jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Wraps with High 9.731% Ratings and Resounding Viewer Praise

The bar has been set for the best K-drama of 2019 and it’s jTBC Mon-Tues offering The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling). Everyone else, to the left, to the left please. Starting with 3.185% ratings, the drama has gone up up and up in viewers to end with this Tuesday’s final episode 12 ratings of 9.731%. It’s officially jTBC’s third highest rated drama of all time after Sky Castle and Women of Dignity. Yet another female-focused drama to win the hearts, so proud and impressed with jTBC creating and backing such substantive and worthwhile shows. Light was a complete drama with every character eliciting emotions from me, with the performances equally as on point. Female leads Kim Hye Ja and Han Ji Min playing the younger/older versions of the same character were revelations, the best I’m seen from Han Ji Min and perhaps one of Kim Hye Ja’s top three roles in terms of required range. The cast attended the drama wrap party on Tuesday in pouring rain and will also get a cast reward trip next month, well deserved and a great big thank you for creating this meaningful drama to remind us of why life is precious.


jTBC Drama The Light in Your Eyes Wraps with High 9.731% Ratings and Resounding Viewer Praise — 10 Comments

  1. I love this drama so much. It make me laugh and cry at the same time. Han Ji Min, Kim Hye Ja, and Nam Joo Hyuk did an astounding job with their characters. Nam Joo Hyuk improved alot and I’m loving him. His chemistry with Han Ji Min is just amazing. OMG my Ji Min is so good and lovely. Please just give her a good role then she’ll shine.

  2. Congratulations to The Light in Your Eyes teams. This drama is very good and heartwarming with a beautiful message behind it. I almost dropped it after episode 3 because the brother is so annoying and Kim Hye Ja is so cringeworthy with her aigoo. So glad I didn’t dropped it. All the main cast did very well delivering their character. The chemistry between Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk is amazingly cute. I’m so glad Han Ji Min has become such a great actress. I never really like her acting compare to all the other actresses around her because she is very bad and boring. Not until I decided to watch all her recent works from The Age of Shadow, Miss Baek, Familiar Wife, and now The Light In Your Eyes. She really is a strong actress who can really act. I will even prefer her among all the other big names actress now. I recall dislike her so much in Hyde Jekyll Me because she is so bad compare to Hyun Bin. Hehe not anymore because I would prefer her acting over Hyun Bin now. So happy that Nam Joo Hyuk decided to play this drama. He is improving so much too. My favorite drama right now.

  3. This was the best drama I’ve seen in years. I really urge everyone to watch it. It really took courage to write something like this and force the audience to stick around for the payoff in the end. It did really payoff though. Just amazing and one of the best “twists” I’ve ever seen written. The whole cast was amazing and I’ll miss Hye Ja and Joon Ha and everyone so much.

  4. This drama is one of the finest. Huge congrats to team. I was annoyed at ha jimin acting in first epi but she was very good in last 2 episode especially in scenes with her son. Nam joo hyuk was phenomenal and ofcourse kim hyeja was soul of this drama.

  5. This drama has the best twist that i have watched in my entire kdrama watching. Actors are all good. A very good drama. I hope everyone can watch it as it has a lot of life lessons. Life your life in the present. It is really deserving of it’s title dazzling. Very beautiful. Han ji min has been great in her recent projects. Best actress indeed.

  6. I love everyone! I laughed so much at the rescue operation, it holds so much deeper meaning while providing us with humor of these elderly. Son Ho Jun should do another drama in a comedic role.. He is absolutely hilarious and unbelievably ridiculous! Thank you for all the laughter, heartaches and tears!

  7. I’ve got this down to binge over a weekend and always had a soft spot for HJM but since there was no write up on Romance is a bonus book I’m sorry to drop this here but I want to say that this was a beautifully written and executed 16 episode drama and not a beat was missed with everything tidied up in the end. I felt like it was my tonic after a hard week of reading up on sordid k pop news andI particularly liked all the supporting cast and seeing their journey unfold and happily resolved. I watched that drama forJung Eugene and am totally hoping that she scores a main lead role soon. ❤️

  8. It was a wonderful drama. Everyone played their parts to the tee. Kudos especially to Nam Joo Hyuk who managed to change my mind about his acting skills (I was wary at first but was pleasantly surprised in the end). I can say he’s definitely improved a lot since his last stint in ‘Bride of the Water God’ (he was pretty bland/stiff as Habaek) that I’m even surprising myself in looking forward to his future projects from now on…This drama has left a lasting impression on me. Last time it happened to me was for ‘Mother’ and ‘My Ahjussi’. Give me more dramas like this.

  9. I cried buckets at the last episode
    This was a fine fine fine! Drama
    The last scene was just beautifully written and shot
    And NJH seriously – he didn’t have to do much wrong as I think he suited the role physically to the tee but he brought a layer of vulnerability to it which I didn’t expect. The scene with them bathing the baby together and his tearing eyes when the child held his finger was just so good.

    Everyone was a star in this show.
    The mother sweeping the snow and her son realizing it has always been her – made me literally sob audibly with him.
    I haven’t watch much dramas that touch me like this.
    This is one to remember !

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