Kang Ha Neul in Talks for the Male Lead of K-drama Camellia Blooms Opposite Gong Hyo Jin

I wrote about the current and coming K-actor military discharges and now there’s another news about a casting already lined up for a talented male lead. Kang Ha Neul has been offered the male lead role in warm and mysterious drama Camellia Blooms which has been linked to Gong Hyo Jin as the female lead. There’s actually three male leads – a good guy, a bad guy, and a petty guy – who all fall for the female lead who is a single mom running a bar called Camellia. Directing is the PD of Uncontrollably Fond and Are You Human, Too, with the script penned by the writer of Fight For My Way (Third Rate My Way). Kang Ha Neul totally reminds me of a younger Jo Jung Seok with the multi-talented acting and musical singing and he had great chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin in Incarnation of Jealousy so I’ll keep my mind open if the casting for Camellia Blooms ends up being this proposed pairing.


Kang Ha Neul in Talks for the Male Lead of K-drama Camellia Blooms Opposite Gong Hyo Jin — 70 Comments

  1. Passed I’ve moved on from Camellia. Next. However any news of casting offers for Ji Chang Wook and Kim Soo Hyun. They’re my last hope. Please one of them score well; storyline and female lead.

  2. Musical actors are really great like Jo Jung Seok, Cho Seung Woo, Lee Kyu Hyung and Kang Ha Neul. I want to seem him in lead role for once! He’s so good, he deserves it 🙂

  3. Sorry but Gong Hyo Jin is average at best they should pick a very beautiful actress if they want us to believe all three male leads fell for her…

    • Kang Ha Neu is a respectable talented actor. It’ll be great if we had more info on the three male characters. Like what are the dynamics on relationships between the four. GHJ is one of the older actresses and she does look her age. And I’m not a fan of her acting. So based on the little info we have and looking at this paring, I’m NOT excited for this drama.

    • And yet between a drama starring her or a drama starring a gorgeous idol like Suzy, I’d pick Gong Hyo Jin’s any time. She’s an amazing actor and builds fantastic chemistry with all her costars. And she is quite pretty, she just doesn’t look surgically altered like so many other K-stars.

      • people usually comment when they enjoy what they read; so I repeat – why are you here if you don’t like the casting news? I’m not a bully, you are.

      • People are free to share their opinion as long as it is not pure hate. An opinion can be positive or negative. There is nowhere where it says that a comment should only be positive. Some people could be excited for one of the actors but not a fan of the other and they are free to express their worries or thoughts. The world is not pink and saying you don’t enjoy someone’s acting doesn’t make you a bully.

      • @Daloula, yes everyone has a right to comment, but making derogatory remarks like she not beautiful at all and people will not fall for her since she’s not beautiful, and cause she looks her age, that is shocking and we ‘need’ to talk about it. At this time and era, where everyone is vocal about inner strength and positivity, and loving someone for who they are, ‘not the artificial or fake ones’, it’s shocking that people think a picture perfect modelesque face is needed to make people fall for someone lol. What about her character, integrity or inner beauty which is what actually matters and not the prettiness? These type of shallow behavior screams of what’s wrong in today’s society and where many are focused. Naturally, it’s prettiness which is all they care about and not the personality or a person’s character.

    • @merix – I think you are the annoying one! Just let all others express their opinions. What’s with you? Do you think you own this site?? LOL. Why am I here? Coz I am everywhere. Hahaha…

    • Their are some people have emptiness in their lives so they act as judges not a real critic .
      And about about respect opinions ha …! When they respect the others in their comments we can accept or respect their high and mighty opinions.

      • Hey Nile Rose can you just please leave us here to ‘express’ ourselves as we have done so freely and respectfully; to agree and to disagree. We don’t have emptiness in our lives so stop judging us. Same reason as to why you’re here offering your ten cents worth of opinion. Gosh if it wasn’t for the likes of feedback this place would’ve as boring as watching beans grow.

      • @ginger I am replying @merix not you and if you feel that comment offend you just ignore it .
        And for the main article I didn’t watch the drama to give my opinion .

      • I’m not even offended at your comment @nilerose and the Camellia drama hasn’t even started.

  4. I’m curious why older actresses get much younger actors while the younger actresses get much older actors. Is there a rule against casting similar age people?

      • Because how can you sell a love story if the pairing is not convincing?? Drama’s all about selling the chemistry.

        Perhaps if the payed more attention into casting right leads for the roles, ratings would improve .

      • Seriously I really don’t how old are you the most commenters here that many think dramas are real. They are actors. They can play as same characters even if they are 10 years apart. Certainly Kang Ha Nuel look more mature than his age or can make himself look older than he actually is… and be can be paired up either younger or older actresses.

  5. What with Kang ha neul fans? GHJ is not bad, she killed every character she’s in, her drama always get so many attention. Yes she is not that pretty, but she have another charm who take her to her position right now, and if we look at Kang ha neul, damn that guy always bad at picking project. He’s not in GhJ’s level. He’s the lucky one here.

    • Yes you are right back in 2016 when GHJ was in Jealousy Incarnate there was a dispute with KBS over schedules; production team; airing of the drama etc…Just google GHJ and KBS dispute and voila the article pops up.

      • May have patch things then, the drama is for kbs2 hope she get a wed thurs they said she want that timeslot before, among other things

  6. @candycane – I’m gonna cry… LOL… such a troll… I’m not leaving anywhere. I’m not saying people shouldn’t express their opinion, but gosh, you have such a way to express it. It’s ok to dislike someone but more constructive criticism will do when commenting. And no, I don’t think I own this site …I have been reading articles on this site for more than 4 years, so spare me! Thank you!!

    • While you are calling others “annoying”, you cannot tolerate to be called “annoying”?? LOL. You are the one who started it. Who cares how many years you have been reading on this site, it does not give you any priority of calling others “annoying people”. No sparing if you do not spare others. Let you get a taste of your own medicine!

  7. @NileRose – I don’t know how you concluded that I don’t have a life. You’ll be surprised. But let me tell you – it happens that my 1st Korean drama [ seen back in 2008) was a drama with GHJ and GY – I really like that drama and the actors so I’ve seen many of their dramas – I came here as a fan – glad that I may read some news about GHJ’s comeback – and what did I get? some nasty comments about her acting – ok, I got the part about constructive criticism – but I haven’t found 1 that constructive. So spare me! I’m not a bully as @YayKang [such a troll] suggested, nor do I think about this site as mine. I have come here for more than 4 years now – and I have never had altercations of this kind. I’m dumbfounded at what people think about constructive criticism…

    • Sorry if you misunderstand me I don’t say that you don’t have life I am just replying your comment about those who don’t have any interest or dislike someone why are they wasting their precious time here.

    • I am with you. Where did they learn the definition of constructive criticism? lol You get that a lot in here. And that they are very entitled to those opinions. I van only shake my head reading those comments.

      • is calling someone “annoying people” a constructive criticism? Maybe you can teach us a course on what is constructive criticism please.

      • ‘Maybe you can teach us about constructive criticism.’ What kind of comment is that? Are you are third grader?

      • I passed Grade 3. I don’t think you know what constructive criticism is judging by what you are writing here. Why are you asking “Where did they learn the definition of ….?” “Are you a third grader?”. Your comment is totally NOT constructive at all. Stop pretending you know all.

      • Do you expect a constructive comments over your unconstructive comments? I think you are really something.

  8. I don’t see KHN with GHJ so this pairing is hit or miss for me. I’m not seeing chemistry between them. TBH I understand most comments about the age difference between them. Some actresses appear ‘ageless’ and can match with any actor regardless of age, a good example is Jang Nara. Unfortunately, GHJ doesn’t have that vibe and comes across as really mature, while KHN has this youthful vibe to him. They may end up mismatched onscreen. Honestly, GHJ does her best work with older or same-aged actors, like in It’s OK it’s Love or in Pasta. She’s not my favorite actress by any means, whether or not I like her dramas is heavily dependent on the script, costars and her role. Still, wishing her the best in her new drama.

    • Agree @Asdal and with the way Koreans are so obsessed with looks first nothing else matters second she is going to get flak regardless if she has a warm heart and great personality. Korea the nation that prides itself on ps even encouraging children to get their eyes; nose and chin modified the pairing of GHJ and KHN is not right. Get Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo no questions asked but GHJ will be roasted since the drama has 3 guys that fall in love with her plain Jane solo mother of one character. Sorry but I’m not critical of her acting I’m seeing this as a mismatch of actors. She needs an older or same age actor to make it plausible.

      • I really don’t understand you. Some Koreans are shallow but fortunately producers/writers/PD are smart enough to cast a pretty and good actress with a lot of charms and an actor who is not the typical flower boy and you think they should change for a surgery doll? Or a beautiful actress like SHK who never took risk and stays in her confort zone?

        You can’t judge a pairing before to seem together.

      • Please that is the last thing I would want to trouble you over in trying to understand me. Yep I am shallow calling it how I see it and yes I am judging this pairing and SHK can stay in her comfort zone and do what she does best as she currently has proven but GHJ is not suitable for this particular role alongside KHN. A lot of posts on Koala’s playground is evidence of that. Warm fuzzies ain’t gonna cut it no matter how generous you are for GHJ. She’s doing a fine job in making movies why ruin it with this one drama if she takes it.

      • Hi Ta nope I didn’t say that FIRST about SHK and her comfort zone I’m just reiterating what was written above me thank you

      • @Sayaris, it’s no point talking to these people who only care about the visuals and superficial things like pretty pairing lol. Heck, the drama isn’t even our there yet and people are assuming GHJ will not look good with KHN, whereas she actually is the more deserving actor here. And tbh, who you like or not is also aptetty subjective matter, so it’s kind of wrong to state that’s shouldn’t do the drama. It’s uncomfortable to even hear about it. People don’t even care anymore what are they bringing upfront lol. Time will speak for itself and let’s not just bother.

      • * so many typos, sorry!
        The drama isn’t even out there yet.
        And tbh, who you like or not is a pretty subjective matter, so it’s kind of wrong to state that they shouldn’t do the drama.

      • GHJ will be roasted by Koreans? Really? FYI this blogsite does not represent the Knets.

        GHJ may not be popular internationally but she is loved by Koreans. Her dramas always do well.

      • GHJ is one of the TOP names in Kdrama. She may not look pretty to you but she has charms (and acting chops) that makes up for everything. All her dramas do well. She might even be more successful than SHK or SYJ when it comes to public recognition or drama ratings.

    • Oh no I’m sorry everyone I didn’t realise that this blog doesn’t represent Knets. Oops my bad. I’m not about GHJ acting Im about the tentative pairing of her with KHN. They are a mismatch and it doesn’t matter whether Koreans love her and her dramas that’s fantastic I’m just not down with the casting choice for the 50th time.

      • If you are not down on the pairing why bother commenting in the first place. It’s GHJs drama not Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo whom you think are probably. FYI not everyone thinks that JJH & SHY are superior actress nor more popular. Being slave with commercialism doesn’t equate to being superior nor more popular.

        I am not a fan of any actors or actresses but I simply can’t stand inappropriate comments against them. I would say the same thing if you’ve said those against SHK or JJH.

      • ????, “Im not a fan of any actor or actresses, but I can’t stand inappropriate comment against them. I would do the same if you said those things to SHK or JJH”. Where were you when people posted inappropriate comment about SHK in SHK article, lolzzz.
        Since this is GHJ article, I don’t like her but I respect her, and her fan.
        Oh Ofcourse not everyone think SHK or JJH are more successes and same vice versa to GHJ.
        Stop being hippocrite and accept that people have different opinions.
        You are free to comment and so do other people.
        Ginger crunch already said sorry and said she/he stayed his opinion about the mismatched casting, would you have want to go all the way to police the user???
        Ohh you are about to say I’m over defensive again, hahaha, oh yes, missy, I can’t stand the people who are hippocrite and aggressive like you.

      • This @MistyEyes supports the person calling others “annoying people”, this tells us a lot about him/her. I simply cannot stand these hypocrites telling others “why bothering commenting” in a public playground for everyone. We can agree to disagree, but telling others off is inappropriate.

      • Agressive huh.. But how you act against these actors are even worse. And you call me hypocrite? really?

      • I am bothered to comment as it doesn’t take much time. Oh my gosh @misty eyes I’ve done the same consistently on a lot of articles here whereby I’ve heaped praise on actors but I have also admitted to not liking a certain character or pairing or actors acting and I’ve stated my reasons; so why do you decide to take issue with me and my comments on GHJ? I’m commenting like I’ve always done because that’s the nature of this blog and why is it that you have suddenly decided to take charge and monitor what we can and can’t say if it is not in agreement with you? Now how the hell are my comments inappropriate? Spell it out to me please so that I know what you consider inappropriate: I don’t like the pairing. And yep JJH and SHK maybe a slave to commercialism but gotta earn some coin in your downtime especially when your face is your livelihood. Nothing wrong with that. GHJ hasn’t accepted yet and same as KHN so I’ll wait and see how this goes; accept it and then move on to the next daily drop of K ent news. Thank you and have a nice day.

      • Then why not you just stick to your opinion rather than bring up other actors and make an offesive comparison.

      • Save it Misty Eyes I’m allowed to reference anyone at anytime but since you’re so put out by it advising that it’s offensive then you’re the one with an issue not me. Furthermore why are you so intent on calling us out on our opinions and evenmore so being judge and jury. When did you become Koala’s playground monitor?

  9. @mistyeyes: how do I act against these actors/actresses, I bet if you dig and dig into koalasplaground posts, you will never be able to find any inappropriate comment from me. Lolzzzz.
    Oh yes, you hippocrite or not everyone know very well, true color finally shows.

    • Just by the sound of your comment trying to justify yourself, hmmm that clearly shows your character. You are the one bashing someone yet you have the face to call me hypocrite. You are not that thick huh..

      • Lolzzz, I called you hippocrite because your comment is hippocrite oh yes, i admit I’m very aggressive, especially towards people like you.
        I don’t gugu Gaga screaming how neutral I am when indeed I’m not. ????.

      • ‘Where were you when you are when people talk inappropriate comments against SHK’ — yet you called yourself nuetral… You are in every page of SHK post and even talking about SHK in non-SHKs articles..Besides what inappropriate comments was said about her? That she has lots of CF and look like a goddess? Do you call that inappropriate? Or did anyone say that he is beneath than some actresses in terms of beauty and popularity that being chased and admired 3 guys is not believable.

      • Now I remember, you are probably one of those posting greasy, cringy misleading promo information about her, PBG and her drama. I did comment about being against this. lol… So you think that comment was towards SHK? .. you kind thick that you think you representing her.. that anything was said against you was intended towards her too. hmm

      • I’m every page in SHK , yes, true AND “non SHK article” hahaha, are you dreaming? I wish I have much time and energy.
        I came here in this article because I like KHN, and here I found people brought up SHK.
        This article is not about SHk but about GHJ, you asking me what inappropriate comment about SHK, ???????, it’s good to stay Your Two cents “Neutral”.
        Oh yes, I wish and wish I can be SHK representatives, just wish for me that day to come.

      • I may misread your comment but yah at least I know you are one of those toxic SHK fans who keep parading how superior she is over other actress in almost all thread.

        SHK is good as she is and I am sure she is confident about it. But why her many ‘toxic’ fans sound so insecure.

        Ps. This comment is only intended to ‘toxic’ fans. I am sure majority of them are good confident fans of their idol.

      • Oh mo, hahaha which comment of mine parading her over other actresses ???
        Where where where ??
        Some of people here are insecure mentioning her name in GHJ article including youuuu lolzzzz.
        Telling people toxic and screaming preaching about constructive criticism, hahaha, too much of constructive criticism I guess.

      • You are delulu…you ask which article after all the talk…. read up because I tell you, you just unnecessary defensively responded to a comment without understanding the flow of the comments.

      • ???, accusing people for doing things without evidence, calling people toxic and delulu when out of reasoning
        it’s okay misty eyes. Go ahead and respond to my comment below to show you are the winner.

      • OH I forgot, no I’m not delulu, but you ARE ( evidences : dreaming me going to EVERY non SHK article,calling me toxic and accusing me parading SHK over other actresses, )
        My unnecessary comments? , what are yours???

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