Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja are Mirror Images in New Promos for jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes

Upcoming jTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes (formerly called Dazzling) is rightly focusing all its promos on its two female leads. Han Ji Min and veteran Kim Hye Ja play the same character but forty years apart, with a fantasy conceit that the younger self ages forward and then has the ability to manipulate time. I don’t mind fantasy conceits of any sort as long as the world building is consistent and the plot device is used well to tell a meaningful story. This drama seems so warm and loving or maybe it’s just how Kim Hye Ja radiates kindness and wisdom, and Han Ji Min looks her usual perky self but mirroring Kim Hye Ja suitably. 


Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja are Mirror Images in New Promos for jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes — 16 Comments

  1. I love Han JI Min and so glad she bounced back with Familiar Wife and Miss Baek. Her performance in Miss Baek is awesome. Hoping 2019 will be her year too, fighting Ji Min sii. Now I want to see her and Hyun Bin collaborate again in a better drama or movie.

  2. I’m happy to see Han JI Min coming with another drama after Familiar Wife too since she is improving so much with her acting. Can’t miss Miss Baek because she slay in the movie. Agreed I would love to see her working with Hyun Bin again.

  3. Seriously? Whoever wants to see HB and HJM again can rewatch Hyde Jekyll & Me. I much prefer HB collaborating with JJH, GHJ, Kim Go Eun, Kim Tae Ri, IU… lots of talented actresses to choose from, instead of repeating a terrible mistake. Just my opinion 🙂

    • Sorry to disappoint you but all of your recommendations I only see GHJ and Kim Go Eun as talented actress, not the other names. They’re very bland to me when I can’t even go pass 4 episodes of them. To each their own I think Han Ji Min has improved and is a great actress.

      • It’s ok. HJM is very good in Familiar Wife but I prefer not to watch her with HB again (HJ&M was horrible nightmare). My top choice is GHJ so we are in agreement 🙂

    • Seriously I still watch Hyde Jykell, Me once in a While. I love both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. Han Ji Min is a better actor than JJH, KTR, and IU because they all suck at acting. Especially JJH and IU, I get annoyed by their performance the most.

  4. Smelling flop ???. WTH hajimin after get pairing with hyun bin and jisung she get pairing with nam Jo hyuk?? A big downgrade!! Next!

  5. Han ji min has improved a lot since hjme. She deserves all her best actress awards with Miss Baek. She also has done a great job with ji sung in familiar wife. Her new drama is focused on her and kim hye ja so looking forward to it. It is much better to pick dramas that are female centric than pick dramas to be used only as plot device to the male lead. No to pairing again with hyun bin. She already suffered a lot and blamed for the failure of hjme. Yes she is not at her best element in that drama but please the story is mostly the problem.

  6. I love both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. I don’t mind seeing them collaborate again in a new production.

    Why did Hyun Bin himself blame Han Ji Min for the flop of the drama and bad recieving? Did the production blame Han Ji Min too for the low ratings? Is the script a top notch? Or was it his delusional shipper and fans that are so amazingly annoying blaming her?

    • I don’t recall Hyun Bin or the production blaming Han Ji Min. It’s his stupid shippers and ignorant scary fans. His real official the space fan are very supportive of whomever he works with. Hyun Bin said it himself he wanted to work with Han Ji Min because he have study her performance and her during shooting The Fatal Encounter. It’s the writer that messed up the storyline for Hyde Jykell, Me.

      I’m excited for this new drama of Han Ji Min. She is really good and her performance in Miss Baek is amazing. Congratulations to all the recognitions she’s receiving last year’s and this year. Fighting my Han Ji Min.

    • It was his delusional shipper fans who have blamed her. And until now you can read comments that han ji min is the reason for his failed military comeback lol. While ji min’s acting is not top notch in hjme, it is so unfair that she was the one to blame. It is mostly the poor writing. It is a bit hard for female actresses to team up with high profile actors. If the drama will be good, all the praise will go to the actor. If it fails, all the blame is to the actress lol

  7. I like all the actors in this including NJH but the ole time body swap genre has been hashed rehashed all over again and I’m losing enthusiasm. I’m really hanging out for a drama release that isn’t a remake; a web toon anything that has a solid storyline from top to finish with 3 dimensional characters and actors worthy of the role without the over hype PR and CF bells attached that will be a sure worthy K drama blessing.

  8. Yay! I’m so excited for this drama! I’m so glad Han Ji Min picked up another project. Her last drama, “Familiar Wife” was so good and she did so well in her role! It really made me miss her!

    I see a lot of people mentioned “Miss Baek”. I just wanted to put in my two cents as well. All I gotta say is, she killed it in that role. It’s hands down one of her best roles yet. It was so riveting and I cried buckets. ? I highly recommend it, but have some tissues close by!

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