Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo Show Off Bromance in New Leon Pictorial

The sun is low and the boys are out to play, in the case of grown up puppy boys Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk. I need their fans to tell me if the two were friends from a long time ago or they become the close friends they are today thanks to playing brothers in the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin known as Moon Lovers. Each is currently carving out their own path in K-drama land, with Nam Joo Hyuk finally gaining some acting credibility in The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling) and Ji Soo keeping steady in doing lots of drama and getting his first rom-com leading man role in Because Its My First Love. This Leon pictorial is most notable for how good they look together, there’s a visual synergy between them with a one-two punch in top model handsome looks.


Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo Show Off Bromance in New Leon Pictorial — 18 Comments

  1. This bromance is seriously enviable and they always look so happy together. They met on the BBJX set and hit it of like house on fire.

  2. Damn they look good! To hell with YSH fans on Soompi who called them and SKJ just only ‘trending’ actors who are only popular for now. Damn they be trending for years and NJH been winning some big awards recently. They are hallyu stars now because they worked their way up one drama role at a time. RESPECT.

    • Is this true? How narcissistic of them. He has been acting for 20 years without any improvement but these boys have shown so much growth in a short time to become the actors they are today. Silly argument from their side.

      • Don’t come for YSH acting that is not a problem in his career. He just has made bad drama choices.

      • Are you serious? His acting has been the same for all his dramas post military release. Bad eye for scripts? Which part of Weightlifting Fairy or Bride of the Water God screamed good writing? Its time to move on from the rose colored lens of YSH acting since its quite crap and he lacks the it factor.

    • Dissing so-called newbie actors for a so-called veteran actor? How immature and insecure is his fandom? Joohyuk just won a ton of awards and is being lauded for his last to performances. Do they not know the difference between trending and critically acclaimed? Well these so-called trending actors will keep landing diverse roles and proving who the Real actor is.

    • His fandom is a bunch of immature people who think he is still in his hey days. Boy is now old and struggling to act while much better actors are easily surpassing. I’m not even surprised since he himself said he never actually wanted to be an actor. He has no drive or determination to prove himself. Look YJG out there working his butt off dram after drama after drama instead of running away to the military and these boys as well.

      • …..Yoo Seung Ho is 25 years old, as are NJH and SKJ. Ji Soo is now 26. 26 > 25.

        How is YSH then “old” while the others are “young”?

    • I’ve noticed too that YSH soompi thread is toxic. They have such elitist notions about other artists not being upto his level. His fandom is loserdom.

  3. Congratulation for my bae nam joohyuk for top the list of top new generation in k movie industry and number two in top new generation in kdrama industry ? I love how he take a new project already

  4. What does YSH stand for, and why should we talk about his lousy fandom on a post meant for these 2 fine boys? My love for NJH strengthened as I saw how he stood strong amidst all the negative feedbacks on his acting. Obviously he took those comments to heart but fought back by not letting them get him down, instead he must have done something bts to become better. Also, anyone seen him in Coffee Friends? You can tell how sincere and earnest and kind he is with his quiet demeanor. I know some of you might say it’s all scripted, but watch it and don’t tell me you don’t believe that’s his true nature.

    • People are just jealous of NJH and his extreme popularity and good nature that they feel the need to degrade him. He keeps landing these major shows with real actresses and directors ofcourse people feel threatened.

  5. I have liked JS since Angry Mom and Fantastic and I like YSH in TMWSTR too plus NJH was good in WLFKB and The Great Battle. Either way they’re all super talented, gorgeous and working hard overall. ❤️ I want JS in a rom com as lead.

    • Same here, really liked Ji Soo in Angry Mom and especially Sassy Go Go, always hoped he could do a drama lead role someday.

      I watched his new Netflix drama My First First Love and totally recommend it, it’s really charming and sweet and he has wonderful chemistry with Jung Chae Yeon.

  6. wow… how the heck is YSH brought to this discussion? NJH is great in Dazzling, he shines, he does very very well, way better than all of his previous dramas. YSH may have to wait for his turn for a good project with the right director.

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