tvN Drama Encounter Concludes with a Well-earned Happy Ending and the Best Episode Since the Strong Premiere

I’m super stoked to write about the final episode 16 of tvN Wed-Thurs drama Encounter (Boyfriend), a drama that I followed closely for 9 weeks and am thrilled I loved it so much from the start because the conclusion didn’t disappoint me. Of course it was a happy ending, the relationship of older, richer Soo Hyun and young, idealistic Jin Hyuk was never that fraught with external dangers as to warrant a sad ending. How the happy ending came about is what I love, that she tried to break up because that’s how she deals with problems by shutting it down and he stayed true because that’s how he deals with problems by being more convicted.

The drama spent 16 episodes fleshing out Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s nuanced personalities against the backdrop of their friends, family, and enemies, making them feel richly written and their process understandable and satisfying. If the drama was a tightly edited 12 episodes it would have been perfect as too many scenes of the leads dating and spending time together slowed the pace and wasn’t necessary as the earlier episodes really cemented their relationship already. But with a tightly written final episode that tied up all the loose ends, it minimizes the flaws of the second half and leaves me with a full heart and a beaming smile on my face as these two walked off to live their ordinary lives together. Bonus for a happy final episode rating of 8.678 % making this a very successful cable drama.


tvN Drama Encounter Concludes with a Well-earned Happy Ending and the Best Episode Since the Strong Premiere — 45 Comments

  1. Bhahaha look at the rating only get 8.6%!? I don’t think song-song shipper support and even watching this drama cause acting or plot very boring. Wasted a time and money. Next! Good job ????.

    • The rating is high for a cable though.
      5% in cable is = to above average. The series also got positive review translated by melowha and kkumnetz.

      • Kc-$16m budget only get 8.6% was biggest flop?????. I check in naver didn’t even make trending topic lols. I saw her husband drama preview on IG, very impressed with setting, effect, cgi and action i hope song joong ki drama was better than his wife drama since asdal chronicle was very big budget drama.

      • @valentinazara there’s no use on convincing me that it flopped ok. Since the drama was backed up by pbg and shk cfs plus it was sold in diff countries and the ratings is above average producers already got their investment from this. So continue playing dumb bye delulu.

      • The series got major sponsorhip from shk and pbg cfs sulwasoo, sucomma bonnie vedi vero, dyson, coke, eider etc with that alone producers already got what they invested for. @valentinozara are you even thinking or you just love looking like an idiot?

      • valentinazara is actually die hard fans of Encounter and SHK…I get all information about the drama from her/him. I become fans of SHK and Encounter after read her/his comment here and realized that the comments want us to check out the drama and hey, I become a big fans of SHK now. Those negative comments about SHK actually saying otherwise, I think valentina wants us to check out SHK drama more.Man…SHK is really good and very pretty.thank you so much valentinazara for supporting my dear actress SHK and her drama.

    • Yes it didn’t maintain the hype rating wise and down more or less 2% from it’s premiere episode but let’s be honest 8.6% is a successful rating esp for a cable channel. Even for public tvn station like mbc, sbs and kbs, that rating, from the last 3 years of viewership results, is already considered a success.

    • All channels’ rating down at that timeslot. JTBC aired 2019 AFC Asian Cup. Considered that Encounter has ended, you better find yourself a new hobby.

    • I agree with you.. I think ssc fans and sjk fans did not support the drama.. And even there sensual kissing scene did not help to increase there rating. Asadal director must learn from the result of encounter. I think ssc fans are jealous people like me hahaha???

      • You’re finally here, Laarni. Stop acting like a bitter SS shipper, will you? Other fans ship them as well but they aren’t that narrow-minded.

    • Wake up and smell the coffee, even though i dropped this drama after 2 episodes but it’s the fact the Encounter is a hit drama. It average rating was 8%. That means the drama already found its audience plus the drama is sold to many countries which means huge amount of money for the makers. I feel terrible for you because you are oblivious to the truth.

  2. I wish they air a special episode for the couple like 30 mins will do too.. Csh meeting jh mom again. Having dinner together and

  3. I’m glad for the happy ending but I checked out of this one after episode 9. I really wish romance k-dramas would consider more 12 episode dramas. Go Back Couple I believe had just 12 episodes and did quite well.

  4. I was so satisfied with the ending last night. Of course it would’ve been better to have a wedding to end this beautiful drama. But that’s fine, at least we still got an indirect proposal from JH. 🙂

    So happy for SHK for another successful drama. Can’t wait to know what her next project is but it’s probably gonna take a few years before she comes back to dramaland.

    • I loved how simple and low key the writer chose to end the story about two people who met in an extraordinary circumstances. The focus really was finding love and happiness in an ordinary way. Being with the person you love is what makes everything special.

    • I don’t think she will be back soon, will be another two three years for her.
      And when she is back it will be successful again ????.

  5. I think I expected more for the project since it signed up SHK and PBG. It wasnt a bad drama but I just wasnt satisfied especially with the caliber of good dramas that cable networks have been releasing lately.

    It felt more like a vanity project like a little snack for what could be considered elite class actors in this drama.

    I would have loved to see a conflict between Soo hyun and her former in laws. For her to actually stand her ground and fight to break from their chains.

    I would have loved for her ex husband to see Jin Hyuk fight for her and be with her in difficult times in order to see that he was the better man for her.

    Most importantly her Soo Hyun’s mother owed Jin Hyuk an apology and acknowledgment to the fact that he makes her better.

    • seriously???
      I enjoyed it so much and have problem to move on once it ended. Not a big fans of any of the cast but I ended up fall in love with the lead love story.
      maybe this drama is not your cup of tea.

  6. I agree with you.. I think ssc fans and sjk fans did not support the drama.. And even there sensual kissing scene did not help to increase there rating. Asadal director must learn from the result of encounter. I think ssc fans are jealous people like me hahaha???

      • Kc-Meh song hye kyo fans didn’t even watching and even help vote this drama lols. That’s why this drama only get no.4 in most buzz worthy drama. Keep lyng honey. Oh I can’t wait asadal hope director bring hot steamy kissing and love scene so song hye kyo fans and ssc fans got upset and angry than asadal rating will decline and go down like his wife drama. Song song shipper very jealous and toxic shipper in kdramaland.

      • see…I know it, velentinazara is actually a big fans of Encounter and have problem to move on…that’s why she is still here blaming all encounter fans for not voting..hahaha….I got you valentina, thank you for you concern.

  7. This drama is predictable, but so deep and meaningful, Thats why I enjoying watching this. The chemistry not the best. I just want to say thanks to PBG for carrying the romance part. He need to stay in romance drama, he really good at this. I can felt his love even just looking at his eyes. He is good in love part but lack in other parts. SHK is opposite of him, she really not helping PBG to build their chemistry. But she’s good when crying and Im enjoying watching her beauty. ? but yeah their popularity is something, 8%? wow! Just change both actors and the rating will just reach 3%. This is why we calling them top actors, right?

  8. One of the best written dramas I’ve seen. Maybe it’s not for everyone (although 8% actually IS a success for cable), but for those who like that genre, it had everything–a believable storyline about learning to like yourself and standing up to unhealthy, controlling relationships. Beautiful cinematography, OST, art, and poetry. Excellent acting. I wouldn’t necessarily say that thoughtful, realistic dramas are my go-to genre (W is my all time favorite, if that gives you an idea), but something about this one felt real and rang true to me. I give it all the stars I can.

  9. Nothing ever actually happened in this drama so it owes its ratings to star power from SHK and PBG. The writer got lucky with the casts but at least the cinematography director did his job. I don’t know if the ratings can be considered a huge success despite all the expenditure and other factors that went into making the drama.

  10. All shk fans was dumbass can accept fact encounter was biggest smile drama of 2019. This drama budget was 16b won, only get 8% rating was flop hard compared last empress!!

    • Encounter was biggest slump in 2019. Every drama in 2019 was flop compared with last empress, the crowned clone and sky castle. Bye.

  11. Park Bo Gum’s smile and his overall … I do not know what it is or how to describe it … but he is what made this show. Hands down. Well written, well acted. Long warm slow burn with the payoff. It is not boring, it is interesting and intellectually layered. Adding it to my favorites list.

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