Yeom Jung Ah, Hyun Bin, and Song Hye Kyo Top the January 2019 Drama Actor Buzz Rankings

It’s January of a new year and time to check out who is starting off the year on top of the drama K-actor and actress buzz rankings. Veteran leading lady Yeom Jung Ah takes the win thanks to the record breaking success of Sky Castle. Following right behind is Hyun Bin for Memories of Alhambra in second place, and coming in third is Song Kye Kyo of Encounter (Boyfriend). She swapped places with her male lead Park Bo Gum who is fourth with Kim Yoo Jung of Clean With Passion for Now rounding out the top five. there will be a major realigning as all four of these dramas have ended or are ending but it’s clear that K-ent continues to reward both ratings buzz and general longstanding popularity.

Top 10 January 2019:

  1. Yeom Jung Ah
  2. Hyun Bin
  3. Song Hye Kyo
  4. Park Bo Gum
  5. UEE
  6. Jo BoA
  7. Park Shin Hye
  8. Wang Seok Hyun
  9. Jang Nara
  10. Yoo Seung Ho


Yeom Jung Ah, Hyun Bin, and Song Hye Kyo Top the January 2019 Drama Actor Buzz Rankings — 11 Comments

  1. SHK and PBG just walking and eating in Encounter and their score not that far away from hyunbin and yeom jung ah who showing us more range of their acting. whats wrong with people in korea ?

  2. Hyun Bin and Yeom Jung Ah deserves to be on the top because they both did a fantastic job in delivering their performance to their role giving. Hyun Bin is so brilliant that got me so immersed in Yoo Jin Woo. ?❤

  3. Hyun Bin brought light to the acting field in a different level. I have never seen such charismatic actor before. Hope he gets as many recognition as he can.

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