Kim Eun Sook of Mr. Sunshine and Goblin Fame Prepping New K-drama for March 2020

The superstar is coming back and if anyone doubts this upcoming K-drama isn’t going to do gangbuster ratings needs to swallow the naysayer pill. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook is prepping her next K-drama, which we all expected of course but now there is concrete confirmation that her next series will air in March 2020. The genre, plot, and even general theme hasn’t been announced yet but she’s been running through diverse plots so anything is possible.

In reverse chronological order of her most recent hits: period patriotic sageuk Mr. Sunshine, fantasy romance Goblin, medical military melodrama Descendants of the Sun, and teen richie rich riff Heirs, and let’s not forget her shooting for the stars with soul-swapping rom-com Secret Garden. She makes anything work AND brings in the top names along with ratings. If she was an investor I would give her all my money and follow her stock picks, just sayin’.


Kim Eun Sook of Mr. Sunshine and Goblin Fame Prepping New K-drama for March 2020 — 34 Comments

  1. I love her works and CANT WAIT. Yes, i am one of her biggest fans. Even some people said her works were cheesy, bla bla bla… I just like most of her projects. She’s a genius and yes, if she was an investor, i wont mind give her all my money. Lols

    • I know PDNim KES is looking for an A List Actors on her 2020 drama. I am wishing she will colloborate with KimSoohyun. I know this is the best timing these two will join forces.

      • Yeeeess, kim soo hyun is my top list fave actor… I hope so. I also hope for wonbin’s comeback in dramaland.

  2. I’m curious about her plot this time as well. She’s a definite hitmaker and always manages to generate buzz, hype and excitement over her scripts which translate to good ratings, whether one personally cares for her dramas or not. Personally, I loved DOTS for its originality (though it had some flaws), fell in love with Goblin; couldn’t finish Mr. Sunshine (I dropped it mid-way – no regrets) and utterly detested Heirs, but still I’m excited whenever I learn she’ll be releasing a new script. Fingers crossed that it’ll be good 🙂

  3. Love DOTs, goblin, detested Heirs and Cannot pass episode 3 of Secret Garden.
    Haven’t watched Mr.Sunshine yet so no comment.

  4. Neither DOTS nor GOBLIN. “The City Hall” is the best for me. And CSW and KSA are the most beautiful and favorite couple of my personal KDrama history.

    • I only like 2 of her dramas “City hall” wich is on of my fav rom com ,the couple was just fantastic , that’s what i call explosive chemistry and “gentleman’s dignity”. Dropped DOTS and Goblin and didn’t Watch MR Sunshine . I ‘m not fond of her cheesy scripts but it seems that’s what the audience wants . Who will be the lucky actors ?

    • Agreed!! City Hall is definitely my favorite KES drama by far. I didn’t like Heirs and I liked Secret Garden for the leads. I haven’t liked one since then though.

      Just personal preference – not saying they were not good – just not for me.

      • I stand corrected – I forgot that I really liked A Gentleman’s dignity a lot as well.

  5. DOTS and Secret Garden are the only 2 I’ve started and watched to the end. That is it. Noh Hee Kyung is my perennial favourite scriptwriter for K dramas am waiting for her next drama to drop.She is a legend. ❤️

  6. Heirs is the worst! Secret Garden started off ok but I could not finish. Goblin and DOTS are heavily complimented by its beautiful cinematography, without the foreign location sets (e.g Quebec for Goblin, Greece for DOTS), I think her cheesy scripts would not gather the same achievements. Did not watch Mr Sunshine so no comment. Wonder who she will cast in this next drama? She usually won’t repeat her leads so at least we know who will be out 🙂

  7. I don’t really like or watch her shows, but it’d be nice if she used her fame to do another Heirs with a huge cast that will propel a lot of talented rookies that need it to fame or at least get noticed.

    Her most recent works just built on already popular male leads.

  8. Gentleman’s Dignity and Mr. Sunshine are by far my favotiret KDramas. I am a big fan of hers. Definitely even so after Mr. Sunshine! I’ve alareay said that Mr. Sunshine was almost Game of Thrones level of story telling.

    Trying to brain storm on who she might go with and in terms of Male Leads I feel like
    Kim Woo Bin – Jo In Sung – Park Seo Joon – Jung Hae In – So Ji Sub – Joo Won. I hope she doesnt go for Park Bo Gum.

    I really hope she does a Jo in Sung and Yeo Jin Goo combo.

    female leads I feel like we might get JJH, Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga in, Han hyo joo

    I would love a Soo ae and Nana combo. (Kim Yoo Jung or Kim So Hyun) will work too.

  9. Honestly the only her drama I finished was goblin, and still its because of gongyoo not because the plot. For me the story full of filler. But lets saying that mayority of people like it.
    She always work with super popular A list actor as her main lead, it will be another hallyu hit if she casted Park bogum, but he’s always prefer the older one, so it will be wonbin or kim soohyun I guess.

    • it will be a lot of convincing to get Won Bin to act again (I like him). KSH is good too for his comeback drama after MS (he will be discharged soon), hopefully also with Taecyeon as a sidekick (hey… Dream High… post military reunion?). Two real soldiers for DOTS 2? Cheers!

  10. I watched On Air and City Hall way back, and liked both. I also liked Goblin. Other than that, either I have no feelings for the drama or I didn’t even watch them.

    Can I just hope Jung Kyung Ho or Shin Sung Rok gets a chance to be a part of her drama. They don’t have a huge fanbase and they are not part of the Hallyu wave, so a supporting/2nd lead or villain role will do.

    As a fan, I really want these 2 to hit big. I feel that both of them are underrated for their talent and screen presence. If they get an opportunity to work with a hitmaker writer, I might be the happiest fan. Hahaha

      • I hope she’ll go for underrated talents or new faces for her next drama. Like how Reply series catapulted the relatively unknown casts to new heights.

        But based on her previous projects, it seems she likes blockbusters which will require more money, hence more investors are needed. So its inevitable that she recruits trendy popular hallyu wave actors. Huhu

  11. The article said its 20 to 30 yrs old lead but not sure yet, and a sageuk,and she does cast popular but not always on the hallyu level, and its more the possibility that its fr an agency under cjem,since its studio dragon,

    • Its 20 to 30 yrs? No wonbin then
      No wonder people recommended Kim soohyun and Park bogum, they have big saeguk projects before. Yeah why not both

  12. Of all her works, I enjoyed City Hall the most. It was also probably one of her simplest dramas. Nothing extravagant, yet was so inspiring! My most re-watched K-drama.

    Had an awesome journey with Goblin. It was epic for me in every way. Though considering the length, haven’t gotten round to re-watching.

    Mr. Sunshine was good and as far as I am concerned, achieved what it set out to do.

    I enjoyed Secret Garden, mostly because of the characters and hoping some day there will be a reunion between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.

    DOTS, never got past the first few minutes of the first episode…will try again someday.

    Heirs was probably the biggest disappointment, and waste of talent, yet I still watched it to completion.

  13. I can’t wait for another Kim Eun Sook drama saga. She is my fave writer! I watched all her of projects and enjoyed them. My wish list is either Ji Chang Wook or Park Seo Joon for her lead actor 🙂

  14. I’ve only watched her dramas that have lead actors I like and if the characters match, so I couldn’t watch goblin or mr.sunshine, the age gap was a big factor.

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