Shin Hye Sun, L, and Lee Dong Gun Confirmed for KBS Fantasy Romance Dan, Only Love

It’s funny how with the casting of the other male lead suddenly I think this drama has more potential. The three leads are confirmed for KBS angel-human fantasy romance Dan, Only Love, with Shin Hye Sun as a ballerina who doesn’t believe in love, L as the cheerful cupid angel, and Lee Dong Gun as the ballet troupe director. Since L is the angel character I’m rooting for him to teach the female lead to love and then have the two human characters end up together after he flits back up to heaven. Only Love comes from the PD of Queen for Seven Days and Healer with the script penned by the screenwriter of Lucky Romance. Except it to hit the small screen sometime in May 2019.


Shin Hye Sun, L, and Lee Dong Gun Confirmed for KBS Fantasy Romance Dan, Only Love — 7 Comments

  1. The trend seemed to be pairing the younger actor with the older female lead. Look at what happened to Jang Hyuk (Greasy Melo) and Kim Jae Wook (Temperature of Love). Also Lee Dong Gun’s last lead role was in a weekend family drama. After that he’s been playing the antagonist roles. My bet it’s going to be L who would fall for the ballerina.

      • wait there is like a 9 year age gap between lee dong gun and shin hye sun. that seems more mismatched to me than her ending up with L where there is only a 3-year gap.

      • L and Yang Se Jong are the same age. Both are 92ers. So if SHS was able to romance YSJ in Thirty But Seventeen, she certainly can romance L here. The mismatched pairs here is Shin Hye Sun and Lee Dong Gun age-wise. Acting-wise SHS and LDG might be more compatible. But L was really good in Ms. Hammurabi so he might surprise us.

  2. Zzzz read angel and cold hearted ballerina and no I’m not keen on love triangles that has a female lead choosing between 2 handsome guys again. I’ll ask the writer to put my character into a coma for the duration of the drama and leave me to sleep. Too much work to figure out what to do.

  3. More than the love triangle is the writer that worries me in this project. I may be one of the few that watched LR all the way and honestly, I had mixed feelings from the start.
    The OTP was good albeit the overacting in some scenes but somewhere mid-way the plot went down the hill.
    I hope the new drama gets better ratings so that we can watch a good drama without being butchered by the writer or the station or the director or anyone else.
    Good luck to SHS with her two men. She’s a good actor and she deserves a good project.

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