Second Week for Her Private Life Keeps Ratings Steady in Mid-2% with Strong OTP Chemistry and a Sweet Story

Second week is always the stay or drop moment for most of my K-dramas and thankfully tvN Wed-Thurs rom-com Her Private Life solidified all my pre-airing excitement for it. It’s so darn sweet and sincere, writing two very likable leads and sticking them in fun situations to build their romance and chemistry. It’s basically K-drama rom-com 101 done right because of Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. If it wasn’t them I may not be as enamored, but he plays Ryan with warm aloofness and a decent heart and her Deok Mi is competent yet girly with a side of fangirl silly. Their romance has all the hallmarks of perfect together but would never happen but for all the shenanigans and coincidences that keep bringing them together. His offer to be her pretend boyfriend to keep the crazed fangirls away is a fresh reason to pretend date, I love these two so much and they are as visually in sync as I expected. This one is a keeper!


Second Week for Her Private Life Keeps Ratings Steady in Mid-2% with Strong OTP Chemistry and a Sweet Story — 42 Comments

  1. Kim jae wook better to play as villian and this drama hard to watch cause park min young face change in every new drama?????. Second yoo in na plastic surgery monster.

  2. It’s fluffy but he’s so charming and sweet. I think her character feels a bit too similar to Secretary Kim but still loveable.

  3. I enjoyed watching this, my big problem just cha sian character, trying to act as a cute guy, but end up look so creepy. Btw I love park minyoung and kim jaewook and understand there’s many people who cant related to this drama, thats why the rating not that good.

  4. The timing is wrong for this drama. Touch your heart was already a over-saturation of fluff now this. The saccharine content has gone beyond acceptable levels with these two dramas. They should have put something else after touch your heart before they bought on her private life.

  5. It’s a fluffy no brainer easy watch drama and I’m liking the storyline and cast 4 episodes in. I think the ratings are indicative of Korean audiences not over WWWSK/PMY and PSJ dating scandal last year and are miffed it wasn’t true so they’re taking their backlash out on this drama. Mid 2% is I guess bearable nothing to write home about but I do hope it does hit 3,4,5% etc as the weeks go on. Even Touch my heart was averaging 3to 4% but unfortunately I didn’t really stick around to see it end.

    • Most Drama watchers dont really care abt that,its already old news,comments in naver dont even mention abt the dating just its same with wwsk but only in 1st epi, commenters in 2nd to 4th epi are the people who really watch it, not much since the rating is low,

    • Obviously, the entire dating scandal was a marketing strategy where PMY was a clear beneficiary as she rekindled media and corporate interest in her. Suddenly, she is deemed as “woman in love”, evidently from the endorsements which portrayed her as highly desirable.

      • Agree that the whole dating delusion benefited PMY. Her endorsements were mostly about her being loved. On the other hand, PSJ’s image took a beating.

      • PSJ will return. Not sure about PMY though. She cannot headline any drama. This drama may be the last draw in her rom-com category ?

    • I recently found a post on Reddit linking to an article about TV ratings and according to that, Her Private Life is doing very poorly in viewership as the average rating of cable dramas last year is equal to more or less 5.0%. This low rating is confusing to me. PMY is a popular actress and this show has no rival over on Wednesdays & Thursdays, so it’s weird seeing the drama suffering from those disappointing numbers. The post:

  6. I’m loving this drama, the pair are adorable and the plot is gold. It does have the “it” factor that’s missing from Touch Your Heart (a drama I dropped after episode 6) and WWWSK which the public adored but was bland to me. PMY and KJW are playing their parts to perfection, but I guess the public isn’t ready for two PMY back to back rom-coms. Which is a shame as she really shines in these roles. The plastic surgery on her face is a tad distracting, I admit. But as she can still emote, it’s all good.

  7. The low ratings are unsurprising. As highlighted by others, PMY doesn’t possess the star power to pull in ratings. She had been riding on the popularity of more popular previous costars such as LMH, JCW & PSJ. Very painful to watch her acting childish and cutesy at her age, with her artificially enhanced face. KJW, being the saving grace, is more suited for serious and mature genres. He is on the rise since The Guest and hope this won’t affect him.

  8. Wow, they look really good together. Park Min Young is so pretty! She looks really good with Kim Jae Wook.

    Wow, what is with the comments section of this blog….what is wrong with Plastic surgery? Honestly, in South Korea it is accepted practice. It is not different than enhancing your looks with Makeup. No one has very red lips, nor does one have very dark liners on their eyes.

    Anyways, sounds like jealous shallow people commenting…..

    • I have to disagree with you on your “jealous shallow people” comment. What is to be jealous about? PMY PS? Everyone knows her whole face got worked on. I have watched many of her dramas and I agree with @Adal that she looks a bit overdone in this one. Her acting is pretentious and cringy. Rating shows. Not everyone likes Barbie, not everyone likes cotton candy, and they are not all shallow people. I used to support PMY before but not with her performance in this. Different tastes, no need to get personal.

  9. This show is gonna help KJW achieve more international fans since they refuse to watch anything but romance. Anyway, the show is not doing well domestically because most people in Korea can’t relate to the fangirl culture highlighted in this drama. The heroine is too old for this sort of immaturity. Perhaps this scenario would have worked with a younger heroine or
    if, like Reply 1997, they pointed out how toxic her obsessive fangirlism is. Unfortunately, the show seems to be validating her nonsense. That said, PMY and KJW already have better chemistry than all her other pairings, especially the famed WWWSK pairing. PSJ’s rising stardom, her wardrobe and the forced raunchy scenes saved that drama. Plus it was on at the time of the romcom void. This one, however, is preceded by a romcom. Don’t think the ratings will get better due to the unrelatable content and bad timing but I hope the show maintains the chemistry between the leads. It’s after a long time that I see a pair in a proper romcom with good chemistry.

    • They are completely waste in this OTT cutesy drama. Their visuals are complimentary and would have been better in an action thriller of sort or a historical melodrama. Even something like Save Me would have been a better use of their chemistry.

    • Story is ridiculous – Can’t accept a 30+ career woman crazily fangirling a boy who’s almost half her age. I would understand if her character had been supporting the same idol since young but affections would have simmered due to other priorities in life – career & family commitments. Even her best pal is already a mother and all the other crazy fan girls are teenagers.

    • as an international kdrama lover i Watch actually more non romantic dramas . Last year , Life on Mars, Misty, Live, Save me(2017) , …were my favs when i dropped rom com as Why secretary Kim ?, and the ones with Nam gong min, Yoo Seung Ho,…

    • Totally agree that PMY’s chemistry with KJW is way better than with PSJ. Not sure why people always think raunchy scenes = amazing chemistry. In WWWSK I couldn’t feel the romantic chemistry at all.. they just seemed like boss and subordinate to me.

  10. I am really enjoying this. Nothing too cringey and I don’t see overacting. I’m getting a lot of lol moments. PMY and KJW are both gorgeous and acting well for their roles. The friends are doing great as well. I’m just looking forward for the next episodes.

    As for the ratings, there’s only 1 drama doing better in the Wed-Thu slot. The rest incl this one is at the same range.

  11. Bad timing, after “Touch your heart” which was a big disapointment in my opinion, this one is one of the same kind. I was hoping for something different. I like both actors but i don’t feel any romantic chemistry . Ratings seem to give me reason.

    • No romantic chemistry yet as the 2 leads are still not drawn to each other in the earlier episodes but their offscreen chemistry and closeness are evidently felt in BTS.

  12. I like the storyline of how a professional educated 30 year old woman goes to great lengths to keep her ‘vice’ secret. Her obsession over her idol is basically her life and her day job is just her front and bread n butter. I feel that PMY can’t shake off WWWSK so this has tainted her character in HPL as being similar with no change. KJW doesn’t need to worry as he’s got a huge international fan base that love him in whatever he does. He just has to stand there and breathe and we go ga ga over him. I enjoy Dramabeans episode recaps but they’ve only had one posted so far and the pic of HPL is not even featured in their Dramas recaps So dont know what is happening there. I’m also keen on the brother’s story arc and the best friend and what happens there.

    • Most ifans like to watch romcom, drama with otp,they dont bother to watch other genre, he wasnt even just 2nd lead or 3rd lead fr his previous dramas but a villain,thats why most of knets comments saying they are watching it for him, coz its his 1st lead and change of character, but some are questioning his choice,

    • KJW actually doesn’t have a strong fan base. Most feels he should be a lead long time ago but that does not mean those are his fans, it’s just a common comment from drama watchers, same applies for Im Joo Hwan. KJW has acting skill but no star power. When the story is weak, people move on. KJW probably has less fans than Lee Dong Wook. Rating shows.

  13. I think its because people on K-drama twitter and blogs always root for him to be the leading actor and say how he is underrated, that it gives people the impression that he has strong fanbase internationally. I think he is generally well-liked, but don’t really have a strong fanbase like the real hallyu actors.

    • Yes I agree @ Deidre it’s an impression given that he has a strong international fan base and I’m certainly impressed.I mean I’m a diehard fan of KJW and I’m not fussed if he has a following or not. What matters is that he finally has been recognised as a rom com lead. Given that he can only go on up from there. One thing though he’s got charisma, credibility as an actor and is cool what more can you ask for.

      • Do u even understand what deidre mean, she means kjw dont have strong fanbase, its what u said in ur comment that he have huge intl. Fanbase,what is der to agree with her,it is just an impression means its illusion,delusion, blog,kdramatw handled by 1 person hyping him isnt being popular internationally

  14. What’s your problem @ma llyanne I know perfectly well what she meant and I agreed with her interpretation of an ‘impression’ given. You certainly didn’t read my post correctly. Go on re read Deidre’s post and then re read my post and if you still don’t click let me know and I’ll spell it out for you word.for.word. Anyway why are you even remotely concerned if he has a huge international fan base or not? Please don’t make me out to be a dumbo because seriously…I’m not. You just need to comprehend better.

    • I read ur 1st post, and since she told u that its coz of those blog post, now u are changing tone, since u are post is misleading, and when people told u otherwise, u quickly makely 360degrees turn,and this is q discussion blog, if people corrected u, u shld counterback with facts not some post abt me being concerned.

  15. Okay since you want to go down this track let’s go however it’s a 180 turn not 360 and it’s not my 1st post which is way at the top it’s my 2nd post and your concern was with my statement ‘huge international fanbase’ which you took exception to. Deidre replied and clarified what the impression was with people commenting on KJW drama roles and seeing him in rom com leads and this is what I agreed with her on. It was my opinion he had a ‘huge international fan base’ having fan meetings in Japan and Hong Kong years ago so I guess I took that as a given. You on the other hand wanted to keep this going and to correct me for what reason? Why are you concerned in particular if he has an huge international fanbase or not or why do you even care? Back at you.

  16. Both don’t have chemitry. They might be will have good chemistry in different setting in any other drama. But not in this drama. It’s really hard creating chemistry i guess. Same with my opinion about Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin. I tjought they will have great chemistry.

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