Yamashita Tomohisa Dons Arm Prosthetic for J-dorama Adaptation of Hit Manga In Hand

I have a new Spring J-dorama to look forward to and it totally blends together what Japan does so well. Yamashita Tomohisa is returning to the small screen to headline the J-dorama adaptation of popular manga In Hand. The visual conceit is that the male lead a super smart parasitologist has a black prosthetic arm for a replacement hand but the narrative is about how his research helps find the cause and cure for weird parasitic infections. His loner ways and arrogant attitude calls to mind class Black Jack and I also love Japan exploring weird medical conditions without the added baggage of throwing in emotional story lines that don’t need to be there. In Hand premieres April 2019.


Yamashita Tomohisa Dons Arm Prosthetic for J-dorama Adaptation of Hit Manga In Hand — 6 Comments

    • I have to look twice but its just his side profile (a little chubbier, i dont want to think of anything though, lol) but other than that, I cant see ant resemblance. Known both of them for so long but I have never thought once that they looked a like. Anyways, I’m anticipating this drama, hope it turns out great.

    • I following japan and korea for so long and I don’t think they look alike at all.
      Yamapi is cuter and soft feature and seems he didn’t get old. he looks the same since 12 years ago ?
      Park Haejin is sharper feature and mature.
      and please don’t call him “japanese version”, actually Yamapi is the longest who active in entertainment industry, longer than Park Haejin or Kim HyunJung. He already popular when Park Haejin just debuted.

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