C-actress Liu Tao Stunning at 2019 Cannes Film Festival Opening Along with Other Asian Stars

With perennial Cannes Film Festival attendee Fan Bing Bing out of commission, there was a spot for another Asian movie actress to go for broke in wowing the red carpet. The winner was 40-year old C-actress Liu Tao wearing a white gown that was exquisite without coming off bridal or goddessy. The sleek column was broken up with a thigh high slit, cape, and architectural beading around the shoulders and deep v-neck. It was amazing and she looked 110% beautiful on the red carpet. Also present to kick off the next two weeks of events from Asia was fellow C-actress Gong Li, TW-actress and model Hannah Quinlivan, and Korean star Jessica Jung.


C-actress Liu Tao Stunning at 2019 Cannes Film Festival Opening Along with Other Asian Stars — 10 Comments

  1. Wow! Liu Tao is absolutely stunning, her figure is so good even though she is a mother of two children already.

    I found it totally amusing how Jay Chou went to see his wife on the red carpet too.

  2. Liu Tao probably wants to break into international filming industry. She attended Guandong University of Foreign studies. Hopefully she is fluent in English.

  3. Liu Tao looks absolutely stunning n seems rejuvenated. Honestly looks like a different person altogether from her previously appearances in TV drama. If she did a facelift ,should ask for the name n number, good job!

  4. May i know why cannes invited hannah and jessica? Some got invited bcuz of their movies. A few got invite as the spokespersons of some brands. Just wondering.

    Ps : Liu Tao is literally one of my fave C actresses. Waiting for any news of Ode To Joy 3.

  5. She has always been stunning in red carpets. I was missing her for the past year. I’m really glad I’m seeing her now. Way to go Liu Tao!

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