K-netizens Discuss the Complex Collapse of Once Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in that Only One of the Leads is Scandal Free

I thought Sungkyunkwan Scandal was basically un-re-watchable after the Park Yoochun toilet scandal, and even more so with his drug arrest and myriad additional subsequent scandals after. But now K-netizens are saying its unfathomable levels of un-re-watchable with only one remaining non-scandal ridden star among the four leads namely Song Joong Ki. With Yoo Ah In‘s propofol investigation and Park Min Young‘s dating a scammer (and her own older sister worked at that guy’s company), the drama has collapsed so completely from what was a career launching hit for said four leads. I would also add that there are two deaths too – supporting actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away a few years later and then veteran Jo Min Ki committed suicide after his Me Too allegations. I lived through and still fondly remember the SS craze when all the I-netzs loved the drama and everyone had a fave lead among the three.

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Seoul Court Legally Bars Park Yoochun From Any Entertainment Industry Activities as Korean Police Charge Park Yoo Hwan for Smoking Marijuana in Thailand in December 2020

These two are unrelated legal woes but it’s the same set of siblings and also happening in the same week span. Former high flying idol-actor Park Yoochun, who has been residing in scandal plagued exile for sexually assaulting a woman … Continue reading