Won Jin Ah in Talks Opposite Ji Chang Wook for Romance Drama Melt Me

K-actor Ji Chang Wook is out of the army AND has a new drama lined up, all he needs is a leading lady to wrap it all up in a tidy bow. He’s getting a very good leading lady with news that Won Jin Ah has been offered the female lead for Melt Me which has already confirmed Ji Chang Wook last week. They play two people who were supposed to be cryogenically frozen for 24 hours and end up thawed out 20 years later, after their friends and family have all grown up and old. They need to maintain their body temperature to stay alive and of course who else could they possibly experience life with together who could understand their predicament. I’m sure the romance will be sweet and sincere and I’m loving this casting!


Won Jin Ah in Talks Opposite Ji Chang Wook for Romance Drama Melt Me — 7 Comments

  1. Ooh, yes please!! She was amazing in Just Between Lovers, I couldn’t believe it was her first drama. (She has done some film.) Hope she says yes!

  2. I’ve a great respect for Won Jin Ah and I know she’ll do justice to any material she’s given. She’s not the stereotypical, ingenue k-actress. She’s got this deep, sexy, smoky voice and a down to earth charm. Loved her performance in ‘Just Between Lovers’ and ‘Life’. And needless to say Ji Chang Wook always delivers. So I’m looking forward to this and hopefully the pairing has great chemistry (you never know). Now all I’m hoping is that the script is good. Fingers crossed ?.

  3. I dunno about this pairing but has WJA done comedy as I only know her for Melo serious roles and this drama is a rom com so her comedic timing has to be impeccable and not awkward. I was expecting someone who has been around longer i.e Kang So Ra, Moon Chae Won, Jung Ryeo Won, Jung So Min, Go Ara…And if you’re gonna bark back that I’m ‘jealous coz my faves weren’t chosen and don’t watch’ ahh please keep it to yourself because I’m raising an opinion don’t get overly concerned and bothered by it.

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