Gong Yoo is an Overgrown School Boy for Bazaar Pictorial and Readies for Movie Comeback with 1982 Kim Ji Young

It took me a few seconds to place where K-actor Gong Yoo was at in his latest Bazaar Korea pictorial shot in the US. I thought Queens, NY and then switched correctly to San Francisco once I saw the famed row houses. It’s an interesting shoot with the stylistic choice of dressing Gong Yoo like an overgrown school boy or preppy college student with a penchant for oversized clothing. He still looks great and his beaming smile in one of the shots warms my cockles.

This year may see a drama comeback but will for sure have a movie return as he’s sign on for the movie adaptation of best selling Korean novel 1982 Kim Ji Young (Born in 1982, Kim Ji Young) reuniting him for the third time with Jung Yumi after Silenced (The Crucible) and Train to Busan. Those two times they worked together to battle evil but this time he plays her husband and also takes a comparative backseat as the story is about the female lead’s sudden transformation in personality after dealing with years of social patriarchy and gender bias.


Gong Yoo is an Overgrown School Boy for Bazaar Pictorial and Readies for Movie Comeback with 1982 Kim Ji Young — 6 Comments

  1. Gong Yoo ahjussi is still looking very handsome. I’m in for the reunion of these two after watching both their movies together. They have good chemistry. Totally watching any of his works from dramas to movies because he’s such an awesome actor.

    Hehe off topic but I love Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Won Bin, Kwon Sang Woo, and So Ji Sub. Another actor I find his works to be very impressive is Yoo Ah In. All these actor are by far the best I’ve seen in the entertainment.

  2. He’s so Gumby looking I mean isn’t he’s nearing 40 but he has a very retro vintage vibe happening and the clothes do suit him ahh it’s the mop of hair okay I admit he looks cool. As for his new movie with Jung Yu Mi has the storm calmed since there was furore over her being cast as the lead? Any news? Anyone?

  3. As much as Gong Yoo looks handsome (as usually) I still would prefer much younger model for these outfits … and Gong Yoo in some more classic edition, he’s smashing in suits!

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