tvN Readies for New Wed-Thurs Rom-com Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na

There was a one week gap between dramas that gets us into February and also a new lunar year as tvN didn’t air the next Wed-Thurs drama after Encounter (Boyfriend) ended two weeks ago due to last week being busy with lunar new year prep. This Wednesday comes rom-com adapted from a manhwa called Touch Your Heart, starring Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na still fresh enough off their Goblin second romantic coupling collaboration two years ago to stir interest. The story sounds basic rom-com opposites attract and forced to work together set up but Lee Dong Wook plays the straight man with a slight comedic edge really well and Yoo In Na is charming and sweet even in a demanding actress role. The long 5-minute preview was entertaining enough so imma check this out on Wednesday for hopefully my next drama fix to last two months.

5-minute preview for Touch Your Heart:


tvN Readies for New Wed-Thurs Rom-com Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na — 21 Comments

  1. Looking forward to this one. Better be good.
    There are only very few rom-com that are worth going to the end that I finished watching to the last ep.

    Among the latest drama:
    Fluttering Warning – not that it was good but because I love CJM and EHY.
    Devilsh Joy- somewhat the last few episodes were predictable but I love the fun of it.
    Rooftop Prince – still entertaining to watch after many years
    Shopping King Louie- I maybe late but it’s a fun drama

    I am currently loving Romance is a Bonus Book.

    • RISBB is such an easy pleasant fun rom com for the weekend and the scriptwriter has the main and supporting characters set up all ready to go from episode one. Nothing is rushed and I’m so settled in to see this drama to the end. I trust the creative team implicitly to deliver. Lead me down the garden path please Im all yours!! However I like both actors for Touch my Heart but don’t have the mental energy to watch as I’m firmly ensconced in RIABB. Hopefully there will be commentary updates here from viewers once it screens. I’m like Candycane as I’ve wasted time too. I love to jump into dramas with a hiss and a roar only to fizzle out mid way through.

      • I watched both episodes of TMH and I lovvvvveee it so far so good. I’m absolutely in awe of Oh Yun Seo YIN character she’s plays a ditz really well. Gosh her bad acting in a drama show is hilarious and her first day at work meeting LDW and his sour face at her antics Im so gonna enjoy this mid week drama immensely. ❤️

  2. YIN has similar vibe as Secretary Kim with similar hair color and style. LDW looks very stiff, is this intentional or is it just him… I much prefer Jang Ki Yong than LDW, LOL… Too bad it’s probably a cameo from JKY here. Will wait for reviews here before I start watching. I have wasted time on some rom-coms before…

  3. Lee Dong Wook’s plastic surgeon was too heavy-handed with the eyelid surgery. His eyes look perpetually sleepy and lifeless.

    • How old are you? Wait till you reach 35. By that time, you’d probably considering going to the plastic surgeon when your eyes start to look sleepy.

      • I don’t get it. What does age have to do with sleepy eyes? Cha Seung Won’s eyes are not sleepy looking. True that LDW’s eyes are lifeless, he should best stay as Grim Reaper.

      • When I go, I’ll make sure I go to a reputable one so I don’t end up with a botched job like LDW

    • I’ve lurked on this site for years and never found such an ignorant comment as this. Have you seen his pictures from when he was young? He looks exactly the same. It’s only foreigners from outside Korea who spread rumors about his double eyelids. But it’s pretty well known in Korea that he’s natural (well, at least his eyes and nose, no one knows about fillers and botox because these days everyone has it done). Compare pictures of him from years ago and today. His eyes seem small in old pictures where he’s smiling, but when you see his new pictures where he’s smiling, it looks the same.
      And FYI, I’m Korean and I know that these days, the majority of male celebrities get their faces done (for examples, see Lee Jongseok, Lee Minho, and other male celebs in their early to late twenties). But LDW is part of a slightly older generation of actors for whom it was quite rare for a man to have plastic surgery. Double eyelid surgery was super common for women even since my mother’s generation (now in their 60s) but for males, double eyelid surgery was simply never done, until the generation of celebrities who are now in their early thirties. Just because someone has thick double eyelids that are now drooping doesn’t mean it’s surgically enhanced!

      • @annoyed lurker Welcome to KP where the most trivial meaningless posts are raised both entertaining and annoying. I was pretty naive about ps until I started following this blog. However I’m still trying to get over sleepy eyes as I don’t have a clue what that supposed to look like. I don’t even know who has had ps or not. So it’s quite surprising to read here that LDW may have had his eyes done. I know YIN has for sure because she was absolutely beautiful in Secret Garden au natural and then now she looks different. A lot of K actresses look amazing before they get their faces enhanced and then it looks weird afterwards. Kim Ah Joong is definitely one.

      • I have seen pictures of when he was young, have you??? A simple search will tell you he DID NOT have double eyelids when he was young nor did he look exactly the same. You are the very definition of a delusion fan if you believe his eyes are natural.

      • I have to agree that LDW’s eyes are naturally droopy. Mainly based on my own experience of growing older. I have lopsided eyes now compared to when i was in my twenties. My eyelid muscle weakened cause of the strain from looking at a pc screen for more than 12hrs a day for the past 10yrs. If you neglect eye exercises, you’ll definitely get droopy/sleepy eyes.

  4. LDW is my one of my first bias so I’m looking forward to this rom-com. His character isn’t really something new and he’s played this type before so I’m expecting it’ll be an easy watch.

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