Park Yoochun Confesses to Drug Use After Formal Police Arrest

You reap what you sow is how the saga of fallen K-pop singer and actor Park Yoochun‘s legacy will be when all is said and done. The recently arrested star has confessed to drug use during the most recent round of police investigation after he was officially booked on drug charges. It was a fast two and a half week turnaround from when Park Yoochun held a tearful and angry press conference on April 10th claiming he has never used drugs and is not the unknown friend A in former fiancee Hwang Hana‘s police investigation reports who supplied and used drugs with her.

Turns out he is exactly that, having been caught on security videos withdrawing money and leaving it for a drug dealer and picking up a bag of drugs after. He also shaved all his body hair and dyed his head hair in an attempt to remove all hair strands that could test positive for drug use, which wasn’t enough as police found hair on his legs that tested positive. After denying any knowledge of how drugs entered his system last week, this week Yoochun has come clean and admitted to using drugs with Hwang Nana and that’s that folks. If any of his fans can still support him and excuse his behavior that’s not for me to stop but I can say for certain his career is over this time.


Park Yoochun Confesses to Drug Use After Formal Police Arrest — 5 Comments

  1. Wow all those years of work have gone completely down the drain—we will probably never know about him and his ex in the future but it looks like they’ll be shredding each other in their testimony. He was barely hanging on but now he has jumped off a cliff. My crystal ball says she will be sentenced with probation but since he got the drugs he’ll be doing time. I am afraid that bankruptcy is also in his future.

  2. While he is not by any measure a talented actor, he was not bad either. His acting is quite watchable… don’t follw his music though. I think it’s such a pity that he threw a good career down the drain just like that.

    Not sure if the drugs came before toilet fiasco or he spiralled out of control after that. Hopefully he reflects if and when he serves time and cleans up his act. He may just get second chance after some years in jail and away from K-ent and the public may just be more forgiving of someone who is duly punished and paid penance.

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