After Kingdom, Netflix Produces Two More K-dramas Love Alarm and Because It’s My First Love

Streaming and rental entertainment giant Netflix got into K-dramas in a big way starting off 2019 with the well-received first season of zombie sageuk drama Kingdom. The second season for Kingdom is underway in filming but arriving before that will be two more Netflix produced K-dramas that veer in the opposite genre direction. There’s Love Alarm, based on a webtoon about a society disrupting app that rings your phone when someone who likes you is nearby. It will star Kim So Hyun with two rising young actors Jung Ga Ram and Song Kang. Love Alarm is set in high school but the other Netflix drama Because It’s My First Love moves older to college with Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon, and Jinyoung in a love triangle among good friends. Both dramas are slated for mid-2019 airing and I’m looking forward to both thanks to the casting and the Netflix track record of picking successful projects.


After Kingdom, Netflix Produces Two More K-dramas Love Alarm and Because It’s My First Love — 34 Comments

  1. There are 2 more Netflix dramas that are going into production this year and should arrive before the end of 2019. One is with Jung Yumi about nurse with supernatural abilities and another one with Yoon Hyun Min and Go Sung Hee. Netflix is very serious about its advent into Korean Original Dramas.

  2. Excited for Love Alarm! I think its planned to air in July which is so far! I’ve missed seeing KSH in a drama especially a high school drama! 😀

    • Wow got so much hate for something I dont really understand. Sorry but I will respect a rookie actor who climb up from nothing to a thing. There’s many rookie actor who suddenly become the male lead end up ruining his own drama, and of course their female lead. Sorry again if my standar for rookie actor not as low as all of you.

      • What is your standard for a rookie? A rookie means someone new. Is there such a thing as “high new” or “low new”??

    • Well actually, Kim So-hyun is paired with promising rookies. Jung Ga-ram has been praised for his supporting role in drama “Mistress”. He is young and doesn’t have much credit to his name but he stood on hiw own among more experienced co-stars.

    • Ji Soo is not an idol, so the drama is not really “totally idol”. JYC has good potential with some acting talent, she is not really promoted as an idol although she was briefly in a girl group which didn’t do much. It is nice to see Netflix having diverse genres.

      • Isn’t she the younger girl from Drinking Solo?

        She was good there, I don’t have a probkem with idols acting when they are not crappy (or have the decency to at least take small roles for a bit when starting out)

  3. Youth drama is not the best type in kdrama. I tend to prefer Japanese or Chinese/TW ones. It’s hard to judge the casting. In the Love Alarm except Kim So Hyun, I don’t know the actor and in Because it’s my first love Ji Soo can be good or bad, and the 2 others are pretty green. Personaly, I always find Jinyoung’s character annoying :p

    • Which Chinese and Japanese drama do you recommend? I’ve been on a korean drama dry spell. There hasn’t been much that has caught my interest

    • Age of Youth is one of the best youth dramas from any country and its a kdrama. I think korean youth dramas have a lot potential but its just under rated and unexplored. I’m glad Netflix decided to take the bull by its horns. Both dramas look good.

  4. My son is just into dramas. He likes ones with a supernatural/gaming aspect…Goblin, or Memories of Alhambra. I’ve been trying to show him “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. Anyone know where to watch that in the US?

    • MOA is more on gaming, but it is kinda violent with blood, swords, guns, dead bodies, zombies etc… Also he can try to watch W (by the same writer). I would not recommend Goblin – “stay away from the writer Kim Eun Sook” is what my brothers told me (they find her very very boring…. from a man’s perspective… LOL).

  5. What happen with the Kdrama My first first love? it’s Incomplete? I don’t like this end, please let me know, I need more chapters.

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