Fluttering Warning Makes for a Satisfying Albeit Smaller Scale Drama for Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung

Sorry it took me this long to post a reaction and opinion piece on cable network MBN drama Fluttering Warning, which starring my fave Yoon Eun Hye with another fave Chun Jung Myung. It was third time the charm for these two as they almost worked together in Coffee Prince and Missing You but this was the right drama for their onscreen romantic pairing. It feels weird to say that I enjoyed the drama but felt strangely detached when normally a Yoon Eun Hye drama sucks me in viscerally. This story felt manufactured and no amount of onscreen charisma could sell the story line to emotionally engage me other than use it as a flotation device to deliver shots of cutie pies to my veins. But it wasn’t bad and ultimately this felt like a nice and safe return for Yoon Eun Hye after five years away from the small screen. I would recommend Fluttering Warning for sure to Eun Hye fans but also anyone looking for a mildly entertaining watch without fear of blood pressure boiling.


Fluttering Warning Makes for a Satisfying Albeit Smaller Scale Drama for Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung — 51 Comments

  1. Yup blood pressure did boil parked it at episode 5 I think but its back to normal thank you for the update Mz Koala I’m gonna go back and finish the series off now. I love YEH after reading about her here on your blog.

      • Of course ???? koala make so much money and traffic in moa and encounter article. So sad that drama will end up soon, so she need new drama that’s will gaining more fanwar and hate comments.

      • FW ended last month so it was acknowledged in the article Mz Koala was late in the post. Nope it’s LJS and LNY drama Romance by the bonus book; Touch your heat with YIN and LDW and JJH’s Item and a whole raft of other dramas that will be covered here not to mention Suzy and LSG update for VB. Oh Blue Eyes with Nana and Chang Ki Yong didn’t the CEO of the production company take off with the investment funds?

      • There are still many actresses who could make this blog gain so much traffic. Just leave YEH alone please …

      • Don’t act like you care about YEH, I know who you are @hohliu.
        I prefer this blog didn’t post article about YEH cause I knew how it will end up. People body shaming her and bashing her fans. Previous experiences told me that …

    • @Lal – are you really this insecure about YEH? YEH is a talented actress, people may bash her for other reasons aside from her acting. She is responsible for her actions, isn’t she? This is my very neutral opinion, no intention to bash. No offense. I still enjoy her acting although FW is kinda meh and I could not stay watching beyond half way… She is not a doll locked up in a glass case. Why being so protective?

      • “she is responsible for her actions”

        What are you talking about ? Are people ‘body shamingly’ her is her mistake ? People mocking her appearance as if it’s her own fault. Have you read the posters comments when the last time this blog posted her article (FW presscon) ? It’s beyond one’s right mind IMO. Seriously, people/netizen should put limit to what they said or write online. In my country people can sue and take it to the law when someone said or write something (untrue) which could ruin their image.
        And when her fans defend her (yes we have the right to do so) they called us the most annoying fans.

        I follow this site for quite a while and I know how many bashing YEH get all this time. Some people even call her bad/inappropriate name and NOT EVEN ONCE Mrs Koala (as the owner of this blog) erase it or put restriction to it.
        I know some sites or blogs who did that although they don’t have many followers like this one.
        So these are the reasons why I prefer this blog don’t post article about her again

        PS : I actually don’t mind they criticized her drama or her acting, since everyone is bound to have different taste

        Another PS : Mrs. Koala, If you offended by this post I won’t mind if you erase it

      • I am talking about her actions, only actions I meant. If you are referring to her looks and maybe PS, sorry I don’t take those comments seriously because one cannot expect all praises on looks especially she is now getting older. You maybe a bit too sensitive. I never listen to people when they tell me to shut up and likewise I adore Ms Koala for what she writes in this blog.

      • Dear @Lal don’t waste your time, we all know that for an unknown reason that people seem to like bashing her. It’s unfair but Yhe has very loyal fans and that’ s what matters . If it’s true that eyes can reflect the human soul, i can see that she is a fantastic human being. She is not like other celebrities who are always taking legal action for everything or leeking their good deeds ! That speaks a volume about the wonderful person she is. “La bave du crapaud n’atteint pas la blanche colombe “.

      • @candycane @hohliu the most important things is I’ve already stated what’s on my mind to the owner of this blog.
        I don’t really care about other things or your opinion about me.
        Ok, I’m done here.

      • @cahill, thanks for your concern. Really miss you sis. I hope you will be more active at soompi ?

      • Dear @Lal , i’m not active in soompi only because i don’t have any sns account and try to limit all kind of accounts . But i check YEH’s thread everyday since 2005 . I like to read all the posts of Vegaspink, lonetwilight, nakiami Kyoko,curiousyeh and many others that helped me to improve my highschool English ( 1991) as my university cursus has nothing to do with English. Thanks to them i learned a lot about a cute little women who is now a beautiful woman Inside and out. And a talented artist .

      • Once @lal you gave me a good advice . not to enter in a war with those who like to bash YEH and compare her with other actresses. And you were right but sometimes i can’t help myself to enter in the battle too so i know how you may feel . I know that people can misunderstand me because of my average English but i’m a person who likes observing , and sometimes i sense a lot of things and i mmay be wrong but i began to like less some celebrities who pretended to be YEH ‘s friend when she was at the pic of celebrity. Where they were when she was facing such hard times ?

    • You know who I am? What a laugh. I state things as they are. I dont agree what YEH did in her fashion program, she has since apologise for her action too. It is all done and she has growtn from it. Good on her. I do watch all her projects but she did loss her peak chance due to unwise decision. Now, she will have a tough road back to stardom. But I will still support her positive growth.
      @Lai, you on the otherhand is such a whinger, you just love complaining. You need growing up. YEH is more brave then you, she will talk on board all the negatives to motivate herself to be better and stronger. You can learn that from her. Dont live in the past. Move forward, otherwise you are an antique.

  2. I was disapointed by this drama. Neither were really good. So I rewatched Heart to Heart because it’s my favourite drama with CJM :p

  3. I do love CJM and YEH and this drama too but probably not something I would watch the second round. But it’s the same thing that I felt for DOTS, WW Sec Kim and Pretty Noona. But at least I’ve managed to finish the drama which unlike with Pretty Noona and WWSK that I somehow just imagine the ending and didn’t bother to watch last few episodes.

    • Did I say I love Chun Jung Myung? He is such a cutie pie. What’s Up Fox was the best? That was a certified engaging noona-dongsaeng drama. I could watch the drama again and again and again.

      • Love love love WUF….still the best noona-dongsaeng rom com. It was so natural and believable …unlike boring Encounter.

  4. I’ve love YEH in Lie To Me , CP and Princess Hours, one of my fav actors as well. One has to be a true fan to enjoy the show but a pass for me. I’m curious why they put too much shine on her make up, it was distracting!

  5. Thank you Koala for supporting YEH. I still love my favorite Yoon Eun Hye. Hoping for more projects and dramas for YEH in the future.

  6. YEH is my favorite korean actress. Yes, the drama wasn’t a good one but year 2018 was bad in terms of romances for me. With that said , i understand why she choose this one. i’ll recommend it, for once we have a heroine who always takes the lead , the hero is not the typical alpha male but a real man who doesn’t need to show of . They are attracted by their kindness and not by lust. They didn’t have a lot of skinship but real conversations wich leads them to avoid ridiculous misunderstandings. And for all of this and many other things ( too long to name one by one) they create a couple that i hardly saw until now in dramas. Finally, YEH and CJM have a great natural chemistry . Chapeau bas to YEH as she dind’t fear to take a project that incorporate a lot of things she faced in her own life. Yeh is a good actress and i don’t mind those who may think otherwise .

    • Watching her again was my Christmas gift and i felt how i missed someone like her in dramaland. Dear @lal don’t mind haters, and enjoy having her back in our lives. I not know her as well as you . You and soompi are my unique source of informations so don’t let me down . And Koala has been supportive of YEH since long years now ! Bisous from France my dear.

  7. I have finished the FW drama.I think that good drama. unfortunately only the airing at 11.00 PM KBS and the station not familiar MBN. I loved the chemistry between YEH and CJM,so cute and so real. Also the BTS soooo cute. And the plot is like the real story of YEH. I hope both can be a real couple. I just watch Kdramaland again because of YEH.

  8. I found the drama cute, especially when the couple interacted… The drama had the cliche plots but was also different….

    I liked how the drama was about finding good people… Also loved how the couple spoke to each other… rarely did they argue… and how they were friendly right from the beginning until the end…

    YEH and CJM made a cute couple…. Their chemistry was different from her chemistry with her other costars… This was less intense but warm, calm, and mature..

    • Exactly what i said, their couple was unique in the department of rom com . They did a great acting job in creating this kind, warm, mature couple.

    • Agree, their chemistry was different from they coostar.And CJM really cute, can act to be person who never date with the woman. They have been known each other when they were young,right? And now they have been mature. And I wish the best for them to be real couple.

    • This is the site where I read beautiful recaps and very positive responses of Fluttering Warning, you can check the link bitchesoverdramas.com/category/fluttering-alert/page/9/

      I am an avid fan of my big sister Yoon Eun Hye, since Goong. This drama of Eunnie is my most favorite one. I have became a fan of Chun Jung Myung oppa too and thanks to their beautiful on and off screen chemistry. They compliment each other in every single way and making beautiful and fluttering and heart giggling interactions. I never seen YEH unnie in this kind of maturity. I never ship her to anyone before though I like her chemistry with Kang Ji Hwan too but nothing beats her chemistry with Jung Myung oppa. I trusted why Eun Hye unnie chose this drama despite the very common and very simple plot. They both nailed their characters as well as the other actors. I love how the drama shows the importance of an open communication in a relationship, also showing forgiveness to the people who have hurt you from the past and also the LOVE that conquers all and endures forever. Also, I love how EunHye unnie’s faith in God managed to be in the drama and I am so proud that she’s not ashamed to show off her faith in Christ by featuring the Halleluyah, “Love never fails” on the wall with her picture on it. It’s really very simple yet their overflowing chemistry and those beautiful lines and their eye contacts really flutter my heart. Really you can’t find those in other dramas. Their sincerest words and actions towards each other make my heart giggles even I re-watch it countless times and also I am re-watching their XMan days where most of us shippers feel that they are attractive with each other silently even before. hahaha. I am EunHye’ unnie’s bias by the way and I loved how she interacts with JungMyung oppa so much that made me realized she’s not the same with her other co-stars from the past. She has a chemistry with everyone she is paired of and yet to JungMyung oppa, it’s really beyond and different than everyone else haha am just a bias of these two beautiful souls. And in this lifetime, I will have them as my one and only OTP because I love Yoon Eun Hye unnie with the love of the Lord and I love Jung Myung oppa too as a new fan. I will support this ship until I will find the answer. I pray for their happiness only. May God bless my OTP! Thanks for reading my long post in advance. 😀

  9. The drama was a so so but YEH and CJM pulled through nicely. I have been YEH’s fan since BabyVOX and am always looking forward to her every work. Will always support her.

  10. Thanks ockoala for finally posting about your thoughts on YEH’s Fluttering Warning/Love Alert drama. ? It made me wonder why you haven’t posted and why it took you so long (I guess better late than never, right? ?). I thought after you stopped posting after the first episode and never posted after that, that either you just completely forgot or just didn’t like this drama or YEH (since there was no news of her since, but that was so odd as YEH’s one of your faves…) anymore, lol. I’m glad that you still love and support YEH (FYI, she has another new mini-drama, reuniting her with her Goong/Princess Hours co-star! It’s airing this week)! I may be the minority here, but I loved and enjoyed watching FW all because of YEH & CJM pairing (so believable, realistic, lovable, heart fluttering ??, and romantic). They had an amazing on-chemistry (as well as off-screen…❤️ their BTS videos from the drama ?)! Also, a wonderful blog gave an awesome and insightful Episode recaps/mad caps and analysis of this drama, which I totally love, appreciate, and agree with. It made me love FW more! ??

      • @cahill – Yes, I think we did! ? Though I’m lurker/silent reader…maybe I should delurk and join in the fun discussions on her blog (and especially to thank her for taking the time to recap on FW). ?? I already loved and enjoyed watching the drama, but there weren’t any sites re-capping it that I could find. Dramabeans only recapped Episode 1 and stop after it. Didn’t even give it a chance as the recapper had too many dramas (mostly melo dramas I didn’t care for and not my cup of tea, lol) she was watching and recapping. Thanks to a few commenters there and at Soompi forum’s thread for FW/LA, I saw a link of that wonderful blog that someone shared and I’ve been visiting there reading every recaps/mad caps of all the episodes and post episode analysis. The blog owner/writer writes and analyses every episode of the drama beautifully and has a great sense of humor to keep her reader entertained! It made me, as I said in my last comment, loved and enjoyed watching the drama more. Also, It made me glad that it was the kind of drama YEH chose to return to K-Drama land. I love her in rom-com genre anyway, so for me, that was a very good comeback for her, even if it was low-key and not a big ratings hit drama (though it still did well and stayed steady on its late night time-slot in a small cable channel) like those over-hyped dramas that started off good…but then went downhill towards the end with unsatisfying ending. I’m just glad to see YEH back on K-Drama land, so didn’t care much for the ratings…just to see her back on-screen was already good enough for me. Also, I’m very glad she has another Christian mini-drama (2 episodes) that we don’t have to wait so long to see her again…and it’s airing this week (Friday 1/25 and Saturday 1/26)! ????

      • @ jeane , yes i know ! i’m waiting to Watch this mini drama. and once again thanks to all contributors to YEH’s soompi thread . I’m a silent reader ( not fluent in English) but i read it pretty well and it’s a delight to read you since years. Thanks to @Koala too.I’m pretty old and i like the fact that YEH is moving into an artist who likes what she does rather than a popularity seeker.

  11. @Lal, @cahill, hi friends, @Jeane, to all us true Yoon Eun Hye fans, we don’t care what the haters say/do/post about YEH, we will forever watch anything that she’s in. Her best is yet to come as well. Am just waiting patiently. I am only glad that she has comeback. FW was beautifully acted by both CJM/YEH, it was just a pity that the script was lacking. But ANYONE who appreciates acting, will love the drama. Keep on YEH, we are grateful for you and happy that you are happy. Please never pay any mind to these negative and jealous people out here.

    • Amen ! dear @emchi. YEH true fans never fail ! As i said before ” La bave du crapaud n’atteint pas la blanche colomnbe” I wish you a happy year 2019 . BISOUS .

      • @cahill – So grateful for the fans and contributors at YEH’s Soompi thread. It’s my go to place for all YEH news and updates. ? I’m a lurker and silent reader there as well. your English is very good to me! ???

    • @emchi – I agree with everything you said. I never care nor pay attention to YEH haters. I don’t have the time nor energy for their negative opinions and jealousy of her. I just focused on the positive and what the actual fans have to say about her and her projects. So glad she came back in K-Drama land with FW ‘cause it’s been a long time since her last drama. Whenever there’s a K-Drama casting news, I’m always checking here (or at her Soompi thread) if she was mentioned, romored or offered a role. ? I’m glad she has another new drama (even though it’s a 2-episode mini drama) so soon after FW. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow! ?

      • Can’t wait too and i read that she couldn’t attend the presscon due to overseas Schedule ? I’ m really curious. I’m too greedy when it’s about YEH and i hope that she’ll do another project this year .

  12. @cahill – have you seen the first episode of YEH’s new drama “Go Go Song” drama yet? It’s supposed to air today and I’ve look at CGNTV’s website and YouTube channel and I can’t find where to watch it. I only saw the preview teaser clips. I really want to see her in it! ?? As for her absence on the presscon for this drama, I too wonder where and what project (or could be one of her CF commitments, an invitation to a famous brand event, or a magazine shoot…who knows, right? ??‍♀️?) she’s working on next. Let’s hope she’ll consider doing another new drama this year. ???

  13. Ohhhh, that’s how YEH’s articles can get almost 50 comments. LOL. as a chatground for fans? Is this how you want to own it while not allowing Ms Koala to post any more article on YEH and other people to express their opinions?? hahahaha….

  14. YEH, is a multi-talented woman. She is a singer, actress, great model, artist, dancer, director, entrepreneur, etc. She is a good role model too. Going out on your own is super hard to do.

  15. I love FW and all d casts. I maybe late watching this drama but it’s heartwarming. I like all their interactions, so natural and entertaining. I love u YEH!

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