invested in this drama.. I really really want a happy ending..lol and btw jh mom should have atleast talk with jh dad before doing such thing.

      • I agree. At least he could’ve knocked some sense into her lol.
        I don’t think they’ll break up but I could be wrong here.

  4. Just boring and predictable I’m happy this drama will end up soon. I hope her husband drama will better script, story, full action and full romance than this one. And don’t need doing so many flashbacks with song joong ki, jang dong gun, kim ji won childhood it’s will be boring for sure. I am eager to see hot steamy kissing between sjk and kim ji won because song-song shipper will be jealous for sure compared kjw with shk!!???. Just hope my prediction was wrong, sjk can recover after failure battleship island cause his acting was bad and same old yo shi jin performance. Don’t need to use too much media playing and promotion!! If drama was good rating will be higher for sure.

    • Boring and predictable? Did you just describe your own comment? Thanks for dropping by and boosting the comments sect.btw! 🙂

      • Like candycane saying song hye kyo just sitting in bedroom, office, eating in restaurant, hugging, kissing in Cuba that’s why this drama decrease in every episode. Even supporting role character more interesting than shk and pbg. With all media playing this drama just got 7% rating feel bad for all staff bond factory better drama next time. I know encounter staff doing very hard working writing good comments and vote in naver. With all shk fans defend her bad acting I don’t think her acting will improve in future. Like I said before that Asadal chronicle drama will be huge flop like this cause no want writter will get successful and higher drama rating unless Queen Kim Eun Sook!! All big name actor and actress need good story and direction.

    • well u just came here and wrote this long comment just to hate lol. i dont like either of the leads but this drama is beautiful.

    • Thank you for watching this so called boring and predictable drama. You even leave a negative comment here without fail every time there’s a post written about Encounter. Surely you have other better things to do. How about promoting whatever drama you like for a change?

      • M-I’m recommend you to watching the crowned clown that historical drama was better than encounter. And yeo jin-go was best young actor than park bo gum for sure. Park bo gum also decline in acting, viewer didn’t notice this before cause he has handsome face.

    • @valentinazara i also watch the crowned clown and its really good but its completely different genre from encounter so u cant compare.

      • @valentinazara Thanks for the recommendation. I already watched The Crowned Clown’s first two episodes and left a comment before with regards to its top notch acting. Unfortunately I very rarely watch historical or period drama. But I did check the first two episodes because I like both leads.

      • Crowned Clown is excellent. Both leads act so well, they are young and very talented. LSY is so beautiful 🙂

    • Well i am songsong shipper and I am excited to see kin jiwon and sjk kiss scene . Sadly you are going to fail miserably again when response to them will be complete opposite to your comments.

      • @valentinazara R u from Indonesia? I think a lot of people can guess who you are by now so u better watch your mouth and get some English lessons

  5. the preempted week hurt the momentum but the rating is good for a melodrama. Don’t care about the rating anymore as the drama will be on the last two episode Love this wonderful drama and its amazing main lead.Hopefully it will end with a happy ending with a wedding of Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun. No sad or open ending please.

    • Can you specify which episode and which particular scene PBG’s acting is so bad? Because I don’t seem to recall any bad acting. When you criticize a performance why not back it up by singling out a certain scene to prove your point.

    • Agree PBG acting is definitely very bad in this drama but SHK is not better either, she is so bland her expressions are always the same.

  6. this drama is so good, park bo gum and song hye kyo are killing it with their character portrayal.looking forward to the last 2 episodes and hopefully a happy ending.

  7. I can’t believe Encounter is ending ! Nothing happened . All I will remember is PBG’s toothy smiles and aegyo and SHK playing it safe as usual and looking constipated . My first PBG drama. I think he was miscast. His face is too boyish …he looks 17 instead of 30 and his coquettish smiles made it worse. He doesn’t have that x factor ( in other words sexy aura) to romance older women.
    Instead of the fire breathing mothers , it turns out the soft spoken gentle mother is against the relationship for reasons that don’t make any sense.
    PBG and SHK sure have star power to make such fluff get high ratings. I hope to see hot restaurant ajushhi in other dramas.

    • Agreed with miscast thing, but isnt PBG the first one who get offered for this drama? and when PBG give positive review, they try to cast SHK too. Suprisingly SHK said YES. but because the age gap is never main issued in this drama, they tried to make PBG’s character older, but they forget to change the script. I think this is the problem, if I comparing kim Jinhyuk in early episode to last episode he’s totally looks like different person. He suddenly look like 30 in the last episode. but about x factor (sexy aura?) sorry he’s really killed it for me. He looks like impatient younger boyfriend (aww that hot kiss). and even without showing his abs I found his body is perfect.

  8. The story is just simple but the execution is so good. Pbg is a good actor his eye acting is outstanding but his character jin hyuk is really same on how he is in real life. As per his variety appearance he is exactly jinhyuk so some people are saying he is not really acting at all. So i suggest in his nxt proj choose a char. that is diff from his real life persona. As for shk she has good dramatic and comedic skills. In encounter most of her emotional scenes doesnt have a dialogue but she delivers well i hope next time she will choose a solid script. Just like writer’s No heekyung’s worlds within my fave shk’s drama. Encounter is saved by Pbg Shk and the pd as for the writer she’s ok her story is simple but not predictable she needs to thank shk and pbg they carried the show so hard.

  9. First of all, park bo gum and song hye kyo acting was horrible. Second of all plot is bad and directing was horrible. This drama very boring cause they like aunty and nephew. Park bo gum very bad in acting, he say his line like reading out of books. None of his character so far demand intense acting of him. People only like him because his handsome and cute. Pbg acting always a bubble and this drama serve to show how bad he’s. He look like immature nephew next to female lead old enough to his aunt!! Some of pbg and shk fans very disappointed with rating so low but hey this what you deserve cause the lead only hugging and kissing in every episode.

    • In PBG defence he had his lines and the story to work with. Nothing wrong with the acting it just wasn’t a character that we could gel with. He tried though and I guess for those of us that went in we kinda knew it was a 50/50 chance the pairing was going to be a bit off. That said it is what it is and it’s one of those dramas that you either like or not. I’m on the fence and always have been. Congratulations though they made it this far with 2 episodes to go but PBG is still the bees knees in my eyes and this drama doesn’t change thing on how I feel about him.

      • Koala like the pairing though and so is the fans who watched and genuinely like the show as for the haters i mean just no comment i mean to each his own but why copy paste a comment @valentinazara from nate trans by netizenbuzz lmao anyways 7 percent ratings in cable is in greater range so at the end of the day this drama is a success rating wise. As for their acting they did good.

      • So after 14 eps do you still think he looks as if he’s being forced to smile by the director? I read your comment before so I kinda wonder if your opinion about that has changed.

      • So I went through the KP glossary here and there is no mention of ‘hater’ listed. So I am keen to give my interpretation for all here. The urban dictionary has its interpretation being ‘A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.’ End of definition.
        Well then what is defined as constructive criticism and opinion pieces which is what the majority of us here are commenting on is interpreted as being a ‘hater’ then I wholeheartedly disagree. We write our opinions on KP but there is a contingent that have this god given authority if you disagree then you’re automatically labelled a ‘hater’. Sorry not sorry but learn to differentiate the two please because if you want to really digress about who is a hater then 99% of us commenting are guilty as ever and the 1% are the perpetual fluffy ‘Oh she is so pretty…’ with nothing substantive to offer to the ongoing dialogue. There so whoever is going to label anyone a hater do me a favour and look at your own log in your eye first before dislodging the one in mine. Thank you.

      • And yes I’m comfortable with PBG smile now as I guess if you haven’t seen him for the past 2 years those pearly whites of his do stand out.

  10. This is how you determine if the drama is flopping or doing good.
    For public broadcast
    Poor ratings less than 7.5%
    Average ratings 7.5 to 12%
    Great greater than 12%
    Shows like dots moon embracing the sun considered national ratings because they surpass 30% ratings w/c is very rare in weekdays drama in public brodcast.

    POOR lesss than 2%
    AVERAGE between 2% to 5%
    So how is encounter flopping if rating is above average 7% ratings for a slow burn series with leads having age gap the show is doing really well.

    So to the troll leaving dumb on repeat comments sis take some meds or do whatever productive instead of showing your ignorance here @valentinazara

    • Kc-encounter considering flop with budget with 16b won only get 7% rating lol. Sky castle get 1% in 1st episode then now will like to hit 30% rating lol. So happy for sky castle they will get all award this year and Mr. Sunshine award was end in 2018.

  11. Rating 101 for public ch free tv flop below 7.5 average 7.5 between 12 great greater than 12. For Cable paid tv flop 2 percent Average between 2 and 5 great greater than 5 percent so despite all of the hush hush its amaizing encounter pass the greater range.

  12. @sunshine Agree, she is mere laughing stock now. I think Everyone should ignore valentinezara comment. Seems like she is trying hard to convince herself that the drama is flop,Whereas rating tell otherwise. Replying to her is like talking to a wall. Wait till asadal air she is going to copy paste same comments on every damn post.

  13. I wish to see the good ending for the lovely young couple after going through so muck en encounter n obstacles during their dating n fell in love

  14. I agree with the comment above: this drama is the type that you either like it or not. I belong to the former group but to a much greater extent.

    In Episode 12, When CSH was drunk, JH took her home and the camera focused on “the little prince” art piece in CSH’s home.
    Again, In episode 14, the writer introduce “the little prince” book held by CSH.
    What is she trying to imply, who is the little prince and who is the flower? or both CSH and JH can be ” the little prince” and ” the flower” in reciprocal way. That in order one to become unique and special to each other, one needs to “tame” the other and vice versa to so that each can become unique and special to the other.
    I borrow the quote from “the little prince”: “One see clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes…. It’s the time you spent on the rose that makes the rose important…. you’re responsible for what you’ve tamed. You are responsible for your rose…”
    since both needs to be responsible for each other and for what they have tamed, So I believe our OTP will have a happy ending. Keeping myself optimistic as I’m a hopeless romance hahahah ^.^.

  15. I hope they stop paired popular actress with popular actor after this. This drama actually got less promotion, but people cant stop talking about it because both main leads. Can SHK get paired with less popular actor like Yoo seung Hoo? (I wonder why SHK always got paired with a popular one) And please paired PBG with Jung So-Min, (I cant believe it! how could Jung So-min dont get any awards until now). There’s many good actors who need more recognizer

    • Encounter got alot of promotion though.
      Even though it is getting lower ratings than Moa and Crowned Clown the last few weeks, the official CJN twitter kept posting BTS, wallpapers, color palettes and drama stills of Encounter. It also had so many teasers before it aired.
      I saw many Moa and Romance Supplement fans complaining on Twitter that they are over-promoting Encounter and neglecting the other dramas.

      • Im following cj twitter and instagram and tbh they only promoted encounter 3 weeks before the airing while moa already got stills and teaser earlier september. I notice the admin there only promote some of their dramas near the airing date check their twitter and ig now Crowned clown and Romance is a supplement have bts, stills leads interviews poster etc. While encounter top star baek and moa have the usual promo bts, stills and episode cuts vids alternately.

      • Seems like Encounter fans and Moa fans both think their dramas are under promoted. As if Twitter and Instagram promotion can affect ratings???

      • @Rays no i dont think they are under promoted what im trying to say is that the admin there sometimes promote the dramas earlier before the airing and some dramas near the airing but once the show is airing all have equal promotions. Yeah i dont think it will affect the ratings

  16. I love this drama so much. The actors special Song hye kyo really wonderful. They can make me feel how deep their love and feel their sadness. I hope happy ending ???? fairy tale will happen.
    I hope they get many awards for their talented.
    Encounter… I will miss you ???????

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