Shin Mina Makes TV Comeback as Lee Jung Jae’s Leading Lady in Political K-drama Aide

The name recognition and experience upgrade in the female lead in K-drama is like switching from JV to varsity overnight. K-actress Shin Mina is confirmed to make a return to the small screen as the leading lady in the political drama Aide. It would her first K-drama in 2 years since Tomorrow With You, which was meh for me and same with her drama prior to that Oh My Venus. I’m hoping this is third time the charm to break out of her poor drama picking slump and she’s got a very high profile leading man in Lee Jung Jae making his first drama comeback in over a decade. The first name attached to this drama is Elliya (Elijah) Lee who is really a supporting actress at best with her experience level but is coming off a buzzy drama playing the villainness in An Empress’s Dignity. I’m way more feeling the Shin Mina-Lee Jung Jae pairing as dueling political adversaries turned romantic. Aide will air on jTBC Fri-Sat after Beautiful World this June.


Shin Mina Makes TV Comeback as Lee Jung Jae’s Leading Lady in Political K-drama Aide — 7 Comments

  1. Oh My Venus was an amazing drama. Don’t know why people are always so harsh on it. She and SJS were phenomenal and their chemistry was so natural.

    • It started off well and Shin Min Ah/So Ji Sub’s performances and chemistry were excellent but it lagged a bit in the middle imo. I feel like KBS dramas in that time slot back then were just underappreciated, like this and Sassy Go Go (unusual high school drama that actually focuses on students studying and being in school, not running around trying to be idols and celebrities)

      In any case, I think Shin Min Ah can be quite a good actress and a political drama is an interesting way to expand her skills, she’s mainly known for romcoms so far.

  2. Oh My Venus was so boring I would fall asleep at the 10 min mark each time before finally calling it quits. However Tomorrow With You is an absolutely underrated gem and had so much chemistry. I don’t really care about her drama or role choices because they don’t define her or what she’s capable of. There aren’t enough good scripts these days which is why many good actors end up doing really bad dramas. Triple was a horrible drama as well but Lee Jung Jae is still Lee Jung Jae. What I’m bothered about is why are they splitting it into 2 seasons and airing them just 4 months apart? Makes no sense.

  3. Why only 10 episodes according to Asianwiki. Anyway Im Happy for SMA return and I like the storyline so it’s something to look forward to.

  4. Tomorrow With You is such an underrated gem. I’ve rewatched it countless times. Some of the best romantic chemistry I’ve seen on screen.

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