Kim Hye Ja and Jung Woo Sung Take Home the Drama and Movie Daesangs at the 2019 Baeksang Arts Award

The 2019 Baeksang Arts Award was actually good for once, the winners moreso than the fashion which remains an uninspiring and safe sea of black and white gowns. Veteran queen Kim Hye Ja deservingly took home the Daesang (Grand Prize) for the television drama section for her performance as the older female lead in The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling). Her drama counterpart Han Ji Min didn’t win Drama Best Actress but did win Movie Best Actress for her big screen role in Miss Baek. What a great one-two win for the ladies. Taking home the other Daesung was Jung Woo Sung for Innocent Witness and he and Kim Hye Ja were just adorable posing together. Other major winners include Lee Byung Hun for drama Best Actor in Mr. Sunshine and Yeom Jung Ah for Best Actress in Sky Castle, and Lee Sung Min as the movie Best Actor in The Spy Gone North. Spy also won Best Film and in the television side Best Drama went to My Ahjusshi, woo hoo! Check out all the winners and fashion looks below.

2019 Baeksang Arts Award Winners:


Daesang: Jung Woo Sung ‘Innocent Witness’

Best Film: ‘The Spy Gone North’

Best Actor: Lee Sung Min ‘The Spy Gone North’

Best Actress: Han Ji Min ‘Miss Baek’

Best New Actor: Kim Young Kwang ‘On Your Wedding Day’

Best New Actress: Lee Jae In ‘Svaha: The Sixth Finger’

Best Supporting Actor:
Kim Joo Hyuk ‘Believer’

Best Supporting Actress: Kwon So Hyun ‘Miss Baek’

Best New Director: Lee Ji Won ‘Miss Baek’

Best Director: Kang Hyung Chul ‘Swing Kids’

Best Scenario: Kim Tae Gyun & Kwang Kyung Taek ‘Dark Figure of Crime’

Arts Award: Hong Kyung Pyo ‘Burning’


Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Hae Ja ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ (Dazzling)

Best Drama: ‘My Ahjusshi’

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun ‘Mr. Sunshine’

Best Actress: Yeom Jung Hwa ‘Sky Castle’

Best New Actor: Jang Ki Yong ‘Come and Hug Me’

Best New Actress: Kim Hye Yoon ‘Sky Castle’

Best Supporting Actor: Kim Byung Chul ‘Sky Castle’

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Eun ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ (Dazzling)

Art Direction Award: Park Sung Jin ‘Memories of Alhambra’

Best Screenplay: Cho Hyun Tak ‘Sky Castle’

Best Script: Park Hye Young ‘My Mister’

V Live Popularity Award (Female): IU

V Live Popularity Award (Male): Do Kyung Soo

Bazaar Icon Award: Kim Hye Soo


Kim Hye Ja and Jung Woo Sung Take Home the Drama and Movie Daesangs at the 2019 Baeksang Arts Award — 18 Comments

  1. The 3 ladies won for Miss Baek and they are really deserving. Awards are also evenly distributed and i agree with the winners. Miss Baek and the light in your eyes are 2 of the best projects of han ji min to date. Great movie and drama.

  2. Congrats to all winners!

    Fyi, Han Ji Min was not nominated in drama best actress category, so she wouldn’t have an opportunity to win it. Kim Hye Ja was nominated in that category for Dazzling. Regardless, the competition was tight for Drama Best Actress Category, I wouldn’t be surprised if any one of the actresses nominated bagged the award. picture for Lee Honey’s dress? She was amazing in red in the sea of black, white and pale pastel dresses. Another actress who wore a fantastic colour was Lee Jung Eun (best supporting actress winner), she wore an electric blue suit. Hoho

  3. So many “lost brides” as someone somewhere referred to these actresses in beautiful, but boring white gowns.

  4. While I am beyond happy that “My Ajusshi” won Best TV Drama and Best TV Script, I am disappointed that Lee Seon Kyun didn’t nab that Best Actor award which he clearly deserves it more than anyone. Put Lee Byung Hun or any less talented actor in Park Dong Hoon’s role and I can assure you that he will easily come across as sleazy hitting on young girl. It’s because of LSK’s great acting that the drama resonated in all the right emotion. Alas, they just need to reward Lee Byung Hun in every award ceremony, don’t they? Even when he successfully made a dull character even more boring. No complaint over the rest, basically the rest of the winners are pretty much expected and deserving.

    • I’ve been wondering the exact same thing! How many times did LBH need to be recognized for his performance in Mr. Sunshine while this much underrated actor LSK continued to be overlooked time and again?

  5. Congratulations to Han Ji Min. She did very well in Miss Baek although she’s not nominated for best drama actress. She have been slaying all her character roles so far. So happy for her. She has grown so much from her last works. Han Ji Min is so gorgeous and elegant.

  6. Congratulations to all the award winners. I love Han Ji Min because she really is a great actress. I watch her in all her recent works and she had me bawl my eyes out because she’s that good. I look forward to seeing her in Spring Night. She is so beautiful at the event and loves how Nam Joon Hyuk is be her side all the times. She has grown so much on me.

  7. Jung Woo Sung So happy for him and his win and Kim Hye Soo ad well. 2 well respected veterans in the industry I have a lot of admiration and love for them both. ❤️

    • Han ji min, I have been standing you for many years and I never stop praying for your success. Finally, I see you holding trophies and my happiness is beyond the universe?. Thank you Han ji min and stay humble. By the way, always have a confidence. You deserve the awards and you are the most beautiful actress for your fans.

  8. Agree that han ji min has been nailing her roles since familiar wife. Her best actress award is truly deserving. I am so happy for her. I hope her next drama will be equally successful. Can’t wait for spring night.

  9. Why the encounter drama did not even nominated? Im dissapointed?Even park bo gum and song hye kyo did not nominated? Many viewers has a positive comment on there drama especially there sensual and intense kissing scene shoot in cuba. It looks like they really feel it, they loved to kissed each other. Sjk even he did not admit it might feel hurt and painful when he watch it. ?That is the only scene i remember in encounter.. there sensual kissing scenes ??

  10. I just need to ask, do they hate colour??
    While in sageuk ,they wear all colours available, are they traumatized by their ancestors love for colour?

  11. Was the dress code black and white this year? I thought that Suzy and IU wore the same dress, until I took a closer look. Lol

  12. Congrats to all the winners. Fashion wise, I thought Ha Ji Won totally slayed it with her bright pink dress. Damn gorgeous. Her healthy look and weight complemented the dress so well. Shame she didn’t do the red carpet walk. Her stylist is so on point. Wonder why other actresses are almost all in black and white like attending a funeral. Was there a strict dress code? Han Ji Min looks good in electric blue.

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