Joo Ji Hoon Lounges and Snacks by the Beach for New Arena Pictorial

If there is ever a K-ent comeback story more affirming that Joo Ji Hoon I’ve yet to see it, but then again he really had some luck coupled with copious amounts of hard work. Ten years ago in 2009 he was arrest for marijuana use and his sky rocketing career after Goong (Princess Hours) and Mawang (The Devil) ground to a screeching halt. He smartly enlisted in the military for his service duties, spending two years out of the limelight. He came back slowly after discharge working steadily but always getting K-netizen reminds and disapproval for his pot bust. All that seems to have finally faded in the last three years with the hit movies Along with the Gods and The Sky Gone North, and now with dramas Kingdom and Item. It probably helps that marijuana has gone in 10 years from illegal drug to legalized in many countries, so Joo Ji Hoon has earned his comeback and he’s looking way more confident and capable compared to his wilder youth days. I personally like him waaaay more nowadays as an actor.


Joo Ji Hoon Lounges and Snacks by the Beach for New Arena Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. Honestly the fact that his career suffered from pot use whilst others can assault women and get away with it is maddening
    I’m glad his career has recovered even if took so long. He is a good actor.

    • He really worked hard to improve – he wasn’t good in Goong but made much more unconventional role choices in the projects he did after that, and even won praise for Mawang at just 24-25.

      The marijuana thing was a massive setback but he’s been back from the military for 5+ years now and working the entire time, the difference in skill level between then and now is palpable. This is what it means to work hard and improve, not idol-actors or crappy actors in general mouthing empty words of “I’ll work hard/I know my acting is lacking” while continuing to look like they shooting for a cf instead of becoming their character.

      He’s good in Kingdom btw, the drama is so gross and scary I could only watch during daylight hours but he really suits the safeuk role.

      • I heard Item is bad (poor directing). I am staying away from that lead actress although I like JJH especially his movies. Have you watched it yet?

      • @candycane – I trried one episode of Item, did not make it all the way through.

        JJH was ok but that actress….yeah. Not worth the role or the time spent watching.

      • JJH comeback in drama is such a waste of time, better stay in movies and Netflix. Hope that actress can disappear so she won’t ruin another drama ?

  2. JJH made a smart move to focus on films these past few years and whilst it’s taken 4 years to return to dramas I wish that Item was on OCN minus JSY then it would be a hit! What a waste of talent and show to be languishing on 4-5% over at MBC.

  3. I like him a lot, but it’s only me who noticed that he did plastic surgery to have a V-line jaw?? I find it distracting every time I watch him now because I remember his face in Goong and the difference is big. He was gorgeous and more handsome as he was originally, he didn’t need to do that, it’s a pity. Maybe because I’m not Asian then I don’t get the beauty standards there? Well, this is not criticising his decision, I still love him and think that he’s charismatic and a good actor.

    • Agree. He was so handsome. Now its like he looks more sickly. I dont understand that jawline surgery. Its such a shame. I love a masculine jawline. Also not Asian.

    • I googled and landed on this page just because I was curious about the same thing, I am Asian but I agree he was gorgeous with his original jawline.

  4. I don’t see any difference in JJH’s looks compared to the past. Only difference is that he looks older and more rugged. He was never conventionally handsome anyway. A lot of commenters here like to beat up on JSY, but I have to say though I’m no fan of hers and have had some issues with her roles in past dramas, but in Item, she’s OK and holding her own. I’m following all episodes in this drama and she’s not a weak link by any means. The role doesn’t require serious emoting. Instead of directing issues, I’d much rather say that there are some editing issues with some scenes in the drama. I’m enjoying the uncommon plot and praise the network for trying something different.

  5. Joo ji Hoon very good and charismatic actor, when watching kingdom I’m only focus with him, rye seung ryong and jung suk won (to bad he die in ep.2). Kingdom doesn’t need bae donna acting cause her voice very annoying in saeguk, she acting like in crime mystery drama. Just because she has career in her doesn’t mean she good acting in drama. Just look how she is in best divorced and kingdom. I hope after this flop item drama he stay away from kdramaland and just focus in movie.

  6. Yes Item is bad. I tried till epi 4 but have no freaking idea what it is trying to say. There are so many subplots and scattered characters. Looks like a highly OCN-inspired work but failing terribly. Pity the 2 male leads.

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